Poll: Canadians Oppose CRTC on Super Bowl Ads Edict


courtesy BroadcasterMagazine.com 


A new Nanos survey for Bell Media released today suggests that Canadians by a margin of more than three to one would rather support Canadian broadcasters who have paid for the broadcast rights for the Super Bowl over the ability to watch U.S. commercials during the Super Bowl.

Survey Highlights

· Support for CRTC Broadcasting Principles – At least nine of 10 Canadians support or somewhat support a series of broadcasting principles including the promotion of local news, and having a policy which supports Canadian companies’ ability to advertise to Canadians. These principles are on the CRTC website: http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/INFO_SHT/bdt10.htm

· Broadcast Policy Approach – Canadians are more likely to believe that broadcasting policies should be applied consistently to everyone (64%) compared to being able to make an exception (28%).

· Watching U.S. Super Bowl Commercials – Canadians believe it is more important to support Canadian broadcasters who have paid for broadcast rights (69%) over the ability to watch U.S. Super Bowl commercials (20%).

· Awareness of Online Availability of Super Bowl Commercials – 62% of Canadians are aware that Super Bowl ads are available online before, during, and after the game while 36% are unaware.

· How Many Complaints Merit a Policy Change – 28% of Canadians thought that if there were 500,000 or more complaints, the policy should be changed, followed by 19% who said 100,000 complaints merited a policy change, 16% who said 10,000 complaints, 11% who said 1,000 complaints and, 9% who said 100 complaints should trigger a policy change. 18% of Canadians were unsure how many complaints would merit a policy change.


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  1. The keywords are “Nanos survey for Bell Media”. If Bell is footing the bill why would Nanos come up with unfavourable poll. Companies like Nanos have called so many people over the years they can spin a poll any way they want because they know what the inclinations are for most phone number they have called in the past.


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