Who’s Watching What on YouTube?


Study finds Young People like Entertainment-related Videos

By Toni Fitzgerald, MediaLifeMagazine.com

March 17, 2015

We are, alas, still quite a ways from Nielsen ratings that break down demographic information for who is watching all manner of streaming video.

So anytime a study can open a window onto who is viewing that content, it’s useful for media buyers and planners, who are trying to figure out where to find their client’s target demographic online.

A new study from Divimove, a network with multiple YouTube channels based in Europe, finds there are marked differences in what young and old people watch on YouTube, though the top draw for men and women is surprisingly similar.

“The digital submergence of our youth makes them more capable to live out these interests on the web. Older viewers are much more cautious, and still keep many of their hobbies offline,” notes the report.

The study examined 1,157 YouTube channels on the Divimove network and broke down viewership into seven age groups ranging from 13-17s to over-65s.

It found young people, who have grown up with YouTube and are very comfortable using it, go there for a wider range of activities.

They may be seeking entertainment, or they may be interested in finding an answer to a specific question. They often get advice there, too, on topics such as fashion and beauty.

Older people, by contrast, are less interested in going to YouTube for entertainment. They prefer to spend their leisure time using more traditional entertainment media, such as TV.

But they do hop on YouTube to seek assistance, specifically tutorials that can help them see how something is done.

As for men and women, the older they are, the less their YouTube interests diverge. Viewers over age 45 of both sexes are most interested in cooking videos.

“Instead of messing around with user manuals or cook­books, viewers can watch what happens and listen to extra advice the speaker provides,” notes the report.

Overall, a huge majority of YouTube viewers, 77 percent, are under age 35.

READ MORE  HERE  AT THE MEDIA LIFE WEBSITE, including a breakout chart of the top three most-viewed types of videos by age group on YouTube.






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