Fred Latremouille Dead due to liver disease at 69


Just the saddest .. and least expected .. news.  One of the great West Coast broadcasters of the last 50 years .. Fred Latremouille has fallen victim to liver disease at age 69. He passed at his retirement home in Scottsdale Arizona. Friends hereabouts were aware he was going to hospital for treatment .. but not the seriousness of it.

As the Vancouver Sun put it on their website … Vancouver broadcaster Fred Latremouille, whose affable voice was the first thing thousands of people woke up to every morning for years, has died at the age of 69. Latremouille was a fixture on the city’s radio scene from the 1980s to 2007 as he moved to various stations in the city. After retiring, Latremouille spent time in Hawaii and then settled in Scottsdale, Ariz., where he died at his home after a brief illness. Latremouille began his career in radio as a teenager before he even graduated high school, and he went on to work in television as an actor and weatherman whose humour was his hallmark. He won several awards for his advertising genius, is a member of the Canadian Broadcasters Hall of Fame, and has a star on the B.C. Walk of Fame. In the mid-1980s, Latremouille made a name for himself on the morning show at CFUN, where he teamed up with co-host Cathy Baldazzi, who would later become his wife.

His career itinerary as supplied by Gord Lansdell at his fine Vancouver Broadcasters website.

Aka Fred Latrimo; news/morning host CKYL Peace River AB 1961-62; p.m. drive CJOR Vancouver 1962-64; CFUN Vancouver 1964-65; host Let’s Go CBC-TV Vancouver 1964-66; mornings CFAX Victoria 1965; CKLG Vancouver 1965-67; host New Sounds CBC Vancouver 1968-70; CKVN/CFUN Vancouver 1970s then morning co-host; host suppertime news package Hourglass CBC-TV Vancouver; host Fred and Friends CBC-TV 1977; morning co-host CKKS-FM Vancouver 1993-99; retired from radio; commercial production; morning co-host Fred & Cathy CKCL-FM Vancouver 2006-07; inducted into Canadian Association of Broadcasters Broadcast Hall of Fame 2007.

We’ll pass on any details as we get them.



  1. I believe you left out his CFUN days from the late 80s until the early 90s. Last heard him on air in early 2008, then he vanished. He really knew the business, inside and out. He was very popular and flew many listeners around the world with him. ‘Wake Up with Fred and Cathy in…’ May he rest in peace.

  2. If ever there was a reason for a REAL “Hall of Fame” for radio THIS is the reason – to save and honour one of the industries all time best ‘performers’ – right from the Top 40 days through till KISS FM in Vancouver.

    Over the past year through Facebook Fred became a good friend and supporter of my daughter Rayanne and her fight with Graves Disease. She’d open up a letter from time to time and find a picture of a kitten in it with a little smile and an “F” – The man had heart and class and talent. God Bless Fred Latramouille the broadcaster and the ‘real person’ too.

  3. Here was a guy with a mind so huge he did it all out of his head. The rest of us lugged in notebooks, scraps of paper, and scrawls on napkins to keep our ideas in front of us. Fred stored all his stuff in his frontal lobes. He was also the most charming man you ever met, unless you were in management and incompetent (and too thick to know you were seriously outgunned). I always enjoyed working and playing with him, because you knew whatever happened it would be entertaining. The worst thing about this: his health problems were a result of primitive medical treatment he received decades ago. Gonna miss ya, Freddie. You were always a ray of sunshine when things got dark.

  4. Not only was Freddie one of the most talented guys I ever worked with in radio, he is on that short list of radio dudes who seemed to have little ego and treated everyone equally (with the exception of many, not all, management types who thought they were far more important than ‘the talent’). He was as smart and fast as a whip and, as Doc has noted above, I never saw him with more than a small notebook, which was probably just a grocery list and had nothing to do with the amazing, clever, upbeat material that he displayed on radio. Very sad to hear of his death, but I have nothing but sunny, positive memories of working with him at CKVN, C-FUN and later KissFM. RIP Freddie.

