Hey CRTC! What does he know about radio? – How did he get a license in the firstplace?



The man owes lots of money, and doesn’t seem to be aware of it? But he says he will make the payments in 30 days….



  1. It’s a long listen, but wow, what a hearing! I hope the commission pulls Dhillon’s licence come August, the guy appears to be beyond incompetent. Love the lead commissioner (who I believe was CRTC head Jean-Pierre Blais), you could hear the frustration building in his voice as Dhillon not only bumbled around the questions with non-answers, he was completely unprepared with no supporting documentation whatsoever. The intervention presentation by Radha Fournier should be the nail in his coffin. C’mon CRTC, do the right thing and shut this guy down.

  2. It’s hard to say who is lying and who is telling the truth.

    The owner claims that he never got a fair start from the beginning, that he was sabotaged by disgruntled volunteers, station equipment was deliberately tampered with and then, he was villified at the hearing by the former station manager, who also seems like a shit disturber.

    On the other hand, numerous promises have not been kept by the owner and then we learn that he has a new business partner who invested almost $ 150,000 to keep the station afloat !

    But, you have to wonder why, as the whole island appears to be racist and even the local newspaper appears to be against the new owner and has their own agenda.


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