Doc Harris talks with The Commentary’s Joseph Planta



Joseph Planta

By Joseph Planta

The Commentary

March 25th, 2015

The broadcaster and voice-over artist Doc Harris reflects on his career in Vancouver radio, broadcasting, and more, with Joseph Planta.

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  1. A walk down radio memory lane with Doc Harris. A great interview, Joseph. Doc talks about Frank Callaghan and his days at CKLG. Along with his work on CKLG (he did mid-days as I recall) he was the instructor at the National Institute of Broadcasting which had classrooms in the basement at 1006 Richards. I was there in 1967! His recollections bring back a ton of memories for me.

    Thanks, Joseph, for this hour of recollections of a time when radio was supreme!

    And I was a huge but silent Doc Harris fan – and would love to hear more podcasts from Doc and Susan. I downloaded all of the Lotusland shows and enjoyed them for not only content, but technical expertise as well.

    They are all here!

  2. Think he is (or was) married to a CKLG staffer whose father was Sid Freedman (spelling???) a longtime owner/manager of the Studio movie theatre, back when the neon lights shone brightly on Granville Street.

    I loved the modernistic design of the old LG building. Back when he was doing tv, Jack Wasserman used to conduct at least some interviews in the parking lot behind 1066 Richards.


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