  5. Was in P.E.I. last summer on business and something told me to track down Fred and Cathy for a visit after not seeing each other for more than 20 years . We spent a warm August afternoon at their place on the East Cape, drinking wine and telling stories from the ‘good old days.’ Rest in peace Fred. Love and hugs to Cathy.

  6. Fred originated the “Christmas Wish” morning broadcasts from the Pan Pacific Hotel. For a number of years my Dad and I would wake up early and drive down to the hotel, unwrapped toy in hand, just to meet Fred and the team. Without fail he would bring me on air with him every year at these broadcasts, usually to intro the traffic over that famous Kiss piano traffic bed.

    And it wasn’t just me, a radio wannabe from the get-go. Fred always had a soft spot in his heart for kids. Anytime someone under 12 called in to play his “Daily Dinosaur” contest on Kiss, Fred would give them the prize, even if they guessed wrong! And yes that happened to me as well; in fact it was the first call-in contest I’d ever won on the radio. My missed-guess of The Drifters’ “There Goes My Baby” got me flown to Victoria on Air BC and high tea at the Empress. They let me fly the plane (to many of my fellow passengers’ dismay), but that wasn’t on Fred’s watch.

    To be honest, I never fully appreciated Fred’s immense talent until his final tour of duty at Clear-FM. While I listened in the Kiss days, Fred had the propensity of getting up on a radio soapbox, and I was too young to fully comprehend some of his rants. But on Clear, he kept it tight, topical, and most of all funny! I have hours of those Clear shows still archived on my computer.

    In November 2013, I was shocked when Tom Jeffries contacted me on behalf of Fred, wishing to share my email address with him. I was touched that Fred remembered me, and happy to hear that he was enjoying retirement in Arizona. Today, Canada has lost not only a legend, but a truly nice man. RIP Fred!

  7. Doc said it right,Freddie did it all from his head with an amazing natural way of communicating.
    I am in shock as I wasn’t aware of any health problems. Much to young. Very saddened and so sorry to hear this news.

  8. I worked with Freddie as his producer/op/character voice for 8 years at CFUN. We got into way too much trouble together and had way too much fun doing the show. He was pure genius. Rest In Peace my friend.

  9. Thanks to Fred Latramouille my life is just a little better off. Over time I will remember many of your one liners. I will always remember the great respect Fred had for Red Robinson!!
    Thank you, Sir!!

  10. I loved adult contemporary music in the 90’s and KISS-FM was my favourite station. The very first call-in contest I’d ever won at age 18 was with Fred and Cathy. It was huge box of Neutrogena products, and I still have the box today! Fred was witty and kind, and teased me when he found out I was younger than the average KISS listener. Even when he was ranting, he kept it balanced and fair. If there’s a radio station in heaven I’m sure they’ll save a spot for him.

  11. I was in touch with Cathy & Fred just the past few years where we had Hawaii as home base in common. Loved the fun and crazy times in late ’70’s / early 80’s when the CFUN days were cranking…and watched from the sidelines as they fell in love. Beautiful story and they shared an equally beautiful life. Aloha Fred…Malama Pono.

  12. We have the fondest memories of Fred and spent many hours with him and Cathy when I trained his race horses, especially Flossie Stokes named after his elderly grandmother. It was wonderful and fun as Fred and Cathy were as well. He will be remembered by so many lives he touched. My heart goes out to Cathy. RIP Fred.

  13. Oh this is shocking to read right after finishing work. First heard him on CFUN when I was a teeneager from Edmonton spending summers on the coast. One of the reasons I decided to go into radio. Met Fred and Cathy many years ago, took part in a great radio promo with them in the 90’s and became good friends with him here on fb bantering back and forth with political discord and fun. RIP Fred. Keep ’em laughing in heaven.

  14. Fred Latremouille; Heart of Gold, Brilliant communicator, a Broadcast Hero and Mentor in my books. Plenty of fond memories of working together from the CFUN/CHUM days…May you rest in Peace. My Condolences Cathy to you and family.

