Evidence Revealed: Voltair Improves PPM Ratings





May 28, 2015

For months now, NTS MediaOnline Today has been following the ongoing controversy over the accuracy of Nielsen Audio’s PPM ratings system, and a box called Voltair that reportedly helps overcome alleged deficiencies in PPM.

Today, Harker Research founder Richard Harker— who has been a leader in the charge to get the radio industry to examine issues regarding PPM — says he has had insider access to stations using Voltair and is sharing what he found with the industry.

Richard Harker


“This is the first verified pre and post-Voltair data, and what we found was just as amazing as all the rumors,” says Harker. “We were able to track ratings as Voltair was installed.

We were able to establish a pre-Voltair baseline of ratings, and then we were able to see what happened with the ratings after the launch.” One of the anonymous stations analyzed by Harker that features a “talky morning show” saw what can only be characterized as eye-popping pre and post-Voltair ratings increases that suggest potentially huge implications for all spoken-word radio in PPM markets.

Read more HERE.

Editor’s Note: Harker Research is inviting additional Voltair users to confidentially share their experiences to expand this study. Interested stations can email Richard Harker in confidence HERE





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