The Audio of Things by Mark Ramsey



By Mark Ramsey

March the 5th, 2015

Recent research indicated the surprising (to some) result that a relatively small fraction of consumers have a radio by their bedside, meaning it’s functionally impossible to “wake up to radio.”

The solution: Get more radios in the bedroom, right?

Actually, no, that’s not the solution.

All technology is transitional, you see. And that includes that staple that used to be aptly called the “clock radio.”

And so it goes, too, for the car dashboard. Other research recently reported by NTSMediaOnline indicated that:

AM/FM radio remains the overwhelmingly preferred audio entertainment option in the car. While consumers use new streaming services, virtually all consumers (99%) are comfortable with the current AM/FM in-car radio operation. And 91% of consumers say they prefer physical AM/FM radio buttons and controls built into the car dashboard, rather than AM/FM being an app that appears in the car’s electronic interface, with only 9% saying they would want it changed into a dashboard app.

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