Jeremy Baker’s last day at The Zone

Jeremy Baker
(Photo: Lillie Louise Major)

Sad day at The Zone at 91-3 today – as Jeremy Baker works his last shift, before heading to the big leagues in Vancouver.

Listen HERE

Congratulations Jeremy from Michael Easton and Puget Sound Radio! 

Jeremy will be filling PM Drive on The World Famous CFOX in January.


  1. Hey Jeremy, it was great being able to listen to your last hour on The Zone yesterday, and I thank PSR for bringing it to my attention with this post. You sounded really good and I have no doubt you’ll fit in well at CFOX
    Much success Mr. Baker!

  2. I too caught your remaining moments on the Zone while out on the road. Did anyone happen to record those precious moments? Kinda neat to be able to reflect back now that you’re starbound at CFOX. Not that you aren’t already a star, but you’re going to be a bigger one! 😉

  3. Hi Jeremy, yea, what a way to go, with a neat show. I heard John Shields said you’re no longer going to get any hugs at your new job. I think those aussies are into it too, so don’t worry;)
    I’m so happy for you and your family. Be safe


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