Chelsea Bird leaves CISN for Virgin Mornings


The afternoon show with Clayton Bellamy and Chelsea Bird is no more, according to the stations website.

Rumour has it Chelsea will end up on Virgin’s soon to be new morning show.

Here’s her twitter feed…

Joining Chelsea on Virgin Radio Mornings is Ian MacKinnon

As for Bellamy, he was let go by CISN.





  1. Huge loss for CISN. Chelsea’s a major talent. With #’s dropping big time at CISN, this will only make things worse.

    Spring book should be very interesting.

  2. This is a huge loss, they were by far the best radio DJs around. They worked so well together, I would listen to the radio just to hear their afternoon show. Think I’m gunna go back to satellite radio now!

  3. I loved Chelsea and Clayton they were a big reason I went back to listening to country and I had lost my dad last January and then my stepmom on march less then 2 months I left the nursing home and I said Dad I hope your out of pain and happy Luke Bryans song drink a beer came on I pulled over and cried after that at least 6 times when I needed strength and my Dad I would say Dad I need you and the song drink a beer would come on. I heard Chelsea was interviewing him so I emailed her and asked her to tell him how powerful the song was then I won the pass to be in the taping which was an amazing experience and the first day I didn’t think about my losses as much then the next day I had to go to BC and my real Mom ended up taking a turn for the worst and passed away may 31 (she found out she had cancer a week after my stepmom passes), so I lost all 3 parents in less then 5 months it was tough. I took home made pickles to Chelsea & Clayton to thank them and honestly they took time out before they went on air to talk to me and it really helped I think both of them have an amazing spirit and I know they will succeed anywhere they go and I really miss them I still listen but I do a lot more channel surfing know they will be missed all the best to the both of them

  4. I agree with the comments above! The reason I switched stations in the afternoon was to listen to Chelsea & Clayton! Nothing against the morning show personnel, but I liked the Chelsea & Clayton show more. BIG loss for CISN.

  5. I really miss Clayton. He has such a big personality. I have to admit I don’t listen to CISN much after the morning show. Steph is ok but Greg is boring.


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