A young Joe Leary interviews a young Fred Latremouille


In conversation with friend and psr contributor Joe Leary a few days ago, telling us John Richardson who used to produce shows at Shaw Cable back in the day, among those shows were two Joe did called Westend Edition (magazine style show) and Conversation; a three camera shoot interview show where the host was never seen; only heard.

In the above video, Joe talks behind the scene with Fred Latremouille on camera….

In this video below  Joe Leary and Wendy Chapman open up,  followed by an interview with hockey legend Dave Semenko by Matthew White




  1. It’s funny how your preception of a person can change. I had always been a Latremouille fan, listening to him when I visited Vancouver whenever I could. However years ago while working at a small station I was instructed by the owner to put together one of those fabulous station anniversary shows, you know, those shows that only a small market station can put together 😉

    I was to contact those former employees who had once worked at this station, the big names, those who had gone on to much bigger and better things so that they could give a quick blurb, a little audio nugget and maybe an anniversary greeting.

    Everyone I contacted was fantastic. Dave Rutherford couldn’t of been nicer, the late Wes Montgomery the same, both even spending a little of their time to chat. Latremouille on the other hand was absolutely miserable.

    I must of placed at least five calls over more than two weeks to reach him, leaving messages etc. I finally reached him through his producer, it was like kissing the ring of The Pope.
    I introduced myself and before I could say anything else he said “I know what you want”, proceeded to record an incredible 11 second greeting and abruptly hung up.

    Maybe he hated the place he started at or perhaps he was having a bad month, not sure.
    Anyway, I’m over it 🙂

  2. BLT .. you must be writing of the CKYL, Peace River, AB reunion. I did a lot of work on that, and got the same brush off by Fred … “he does not do reunions” … sad … it was a good reunion …


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