The Sonic Nation Switches to KISS FM



Sonic Nation in Vancouver Switches to KISS FM

104.9 Rebrands again….

As announced on the Kid Carson show this morning, The Sonic Nation has a New Name

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  1. Wow! although I’m not surprised. In my opinion, Sonic is a major
    market radio station which sounds decidedly small market outside of
    morning drive. I know they have to pander to the Valley listeners, but
    that’s no excuse. Before X-FM, there was Star FM. A Valley radio
    station which dropped into Vancouver in the summer of 1997. Rick Honey
    was brought aboard for mornings, which only lasted a year. Funny, that
    was one of my all-time favourite morning shows, until Rick decided to
    start broadcasting from his home, and the chemistry between he and
    Kerry Grace became lackluster, until he was let go the following
    summer. I think he then sued Rogers, lost of course, then got cancer.
    Very sad. I loved that station. they had these incredible jingles from
    Jam out of Dallas, and they played a lot of ’70s shmalts (Carpenters,
    etc.). But it was the 3rd player in a market with two established ACs,
    so the experiment didn’t work and it went to X-FM New Year’s eve 1999.

  2. Noooooooo! I loved Sonic Nation! Now what is it? Kiss nation? Stupid name, foolish decision! These people who run radio are total morons! I want my Sonic name back! But since they won’t listen, maybe I’ll just stop listening too.

  3. I can’t really see re wrapping the same package with different paper really doing anything good when the contents of the package are still all the same (DJ’s / Music etc)

  4. Playing too much swift and madonna. station is tanking, no one at he helm. Start playing some Akon and Hard hitting music, like when you guys first started with the beat. Kid carson , sorry bro, you’ve gone stale, need new blood.

  5. Sonic was a terrible name. Kiss is a multinational brand.. it is a no brain-er and successful brand. if you know radio at all, you would understand that. hey surj.. they never played Madonna.. nice work though! Kiss is now top 5 Adults 18-34 and in some shows 3/10ths of a sharepoint behind virgin (which now has half the audience the did 2 years ago) – I’d say they finally did the right thing,


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