  15. Fred – A bigger than Life D.J. – I first met him sadly at the funeral for CFUN D.J. Jim Whidden who I went to high school with- Fred got up and said “Jim got his dream to be on the radio-” At the service Fred summed it up by saying ” Jim wouldn’t have appreciated the music here ” Fred had that ability to be so real- He was the ultimate great listener with his radio team – I’m sad tonight as one of good guys is gone.

  16. Hate to hear of the passing of the greats …and I mean the REAL greats…the people who were/are what radio is about…but the memories they leave……….Priceless ! Only knew Fred by reputation ( and the odd air-check ) until the late 80’s when I landed in B.C…briefly with Marty Forbes..John Garret Casey White and others at C-ISL… but had the good fortune to live on the same street as he and Cathy…English Bluff Road in Tsawwassen….and they would interrupt their daily run to stop and chat…Not a jealous bone in their bodies… I was a very feeble competitor at the time, but it was like being a long-time friend……Not a lot of people had that kind of respect for others in the industry…A one-of-a-kind..A treat to have known him…

  17. Fred was a legend in Radio and he will be missed from all listeners in Vancouver. He was one of my favourit announcers. He made everyone’s morning that special to wake up with him and Cathy and the Latremouille gang.My prayers are with the family at this time

  18. He was great. I remember him doing the weather and most of all CFUN Radio. Loved his wit and humour. Listened to him right up till his sudden depature with KISS FM when for no reason that I heard about it ended. A true Westcoast Canadian legend.

  19. I was fortunate to work with Fred at CFUN radio and he was one of the smartest, funniest men I have known in radio. He was always a class act and seemed to take particular joy in annoying management. He fortunately lived across the lane from the station so we always new where to find him! The world is a sadder place without Fred. He was one of the best ever on air and oh what an amazing voice over talent…My thoughts are with you Cathy.

  20. I am very very Sad today, First for the loss for Cathy of Fred , and for the Loss for a REAL RADIO GUY…. He loved to stick it to Management , and then turn and twist it .. and he was usually RIGHT… he ( and Cathy ) made such a difference to millions of morning listeners over the years, bringing a chuckle to their lives, as they started their day !!! And Damn it doesn’t get much better than to be remembered by all the people that you helped get their day started , and with a wide heartfelt smile from everyone who knew you !!! Sleep well my Friend ,and oh yah …Cheers Buddy !!

  21. Freddie and I were friends since 1970.

    We married sisters.
    He was flat out, the best jock EVER.

    I have too many stories and I am too sad to say much more than wish sincere condolences to my friend Cathy, Mrs. Latremouille, and Freddie’s brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews.

    I dreaded this day.

    He was always so kind to me and I owed him everything.

    He called me Pancho and I called him Cisco.

    Farewell dear friend.
    I will miss you, terribly.

  22. Phones! He was the first air talent who made me realize that the whole point of putting any caller on-air was to make THEM the “star” – and Fred rarely fell short of hitting the mark. The ease at which he could seemingly connect with his audience was at times astonishing. A huge loss for the Vancouver radio landscape.

  23. Never worked with Fred but had the enormous pleasure of working across the street from him for many years. You always brought your “A-Game” after listening to Fred on your way to work. I became a fan from the first time I heard him on-air and, over the years, got to know Fred as not only a competitor but also as a genuine, caring and hilarious human being. A real loss for us all.

  24. Fred was a friend for about 40 years. All the comments on what a terrific performer and wonderful person he was are spot on! My very best memories and the most fun I ever had on radio was working with Fred and Cathy on KISS and CLEAR. Fred was fighting liver disease for the past couple of years. Not many people knew. We would phone each other at least once a week, and some weeks even more often than that. The calls always ended in a laugh. The past few months the disease really started to take its toll, and in the past couple of weeks it was a very rapid downhill slide. On Sunday, I flew to Scottsdale to provide support for Cathy, who by the way, is doing as good as can be expected. I did get a chance to see him on Wednesday. Cathy had elected to care for him in their home, and for the past week or so he has been bedridden. In his last 2 days he had lost the ability to speak. What a horrible twist, the greatest communicator the city has ever seen or heard spends his last days on earth in virtual silence. It’s all very sad. I’ll mention to Cathy that all of you have posted wonderful memories of Fred here on the board.

