Suspended ‘Top Gear’ Host Tears Into His BBC Bosses


Jeremy Clarkson: ‘The BBC Have F–ked Themselves’

 By ,   March 20, 2015 @ 9:29 am
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The embattled “Top Gear” host did not pull any punches when speaking about the network that employs him

“Top Gear” host Jeremy Clarkson had a few choice words for the BBC during a speech at a charity auction in North London on Thursday.

“The BBC have f–ked themselves,” Clarkson said in a speech the Guardian caught on camera. “[‘Top Gear’] was a great show and they f–ked it up.”

Clarkson was suspended from the popular show after a fight with a producer in which Clarkson allegedly tried to punch the man in the face.

“I didn’t foresee my sacking, but I would like to do one last lap,” Clarkson said while auctioning off one lap around “Top Gear’s” track with him at the wheel for £100,000. “So I’ll go down to Surrey and I’ll do one last lap of that [‘Top Gear’] track before the f–king bastards sack me.”



‘Top Gear’ Host Jeremy Clarkson Tears Into Bosses: ‘The BBC Have F–ked Themselves’ (Video)


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