BBC Versus Jeremy Clarkson – The Real Story


Jeremy Clarkson, host of the BBC’s most popular show, Top Gear, with an audience of 350 million worldwide, has just been fired by the BBC. He was hated by the high priests of political correctness and global warming at the BBC. He was also slandered by a BBC source who compared him to pedophile Jimmy Savile. Seems they couldn’t tolerate the merry prankster in their midst like they could the pedophile.



  1. True enough, but Jeremy certainly deserves his share of the blame; seems like he started to believe that he really was the nut he plays on TV! Now one of my favourite shows is considerably altered, if not gone altogether. Thanks for nothing, BBC and Jeremy.

  2. The BBC will get what it deserves in this regard. Ivory tower types obviously suffering from brain damage via the rarefied air that they breath.

    Clarkson, May and Hammond will find a new t.v. home and will likely pick up from where they left off and in the end probably will have the last laugh over the nut jobs at the BBC.

    The BBC protecting Savile is enough for the fun and successful threesome to move on from that network.

    BEST OF LUCK AND GOOD WISHES TO JEREMY CLARKSON, JAMES MAY AND RICHARD HAMMOND! May your t.v. show sunshine be bright for you all tomorrow.


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