Corus Winnipeg Launches 97.5 BIG FM with Commercial-Free Weekend




97.5 BIG FM 

Corus Radio Winnipeg today launched 97.5 BIG FM (CJKR-FM), a new station that celebrates Winnipeg’s rock heritage but also features big hits and real classic rock. 97.5 BIG FM kicks off with a non-stop, commercial free weekend and premieres its on-air lineup on Monday, February 2.

97.5 BIG FM will feature a classic mix of artists from the late ‘60s to the ‘90s that will include Manitoba natives Neil Young, The Guess Who, Bachman-Turner Overdrive and Tom Cochrane, as well as an extensive rock playlist from Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, U2, Billy Joel, John Mellencamp and many more.

“As Canada’s home of classic rock, we are excited to offer Winnipeggers 97.5 BIG FM,” said Scott Armstrong, General Manager, Corus Radio Winnipeg. “We know that there is an appetite for a station that is familiar, less predictable and has rock credibility. 97.5 BIG FM will offer listeners a music recipe that pays homage to Winnipeg’s rock heritage.”

As part of the station’s launch, an external marketing campaign will include outdoor, print and television ads, and reflect the new sound of 97.5 BIG FM.


  1. Voice tracked mid-days and evenings in a market the size of Winnipeg. Sad…

    Using the same model at CISN in Edmonton. You’d think they’d look at the number and realize it’s not working. CUT CUT CUT…keep those share prices UP and ratings DOWN.

  2. At least the station sounds good so far. Maybe its because its so new. Either way I like it but sad 2 vt’d shows and Vickie Shae is heading to fresh FM in a couple weeks. I think this format suites her much better then fresh. I did say after the last ratings came out that corus needed changes badly. The numbers were pathetic at fresh and power. I knew a chance was happening and lets hope BIG competes and does well.

  3. Managing the music will be the key to this format and its success. I have never understood the tactic of playing 200 songs lover and over in a format that literally has 1000’s of songs to choose from. One bit of advice. If you play a Don Henley song, don’t play a different Henley song every hour. Hope BIG’s music library is BIG, otherwise you will have give no reason for listeners to move from their current station.


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