CHEK DOES Sell Ads for as Little as $42.00 Each


Puget Sound Radio is in possession of a brochure being used by CHEK TV sales people.  It offers a package of annual advertising under the Ignite Systems captioning, with a minimum of 300 commercials in CHEK feature programming like American Idol, Judge Judy, and America’s Favorite videos, for $12,600, and that includes free production.  That works out to $42 per ad.

Every month an advertiser is promised 12 30-second spots from 6 am to 12 midnight, and 13 spots between 5pm and 11 pm. Plus there will be a rotating big box ad on the CHEK News website. And more bonus spots in”available airtime.’

We are posting this information to help settle a war of words on an earlier thread on this site.  Some will interpret this pricing as a sign of desperation.  Others will observe this as just the new reality in the current media marketplace.

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  1. I guess that is the way local TV is going.
    When the viewers are moving away from traditional TV with “on demand” and “cord cutting” local TV needs to change first and fast. The big guys have deep pockets and will change over time. $42 ads are not quite the bottom, but I bet they can see it from there!
    I feel sorry for those who are kept in the dark by their management who keep fiddling while Rome is burning.

  2. 42 bucks for a 30 second ad makes tv advertising affordable for local businesses who can’t afford CTV or Global prices set back east. If CHEK can sell commercials this cheap and attract local business I say good for them.


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