Research Director Inc.’s Analysis and Demo Leaders, Seattle PPM’s Dec. 2014

      • SEATTLE-TACOMA: It’s Warm By The Fire
      • In many of the markets released so far, the impact of the jingling bells produced some instant and dramatic results.  In the case of HUBBARD AC KRWM (WARM), the result was certainly instantaneous — the station flipped at the beginning of week #3 — but not nearly as dramatic as some other markets we’ve seen.  The station rose to the top from a tie at #4 (4.9-6.2) but that wasn’t quite up to last year’s lofty 7.5 share. HUBBARD Top 40/M KQMV (MOVIN) saw its five-book winning streak come to an end as it acquired its lowest share since JUNE (6.2-6.0) and slid back to #2.  #3 BONNEVILLE Talk KIRO-F continued to ride the wave of the twelve fans a-clapping, though it was off from last month’s big number (5.7-5.0). ENTERCOM Active Rock KISW fell a spot to #4 with its smallest share since AUGUST (5.2-4.9). ENTERCOM Country KKWF (THE WOLF) was probably hungry for some venison as it posted its lowest number since JUNE (4.9-4.7).
      • The script certainly was not followed in the 25-54 demo as it appeared that mistletoe did not have its desired effect.  There were actually two stations that flipped the switch. KRWM certainly added share but only moved up one spot to #8.  Last year, the magic moved the station to #2. CRISTA Christian Contemporary KCMS (SPIRIT) also changed its tune but not until the last few days of the survey. The station did rise two spots to #3 with its best book since the last time the angels were heard on high. For those stations sticking to regular programming, KQMV moved back to #1 despite grabbing its lowest number since AUGUST.  KISW fell back to #2 with its smallest share since JULY. Two stations collided head on at #4. KKWF clawed its way up from #5 while KIRO-F slid from #3. Two other stations dropped out of the top five altogether. CBS RADIO Adult Hits KJAQ (JACK) was feeling a bit frosty as it dropped to a tie at #6 with a flat book.
        It was joined by cluster brother CBS RADIO Classic Rock KZOK, which fell from #4.The top five 18-34 remained unchanged in both order and composition from last month. Despite landing its lowest number since JULY, KQMV continued to dominate the demo. KISW also had its lowest share since JULY to remain at #2. ENTERCOM Alternative KNDD (THE END) rested at #3 with its best showing since JULY. KKWF was off slightly at #4 while KJAQ was up a skosh at #5. KRWM did improve from a tie at #9 to #6 but a year ago the station was three shares larger and sitting at #2.The top two 18-49 players continued to distance themselves from the rest of the field. KQMV was flat but #1 for the eighth book in a row while KISW was off a bit at #2. KCMS had its best share in over a year — for the second month in a row — to move up a spot to #3. This forced KKWF to tuck its tail between its legs and slink back to #4 even though it was flat for the second straight survey. KJAQ remained at #5 with a slight decrease. KRWM did ride the reins from #10 into a tie at #6 but was well off last year’s pace when it was #2.

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