KOMO 4 Offers Viewers an Afternoon ‘Quickie’

  • By Mark Joyella, TVSpy at AdWeek.com     

It’s tough to keep up to speed on all the stories of the day, what with those stories sitting as far away as your smart phone and all, but let’s just assume you are busy working and not checking Twitter. In Seattle, ABC affiliate KOMO wants to catch you up, and so they have unveiled “The KOMO Quickie”–a one-minute video posted to Facebook.

Shot in the newsroom, the “Quickie” tends to favor “gotta see this” video and a “check this out” delivery, often with a reporter suggesting you glance at their laptop to “check out” a piece of video that you may already have seen on your own laptop. In fact, the “Quickie” is a lot like the guy in your office who tells you about stories or viral videos that you “checked out” yesterday, but he thinks he’s the first to tell you.

Thursday’s “Quickie” featured an overnight shooting in downtown Seattle, a video of a police chase from Southern California from Wednesday, and a video of a big rig being demolished from the previous day (which had previously been posted to KOMO’s Facebook page). But for the sake of argument, let’s assume this stuff was all “stuff you missed” from today. Then there’s that name.

KOMO’s Facebook fans note that “quickie” is an odd–though catchy–choice. “Be careful, last time my wife and I had a quickie we found out we are having a baby boy this summer,” one viewer commented. And even though “quickie” has meanings other than that, none of them are really positive–it also means a quick drink, or a piece of work that’s low in quality and produced rapidly.

Have a look  HERE  and decide which definition you think best fits KOMO’s “quickie.”


KOMO Offers Viewers an Afternoon ‘Quickie’


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