  25. My thoughts go out to Cathy who will suffer this loss more than anyone else. But everyone, from Fred’s friends and contemporaries to his many, many fans, are all sad to learn of his passing.

  26. I worked with Fred when he started at CKYL, Peace River, AB. His name (we thought) was too hard to pronounce, so we had him use the name Fred Clark. He got homesick for Vancouver, and soon was gone to greater achievements. Gonna miss you Fred. One of radios best ever.

  27. There was a period during our CFUN tenure when Fred had so many irons in the fire; morning show, voice-over contracts, owning and racing a horse, real estate and other market investments that I had to ask: “ do you manage all this? You’re doing more than well, you’re comfortable, why not cut back the commitments, slow down a little and relax”?
    He didn’t pause a moment to reply: “Can’t. I’m just like a shark, Shark’s gotta keep swimming or it dies”.
    That’s about the most intimate insight I can offer into what was essentially a very private man.
    I won’t say he’ll be legendary because he always was “The Legendary” Fred Latremouille

  28. I met Fred on Facebook and he was everything you would expect him to be after listening to him on the radio for many years. His wizardry and that voice is what captured us all. How lucky are we that we got to hear his stories on Facebook about his early days and spending time with some of musics best. He was the genuine article. He made us smile every day. My heart goes out to Cathy and his family. Fred, we will miss you. JP
    “To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die”
    Thomas Campbell

  29. One of the absolute best. He’ll remain an ingrained part of what life on the West Coast was in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

    Listened to him while in elementary and high school and then after getting canned from my first radio job he put me on air one morning for a bit on CFUN. Awesome!

    Rest in peace Fred.

  30. Fred exuded class! He was among the elite in broadcasting. Our thoughts and prayers are with Cathy and family. Fred joined us on the NewsHour for years doing weather. He was fun to work with and was well respected.
    Fred will be missed.

  31. I remember filling in for Wayne Cox on Fred’s show on a couple of occasions. Both he and Cathy were terrific and great fun. I only met him a few times, but admired not only his style but just how loved and respected he was within the broadcast community here in Vancouver.
    I send my best wishes to Cathy, Fred’s family and to you, his friends.

  32. I worked with Fred and Cathy in 1980 at CFUN. What a great time with both of them. Like most of us, we crossed paths again years later while I was at News1130 and they on KISS.
    A class act both and Fred most generous with his kindness. What more can be said about his leadership as an industry Icon. All my best to Cathy.

  33. In 1965 In Duncan, my sister Betty and I used to take the bus home from school in those days in Cobble Hill and aboard the bus I had a small Transistor Radio that played C-FUN and Fred was the deejay who used to play the afternoon show on our way home, playing those Beachboy songs, the Beatles and Evis!
    He made it a better trip for us on our way home!

    In the 1970’s in Vancouver where I lived and worked for the BC Govt., I tried to bring Elvis back to Vancouver for a 2nd concert date, and took up many signatures for a petition. I used to phone C-FUN at night and talk with Fred and Peter Benson and they would put me on the radio to talk about an Elvis Hotline which had been launched by me and some friends to talk the Elvis fans to try and bring back Elvis to the Vancouver area! Sadly Elvis and the Colonel did not respond…But the memories of a boss Jock and Fun Deejay like Fred will always be in my mind and memory! Rest in peace Fred!

  34. As CFUN receptionist in the early 80s, I repeatedly spelled Fred’s last name on the phone to listeners who wanted to get it right! That was back in the day when listeners wrote in prank ideas for Wake Up calls. They adored Fred. He always had a huge fan club. I have many fond memories including being a tourist in Tokyo in ’86 with Fred, Cathy, Nelson, BR and Jack (Mercer) while there for the Wake Up in Tokyo promotion. So very, very sad knowing he’s gone. Thinking of Cathy.

