AlarmForce Fails Edmonton Couple!


AlarmForce service falls short of TV ad expectations, Edmonton couple says

Kelley and Stuart Palace lost about $20,000 over and above what their insurance covered, but it was the theft of their personal information that had the most lasting impact. (Mark Harvey/CBC)


AlarmForce says initial inspection found no evidence of break-in

By Mark Harvey, Grant Gelinas,
CBC News
Posted: Apr 28, 2015

An Edmonton couple says they counted on an AlarmForce security system to protect their home and possessions but say the company failed them exactly when they needed it.

Stuart and Kelley Palace claim the company waited more than an hour after receiving the first alarm before it called the police. In the meantime, thieves went through every room in their west-Edmonton home.

The thieves made off with jewelry, cash, credit cards and electronics, as well as passports and other personal documents.

“I was hoping our house would be safe and secure when we were not home, and that they would look after any sort of situation,” Kelley Palace said. “And that was not the case at all.”

break in
The Palaces say AlarmForce initially told them a security guard found the home was secure. (Stuart Palace)

Stuart Palace estimated they lost about $20,000 beyond what insurance covered, but the theft of their personal information has had the most lasting effect.

He said he’s been in an almost daily battle against thieves who have broken into their online banking accounts, reset their passwords, issued themselves debit cards and changed user IDs for online accounts.

“That’s been the most damage for us,” he said. “My heart would race every day of my life for the last six months.”

“I just think of it as a living hell,” Kelley said.

Her husband said what made him most angry was the company’s insistence on holding them to their three-year contract.

“I’m outraged, completely outraged,” he said.

“They have the audacity to even think about sending me a bill and wanting me to pay them for their errors. With everything we’ve gone through, this is the final straw that makes you very upset.”

After calls and emails from CBC Go Public, AlarmForce issued a statement saying it is willing to terminate the Palaces’ contract without further penalties or fees.

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