Corus refreshes all the Fresh FM stations


Corus Entertainment Winnipeg was the first to rebrand  the city’s Fresh at 99.1FM today, with the other Fresh stations in the chain to follow shortly.

The Winnipeg station new morning team of J.D. Francis and Vicki Shae debuts on Monday!


Clinton J. Herman arrives from 102.7 The Peak in Vancouver will slide into PM Drive on Fresh.


Fresh FM Winnipeg website:  HERE


  1. There is a station that’s going for the same angle in Lethbridge, but way more Alt leaning.. Same ambiguous Modern Music tagline.

  2. The ‘Modern Music’ tag allows you to be able to make changes within the format without having to make drastic changes to the branding, it’s smart. The Fresh brand was a realignment, as 2 extra differently branded Corus stations CKRU Peterborough and CKWS Kingston joined the fresh brand, so they freshened the brand across the company.

  3. More typical boring crap under a new name. There is nothing Fresh about it. Fresh used to be an urban slang word, now turned white and lame. I see these new stations have the same cookie cutter website design as well. Just pathetic!

  4. @stan

    It is like anything else in this world. If you make the change and don’t tell anyone, all things being equal, why would you expect different results in where you rank in the market? The station does sound different with the lean to indie pop. And that could make it a change maker. But before you declare same as lame, lets see what happens after the next report card.

  5. I noticed that at fresh Winnipeg Meredith Geddes is doing middays. Same shift as she has at CFOX. Pretty bad when 2 Winnipeg stations are doing the same thing. Taking a midday show talent in Vancouver and vt’ing in Winnipeg. But I suspect more of the shows will be done this way. In London and kitchener Dominik diamond has shows on corus stations and he is sometimes on Q107 and was filling in on AM 640 for a few days too.

  6. Is is just me? I don’t think the person in the background could have looked any less interested.

    Not seeing the re-fresh, aside from it having a bit more rock in the mix. Afternoon and evenings sound good. Mornings are bumpy, JD sounds like he’s fighting to have a good time.


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