  35. I was fortunate to be an occasional part of LatreMornings on KissFM. Imagine the ego boost when Fred used a clip of Jerry Seinfeld saying “Hello Newman” as my intro. Between exploring new music and Fred’s attempts to unhinge my news casts I discovered just how dynamic he was. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work in the same room with such an intelligent and compassionate person. Truly, one of the best. My sincere condolences to Cathy, Fred’s family and many friends.

  36. I was very saddened this evening when I learned of Fred’s passing.
    It brought back a lot of memories. Moving to Vancouver and starting to work at CFUN in late 1986, I was thrilled to know our station was anchored by such an accomplished and colourful broadcaster. He was so gifted, a real natural, someone whose on-air presentation was something to emulate. Upon meeting him, I discovered he was also very welcoming and down to earth, with a wicked sense of humour. A couple of years later I was fortunate enough to regularly fill in for the vacationing Fred on “Latremornings”, reminding myself that I was only minding an exclusive store until the owner returned. It made you step up your game; it was a great confidence builder, and I’d have to thank Fred for that. One particularly fond memory that was shared by only a few: the time Fred invited us musically inclined co-workers out to his Tsawwassen home for a jam session. We had a wonderful time, and discovered that Fred was also a very good drummer, just another one of his many talents!
    He was truly one of a kind, and I feel honoured to have known him. Condolences to
    Cathy and other family members.

  37. RIP Fred… what a wonderful voice/communicator… listened and loved by many listeners and radio wanna be’s who eventually got into the biz…. so sad that liver disease – a preventable and manageable disease – got to him…

  38. Always enjoyed listening to Fred & Cathy on KISS before going to work at VGH as a Critical Care RN (when working the rare day shifts) and often would drive to work still laughing often with them given the wacky sense of humour Fred had every show. I wish I could remember the funniest of the comments but vaguely I think one was a funny story about a squirrel. Almost drove off the road with that one, which darn it, I cannot remember.
    Think Fred has the honour of providing me with more morning pleasure than any other man on this planet AND I never even met him.
    God Bless you dear Fred, you were loved by strangers more than you’ll ever know.
    Sincere love and condolences to Cathy and all his family, plus his beloved co-workers and friends.
    You’ll never be forgotten in my heart’s special place for those I’ve loved and lost.

  39. Like so many others I grew up listening to Fred on the radio. He was always my favorite DJ.

    Back in the mid 60’s I remember receiving a promotional 45rpm record Fred had made of his drumming. I can’t remember the two songs that were on it, but I remember been impressed with Fred’s drumming skills. He was truly one of a kind.

  40. So very sad. An inspirationto me as a kid in Vancouver… why I got into radio. (silk fm, Kelowna). He came through the radio and just talked to you like a real person. Even his CBC radio 30 sec station breaks that were carried by many CBC affiliates years ago were so funny, we often missed our cues! Great earlier comment about how he had to keep swimming to stay alive… everything wonderful and special about radio is embodied by Fred. Thank you Fred. Thanks Kathy. God bless.

  41. There’s no adequate way to even begin to describe my personal feeling of loss. Nothing that could remotely describe the loss of one of Vancouver’s all time radio greats. For me, It was a thrill to simply work in the same building as Fred…….. We all know we will be bragging to our peers when we mention that we once worked with Fred. RIP, my friend.

  42. Shocked and very saddened by the news of Fred’s passing. Having worked with him at CFUN, I had the privilege of getting to know and appreciate his kindness, humor and passion for his work. I have fond memories of him and Cathy. He made the Wake Up Calls so much fun and I was even caught off guard in one until I heard a particular word that finally made me realize I was being “had” by dear Fred himself! Best wishes to Cathy and all who are mourning his passing. May You Rest in Peace Fred.

  43. I remember hearing my mom speak with Fred on the phone about a charity function she wanted some air time for while he was hosting one of the morning shows. He seemed like such a humanist and went on to tell my mom that he had french canadian roots in the small town of Little Fort which is just north of Kamloops. You can still find a Latremouille street there which will forever remind me of his life and impact he had on radio in Vancouver. RIP Fred.

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