Online Measurement Takes Another Big Step Forward



March 31, 2015

What the radio industry has needed for a long time, easy-to-understand online ratings to combine with Nielsen over-the-air numbers, looks like it’s starting to become a reality. TuneGenie has received certification from Nielsen for its digital audio streaming measurement solution, making it the third company to incorporate the technology. The end product will enable single-line reporters to combine online ratings with over-the-air ratings and present those to advertisers. Single-line reporting means stations are simulcasting their over-the-air signal online. 27 Connoisseur music stations have begun incorporating the TuneGenie measurement product.

Nielsen has not said exactly when this product will roll out nationwide and be available for all radio stations. Nielsen EVP, Managing Director, Matt O’Grady did not respond to an e-mail from Radio Ink seeking comment about the announcement but he was quoted in the TuneGenie press release stating, “With its Nielsen certification for digital audio measurement, TuneGenie will now be able to help its clients more effectively monetize their content. We are pleased to be working with TuneGenie as we move towards providing a holistic and comprehensive view of the audio marketplace.”

There are two other companies that were certified by Nielsen to provide the online measurement product to radio. WideOrbit was certified by Nielsen in February. Jacapps was certified in March



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