Jim Beatty Resigns as Anchor at CHEK News


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Very few details known, just that CHEK’s lead anchor Jim Beatty returned today from a week’s vacation, performed his usual solid job on the 5 and 6:30 newscasts, and then resigned, giving two weeks notice.

Jim is the veteran Vancouver Sun legislative reporter (1995-2004) who turned CTV reporter in 2004, and switched to CHEK anchorman in January 2012.  He has been the main face of CHEK News since then.

I would think there would be plenty of government jobs for a guy as well versed in the ways of the provincial government as is Jim after his years of covering the Legislature.  And then he may have landed one of those plush PR positions that so many of us broadcasters seem to land after we’re done with radio .. or vice versa.

As usual, we welcome any informed comments, especially those with additional details.

****On Friday March 19, the Times Colonist published a few more details:

CHEK News anchor Jim Beatty is leaving journalism for a job in the corporate sector. Beatty has anchored the television station’s news for more than three years, moving there after seven years as CTV bureau chief in Victoria. Prior to television, Beatty spent a decade working for the Vancouver Sun, covering B.C. politics at the legislature. He is not revealing the name of his new employer yet, but said he will remain in Victoria. A “fantastic” job opportunity came up and Beatty decided to accept it, giving his notice on Monday after returning from holidays. Although he still loves journalism, he said “it’s time for a change.”

– See more at: http://www.timescolonist.com/business/chek-news-anchor-jim-beatty-moving-to-another-job-1.1797338#sthash.er4982CJ.dpuf



  1. Jim had been looking elsewhere for a while as are others who are feverishly applying for jobs. Mike Walker (sports) gave six weeks notice and will be gone soon, overworked and underpaid. The managment doesn’t get it and is driving people out, not to mention the station is on its last legs financially.

  2. If I was a speculating fellow, I could see a scenario where management met with Jim after he left the air at 7 pm, and told him they’d made a deal with Hudson Mack. “If you agree to go quietly we can give you this severance package.”
    I have no evidence to support this theory, but stranger things have happened to a broadcaster after a week off. And a talented anchor like Huddy shouldn’t have to spend any more time ‘on the beach.’

    Just sayin’…..

  3. You know TT3, the picture you paint could very well be the saving grace CHEK needs for now. It would be the ‘NEWS’ if it were to happen. I understand Huddy has taken up teaching at Royal Roads University, but I believe this gig would bring him back, and soon. Is it still $15,000 to become part of the channel six team?

  4. Noooo, I love Jim. We call him the gerber baby because of his cute little face( I bet he was a doll as a baby) he has given the news a real, unstuffy feel.
    I am so sad!!

  5. In case you were wondering, we’ve been told Jim gave two weeks notice, which is why he is still handling tonight’s supper hour newscasts.

  6. I think Chek Television is need to do something like new program Not like keep repeating news every minutes , Even sometime the news was already aired last 2 weeks they keep repeating again and again. Do something new please.

  7. I thought management was now the employees when the station was bought by them in attempt to save the station? Is that not the case?

  8. We’ll miss Jim…..perfect personality for an ‘anchor’. We wish CHEK all the best for the future.
    Jim, we’re anxious to see where you’re going. You’re young, smart, and apparently, from what we’ve heard, you’ll be successful at whatever you do!

  9. Sorry to see Jim go but I still think CHEK does a better coverage of Island news than the other Victoria channel. Would like to Hudson Mack back as anchor on CHEK.

  10. Hudson Mack is teaching. If they are looking for talent why not Mira Laurence for sports. Or Erin Glazier for a beat reporter. Something tells me that for the $$$$$ investment, they pay off is not worth it. Could they be on their last legs financially? Maybe not now but down the road?

  11. I liked Jim doing the news, always with some laughter, sure loved Jim and Ed at the end of the news both always funny much needed after some of the sad things on news,
    Sorry he is leaving

  12. Jim has been looking for another job for some time now and the employees of CHEK 6 own the television station. They are their own bosses. Mike Walker left to pursue other interests. Both men will be missed, but Mike has already said he will come back to fill in for vacationers if needed

  13. Jim is a great news guy! He can find the news, report the news and read the news. I am sure he will be great at his next career too! One of the nicest guys in media. All the Best for the future Jim. I hope we see your smile again soon.

  14. My speculation earlier in this thread about Jim being turfed in favour of Hudson Mack has proven to be well off the mark. After talking to someone in the building it appears there’d be a revolt if Hudson was brought back. The hate in the newsroom for the one-time defector is palpable. Insiders are said to be rooting for the personally popular Stacy Ross to get the gig.

    In my opinion Stacy does a very competent job, but she may not have the charisma needed to attract new viewers, or those who defected previously to the flashier CTV Vancouver Island.

    Jim Beatty has apparently landed himself a job in corporate PR.

  15. I’ve also heard there would be a revolt if Mack returned to CHEK. Not sure why they would want him anyway. He did nothing for A-Channel, New-VI, A News, CTV2 ratings. And honestly, he’s a terrible anchor. CHEK does not need an old marble mouth. No offence.

  16. How very disrectful after 30 years of giving back to this community. Hudson is a great anchor and news person who has mentored many. Chek would be lucky to have a talent of his calibre again.
    He brought credibility to both stations.

  17. Obviously Hudson Mack makes sense to return as CHEK anchor. The problem is they can’t pay him the type of coin that he’s likely demanding. CTV let him go because the bosses in Toronto wanted to cut high salaried employees at various stations.

  18. The Times-Colonist has reported that Beatty is leaving journalism for a job in the corporate sector. But he is not revealing the name of his new employer yet, however he will be staying in Victoria. He calls it a “fantastic” job opportunity, but doesn’t indicate if he sought it out, as some posters here have suggested. Although he still loves journalism, Beatty said “it’s time for a change.”

  19. Jim read the TV news well enough, but everything at CHEK, from lighting to sets to production to presenter clothing smacked of amateur hour.

  20. Wow, how could so many peoples express so many opposing opinions and still all be completely wrong! Such concentrated ignorance is something to behold.


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