Live Video Coverage as NDP Sweep Alberta


Live Coverage of Today’s Election Results from Global Television Alberta HERE


  1. And wait for what happens in about four or five years when the NDP turn Alberta into a have-not province through their policies, like they did here in BC…

  2. You guys are hilarious. The Alberta NDP is in no way close to being as left wing as what we’ve seen in BC over the years. They’re middle-ground. They have to be, or they’ll be turfed after one term.

    It’ll be a change for Albertans, no doubt, but if you’ve lived there – which I have – you know that people don’t accept change easily there. So the people have clearly spoken..

    At the very least, it’s a major wakeup call for the PC/Wildrose folks..and if/when they get back into power in four years, they’ll keep snouts out of the trough.


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