Bill Cosby with Today’s Advent Calendar of Laughter


By Donovan Tildesley

December the 20th…..
Bill Cosby – Merry Christmas Mamma

The insurance sales business is slow leading up to the holidays. No one wants to spend money that they don’t have too. Unless of course I’m missing the mark, in which case I’m sure that PSR’s Pro Sales Guy Dave Warawa will set me straight. I had two moments of excitement on Friday. The first was CKNW’s Drex coming in to sign his insurance policy. He was full of energy and good cheer, smelling good to boot! The second came from a spell of boredom.

On a lark, I decided to Google “Bill Cosby” and “Christmas”. What I found was both shocking and … penetrating! Yes, folks, the infamous comedian did release a Christmas record, in the style of Barry White no less. Rather creepy considering his recent publicity. And no, Bill, I do not want you to be my Santa Claus!! On another note, nothing interesting turned up when I googled Jian Ghomeshi’s name alongside Christmas. At the very least I was hoping for a Youtube of “I Saw Ghomeshi Kissing Santa Claus”, but no such video exists … not yet anyway.


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