It’s time to Blow Up Podcasting by Mark Ramsey



By Mark Ramsey

Despite the rise in podcast usage there are still a ton of people who don’t know what podcasts are and couldn’t care less. Why?

This week in our twice-monthly podcast Media Unplugged, Tom Asacker and I discussed (among other things) how it could be that Seinfeld, an almost twenty-year-old TV show that has been re-run umpteen times, could be worth $90 million in streaming rights fees.

$90 million?!

So what does that have to do with the growing pains of podcasting?

A lot, I think.

Let me explain.

Podcasting was born as media by and for geeks. The content was primarily tech-oriented. To access that content you needed to know what an “RSS feed” was, you needed to have a “podcatcher” of some kind, and it helped if you owned the platform’s namesake, an iPod. And then, if you were either technically facile or really motivated, you got to experience the joys of podcast consumption, such as they were at the time.

The experience today is far easier, of course. But still far from easy, compared to the habitual and familiar way folks are accustomed to getting their audio – the radio. How else to explain the fact that This American Life’s Ira Glass had to produce a video to explain how “easy” podcast listening is – so easy even Ira’s elderly friend Mary could do it.

How to Listen to  Podcast with Ira and Mary

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