Are We Reporting The News, Or Making It?



April 9, 2015

As part of an ongoing series called What America Thinks, Rasmussen polled voters on the question,“Does the media make the news, or just report it.”

The recent debate over Indiana’s so-called ‘Religious Freedom’ law is the latest media firestorm to grab the public’s attention, and 51% of respondents told Rasmussen they believe the media and activist groups make such laws seem more discriminatory than they really are.

Still, 53% said that they do worry that such laws will or could lead to widespread discrimination against gays.

Meanwhile, nearly two-thirds told researchers the media “overhypes” incidents involving black citizens and white cops, saying they actually believe the media is making it more dangerous for police officers to do their jobs.

54% of voters think the news media has “too much power and influence over government decisions,” and just 60% consider the news reported by the media to be at least “somewhat trustworthy.”

Read more results from the Rasmussen poll HERE.


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