Interventions for CKNW fm repeater not all Positive!



We notice a barrage of interventions with regards to CKNW‘s bid for an fm repeater. Support comes from the likes of Ian Black of the Vancouver Board of Trade, BC Chamber of Commerce, John Furlong along with numerous carbon-copy supporters, then there are those who are oppossed, notably RoundHouse Radio founder Don Shafer.  Shafer doesn’t hold any punches when it comes to why NW shouldn’t get this license approved.

here’s a link to the Interventions.

Don Shafers presentation is about 12th down the list

12/01/14 – The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group andRogers Media Inc. have now filed interventions with the CRTC in the matter of the Corus application for a nested repeater for CKNW AM 980 in downtown Vancouver.  Pattison opposes the application for a number of reasons, and states that the proposed application for 99.7 MHz is short spaced to its CHPQ-FM 99.9 Parksville.  Rogers takes a different stance by agreeing with the Corus applicatiion that the addition of a nested FM rebroadcast transmitter within the licensed service area of an existing AM station should not violate Common Ownership Policy (COP).  It further states that its own station,CKWX AM 1130 (and other AM stations) are suffering from similar coverage problems and should the Commission approve the Corus application, other applications of a similar nature should be approved on the same basis in a timely fashion.  




  1. Bravo Mr. Shafer! NIce to see someone with the balls tackle corporations like Corus. I concur, No FM repeater license for CKNW. I’d like to see the resurrection of the CJOR/CKBD 600am frequency. It was an incredible signal, and I believe it would also penetrate the dead zones 980 is and has always had in downtown Vancouver.

  2. Ive read the rhr objections and they seem to be very self serving. A better way to oppose allowing NW an FM license would be to ask the lucky 9,000 downtown listeners if they really want to hear NWs new format. If they havent heard the new programs tell them to tune in from 2pm till 6pm. Most office workers will have evacuated downtown by drex time. One afternoon of eckford and and they wont want NWs signal to gain any strength

  3. Like with everything else, NW has chosen to shuffle it’s feet. By all appearances they enjoy living in the “Johnny Come Lately” world. They made one move to downtown, how successful was that?

  4. 13, I don’t agree. What Don is actually saying is this isn’t just a repeater, but ANOTHER radio station for CKNW and the Corus Entertainment aka Shaw. He’s right!.
    now open your imagination as to the possibilities

  5. Not sure why a guy like Horgan is submitting a supporting letter on government letterhead. Probably can be spun by his minions but doesnt smell right.

    The ICBC supporting letter is a joke as well.


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