CNN Fires Back at Cosby Attorney, Charging ‘Remarkable Dishonesty’

By ,    December 22, 2014 @ 2:13 pm

cnn bill cosby legal letter

The cable news network responds to Martin Singer’s claim that it’s running a smear campaign against the famous comedian

CNN fires back at Bill Cosby‘s attorney’s claims that the news network isn’t conducting a fair investigation of the claims against the comedian.

“Your letter is remarkable for its dishonesty,” CNN Worldwide’s senior vice president of legal, David Vigilante, write in a letter obtained byTheWrap.

In the letter to CNN president Jeffrey Zucker, Martin Singer said that CNN decided not to use an interview with Beverly Johnson’s live-in boyfriend from 2006-2009, Mark Burk, because he didn’t corroborate her story of being drugged by the “Cosby Show” star for an upcoming special planned by the cable news network.

In addition, Singer alleged that the news organization wasn’t vetting Cosby’s accusers to the same level it vetted those who contradicted the accusers’ statements.

In response, Vigilante wrote, “Mr. Burk essentially says he has no recollection of Ms. Johnson ever mentioning any incidents to him during the time he knew her. He offers generalized statements that Ms. Johnson spoke in support of many different prominent African Americans in their business pursuits, including sometimes Mr. Cosby.”

Additionally, Vigilante said that Singer failed to mention in his previous letter that Burk had a history of “threatening and abusive behavior” towards Johnson, which he pled guilty to and was subject to a criminal protective order. Also, he sought palimony from Johnson, which was dismissed by the court.


CNN Fires Back at Bill Cosby’s Attorney for Remarkable ‘Dishonesty’


  1. “Remarkable dishonesty”?

    This coming from a “news”/opinion channel that gained a reputation for being blatantly dishonest in its “reporting”. And CNN wonders why it continues to lose viewers.

  2. Bill Cosby is no choir boy, and by hiring the most expensive lawyer in the country to untarnish his fifty year history of groping and raping says a lot about this man. If you cant see the fire beyond the smoke or confuse the actor on the screen from the man in real life, then you are clueless or in denial.

  3. There is a MUCH bigger fraud, here ? Namely, some of you in the entertainment industry knew of Cosby’s monkey business, for years and years, yet stood SILENT and did not speak out or report his criminal behaviour to the law !

    The reason ? There was too much money to be made from the Bill Cosby brand.

    Isn’t that true !

    With the millions and millions that Cosby made, of course, he could afford to buy the best lawyer in town. But, everybody got their share, too, from Cosby, including advertisers like Jello pudding and Coca Cola.

    Lets cut the bullshit, everyone close to Cosby knew what was going on !

    The reality is, there is a little “Bill Cosby” in every large multi-media corporation…The urge to screw over or “rape” the public with excessive user fees, unfair layoffs, big fat pensions for the big bosses, while layoffs occur, always before Christmas.

    If Shaw (and others) had their way, they would make us customers take a pill and drug us, but of course, that would be illegal ! LOL

    When there is so much money to be made, human rights are trumped for the almighty dollar !

  4. Well, anonymous ranter, I’m not “close to Cosby” and I still don’t know what is going on. Been a casual fan for 50 years and I’m shocked and disturbed by these stories and if they are true I hope he will pay for what he has done. Instead of ranting about conspiracies like you, I simply wish the law would get involved.


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