Victoria Radio Ratings .. Fall 2014


Victoria CTRL
Source: Numeris (BBM Canada)
Survey Period: Radio Diary Survey September 1, 2014 – October 26, 2014
Demographic: A12+
Area: 9119 (Victoria Ctrl)
Daypart: Monday-Sunday 5am-1am

Station                                    Share %            Ctrl Reach (000)              FC Reach (000)                  Trend 
CBCVFM                                    17.0                              72.4                                    129.7                                   +1.2
CKKQFM (The Q)                  14.8                              66.6                                      91.6                                   +4.2
CFAX  (News/Talk)               10.3                              62.1                                      72.2                                   +0.6
CHBEFM  (Kool FM)               7.4                              63.3                                       66.8                                  +0.9
CJZNFM (The Zone)               7.2                              46.1                                       65.5                                  +0.7
CIOCFM(The Ocean)             6.0                              42.5                                       53.4                                   -1.6
CHTTFM (Jack FM)                 3.7                              35.1                                       36.3                                    n/c


  1. Wow! I never thought I’d ever see the Zone surpass the Ocean. Then there’s Jack. If I worked in that building on Fort Street, I’d be watching my back right now.

  2. What is it about the CBC? I don’t get it? To be spoon fed from a liberal based/biased government radio station and to come up with a 17, quite frankly scares the crap out of me. We haven’t seen numbers like this for many a year. Even the Q at 14 is most Impressive. Congratulations to the Pattison Broadcast Group. This certainly makes up for the poor showing in Kelowna

  3. Reply to Amos:

    What it is about the CBC is that they are number 1 in Victoria, Kamloops and Prince George because the majority of traditional radio listeners like what they program. I suggest to you that radio listening overall is tanking and the listeners to the other predominantly music stations in each city are far fewer than what there used to be listening to music radio. Young people are tuned to their individual music devices, by and large, and they have abandoned music radio. There are no outstanding radio personalities anymore to attract a good listening audience to music radio. So what radio listeners there are left are mostly older types who like the more traditional type of broadcasting that the CBC offers.

    And another thing, CBC listeners don’t have to put up with five minute long blocks of commercials every few minutes that have become the hallmark of stations like C-FAX and CKNW.

  4. Not surprise on the failure of 103.1 JackFM, Rogers have never promo the channel well. I still remember the “96.9” JackFM ads (Yup, that JackFM in Vancouver) looping on CHEK few weeks ago.

  5. Hi everyone,

    Al, you asked about morning numbers… I haven’t seen the full numbers but I’m told On The Island, which I host (sorry for the obvious self-interest here) is #1 with a 20.7 share.

    Amos, you may not get why people listen to CBC Radio One, but it’s nothing new. We’ve had strong numbers for several years now. And while overall radio listener numbers are continuing to decline, CBC Radio One listenership is on the rise, if slightly. We have a small crew here at CBC Victoria, but we do our best to reflect the stories that matter in THIS community, and it looks like the audience is listening.


  6. Way to toot your own horn there Gregor lol, then again you are answering a question. I recall a time when Al Ferraby used to go on air the morning following a good book to proclaim he was number one, haven’t heard that lately.

    As for the Rogers properties these numbers don’t seem to be a blip. They have actually been on a steady rocket to the bottom for a few years now. What’s the problem? They have a bunch of solid people on the air on Fort Street. Is it the lack of money going into promotion, leadership?

    I wonder how long before Rogers decides to blow one or both of them up.

  7. @sw and BLT

    I was just about to say the same thing about Fort St. You gotta wonder how the staff in that building feel when they turn on the TV and see advertisements on local channels telling people to listen out of market.

  8. I’m sorry to say, but I think both the Ocean and Jack are still paying the price for the damage the former PD did by bastardizing the music format on Jack, in particular. Since the new PD has taken over, the music on Jack has returned to what it was. An Excellent blend! As for the Ocean, I believe its days are done. Rogers should focus in on the format Paul Larsen created when he was in Parksville, then launched the same format in Lethbridge, The Lounge. I believe this format would become ‘Gold’ in Victoria.

  9. I am frankly amazed less at the standing of the CBC, never my favourite, but how well the second blandest radio station I have ever heard did as well as it did. Talk about Vanilla! CFAX “talk” would be better termed blather they don’t have a host worthy of the name. As for them being the “News Authority” they are the same way McPukes is fine dining. One newscaster can’t pronounce “news”, another claims 27 years in the industry but reads like someone pulled off the street and handed cold copy 30 seconds before the mic went on….if that well. I recall when CKDA was still operating the only hot stories ‘FAX ever got was when we broke one and they cribbed it. Sometimes they had enough integrity to re-write our copy,…but not always and the place has gone downhill from then. Best Newsroom to my ear and best newsreaders are at the Q. The Ocean is a position ahead of where it belongs in my view if not two. Bland and their morning team are flat to the point of causing biliousness. Radio has gone to hell in the last 30 years, Even the once great CKNW is now little better than bland.

  10. Maybe I’m getting older but I find CBC more relevant for my radio listening. The morning show is local, you hear boths sides of an issue, varied, opportunity for listeners feedback. The Debaters, Quirks and Quarks, This is That are all entertaining. If I’m going to have to tax dollars go into public broadcasting, I think they’ve earned their market share.

  11. The major Canadian cities are now surveyed using the PPM .. Personal People Meter I think it’s called .. and those results are due out Dec. 11th.

  12. Ah, we don’t use PPMs here; maybe that’s why CBC is #1 in Victoria. People of a certain political persuasion will jot down CBC whether they listen or not. And The Ocean would be a lot stronger with PPM : every Hillside mall shopper would be voting for them!

  13. Al, it seems either PPM and BBM show CBC is # 1. BBM #1 in Victoria, and in Vancouver’s October PPM’s, CBC Vancouver was #1 in the morning and in the market overall too.

  14. CBC does well due to the majority (65%)of diaries go to 55+ age group. The numbers are skewed and inaccurate when you get 1 in 250 books for a mainstream demo. The sample is not big enough to be accurate in small population areas.

  15. The biggest issue with BBM or Numeris(change of name same system) is the pathetic number of responses they get to decide who listens to what station. In Victoria there are 326,046 people over 18. Numeris had 1541 people respond. 00.5% It is a crappy system….Men 18-34 had 85 responses out of 46,389 men. 00.2%
    Kind of a joke

  16. Wow Ocean and Jack Victoria at the bottom…..

    if they are going to keep one Ocean will be kept on. Jack to be gone in 2015.

  17. CBC crushes… in pretty much every city. As it should. You don’t have to agree with the politics, just have to respect the stats. In Victoria…local, quality AM and PM Drive.

    12+ isn’t pretty…but in key adult demos, Rogers isn’t terrible.

    Mornings…depending how you slice the demos, generally show CBC, The Q, The Zone and Kool at or near the top.


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