REVEALED: The mainstream media’s double standard in political reporting





By Allen West

May 29, 2015

It sure seems like this little cartoon is right on the mark. Rest assured the mainstream media will do whatever it takes to get their candidate over the finish line – by hook or by crook.

But if it’s the mainstream media propping up Hillary’s candidacy, who does the liberal progressive left REALLY REALLY want? I have my guess, what’s yours? And remember, the left can only run on political gimmick candidates like first this or first that, since their policy positions fail.

Rich progressive socialists may well be looking for another shiny thing, who will usher in their “fundamental transformation of America” vision — you can bet they’re not happy right now. And remember, you read it here first that it would be Elizabeth Warren, the darling of the far left who would be cajoled into running in 2016.

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