Global TV anchor Leslie Roberts suspended (later fired)


TV anchor Leslie Roberts has secretly been part owner of a small public relations firm whose clients appear on his show.

Global Toronto’s Leslie Roberts, right, interviews Sandra Zisckind, a lawyer for Diamond and Diamond. (FRAME GRAB)


By Kevin Donovan

Published on Thu Jan 08 2015

Global Television news anchor Leslie Roberts has been suspended after a Star investigation found he has secretly been the part owner of a small public relations firm whose clients — lawyers, small businesses and others — appear on his show.

“This information was just brought to our attention by Leslie Roberts,” said Global News spokesman Rishma Govani in an email to the Star Thursday. “At Global News we take matters of journalistic integrity very seriously. Mr. Roberts has been suspended from his duties indefinitely as we conduct a full investigation into this matter.”
Here’s an example of instances uncovered by the Star:

Toronto lawyer Sandra Zisckind of Diamond and Diamond is often a Global guest, sitting at the anchor table with Roberts, with both her name and the name of her law firm noted on the television screen as she comments on legal issues. The spots run for about three minutes, a boon for any company trying to make a living.

What Roberts said he has never revealed, to viewers or to Global, is that he is “creative director” and part owner of BuzzPR, a company that provided media training for Diamond and Diamond lawyers and helped them get featured on Global news.
Diamond and Diamond and BuzzPR severed their ties in the fall.

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  1. Sour Grapes! Typical liberal mentality of the Toronto Star, not believing or subscribing to the free enterprise system. Instead of being condemned, Mr. Roberts should be admired for his achievements inside and outside the industry. He has done no wrong.

  2. Bottom line I hate conflict of interests. The cleaner established media can be the better for all. After all, the smart ones read and make up their minds with facts: The rest…

  3. “Bottom line I hate conflict of interests.”

    Okay, serribi, please explain the conflict between the publisher of the Toronto Star sitting on the panel of the former “Q” Radio Show, as early as six months ago. and not resigning from the show, even after telling Ghomeshi that he was under “investigation” by his own newspaper.

    I don’t get THAT conflict of interest ? Please explain it to us !


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