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Meet the Voice of CBC Radio One, Jeremy Harris


Also the Voices of Siri, and Airport Announcements

They’re names you won’t recognize, but voices you will

By Haydn Watters, CBC News       May 04, 2015

Ever wonder about the voice of the announcements in the airport, the Siri app on iPhones or the promotions between shows on CBC Radio One?

Mainstreet (of CBC Nova Scotia)  tracked down some of the people behind the voices heard in everyday announcements — and discovered their identities are often shrouded in secrecy as many corporations don’t want people to know who they are.

Jeremy Harris, the voice of CBC Radio One

Jeremy Harris has never really publicly spoken about being the voice of CBC Radio One. The Toronto-based actor voices the promotional spots between radio shows and at the top of the hour.

He’s the guy who says, “Coming up after the news,” and, “In half an hour.”

Harris took over the job in 2007 from Nova Scotia actress Shauna MacDonald, who was affectionately nicknamed ‘Promo Girl.’ He says the transition was strange.

“CBC Radio 2 was primarily a classical radio station, except for some jazz in the evening, so I was the voice of Radio 2 at that time and a comment came in that I was a little bit too hip hop,” he said.”I don’t know if I was really reading with a hip hop feel at all but I have a feeling that it was [the] timbre of my voice or it was the fact that it was a male voice versus a female voice

Even though his real voice is fairly similar to his promo voice, Harris says he’s almost never recognized.

“When people find out what I do… they’re either incredibly bashful but sometimes they’re not and they say, ‘Give me a little bit, give me a little something,'” he said.

“It’s slightly embarrassing to be put on the spot, but I’m happy to say something that they might recognize. I’m quite happy to be somewhat anonymous.”

Harris says his four-year-old son is his biggest fan.

“He’s always very enthusiastic hearing me come up on the radio and so if he asks at the right time and if it just happens to be near the top of the hour, then I can kind of magically fulfil his wish.”





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