Local News Matters “Deeply” To People




Friday March the 6th, 2015

Local News In A Digital Age is the title of a study released this week from the Pew Research Center’s Journalism Project Staff. Confirming what many News and Talk radio broadcasters already know, the study found nearly 9 out of 10 residents follow local news closely, and about half do so very closely.

The project was developed using three diverse “news environments” across the country including Denver — a highly educated urban area of more than 2 million with Internet adoption above the national average and a large Hispanic population (19%); Macon — a metro area of 175,000 with a substantial share of black residents (41%), an unemployment rate above the national average, and a local university working to serve as a hub for journalism innovation; and Sioux City — a city that spans three states and has a predominantly white population of just 125,000.

“Whether in a tech-savvy metropolis, or a city where the town square is still the communication hub, local news matters deeply to the lives of residents,” said the authors of the study.

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