Roy Green Show Dropped by NW .. in Favour of Radiolab



According to the Recent News page at Northwest Broadcasters, Vancouver’s Corus talk outlet  CKNW AM 980 will begin broadcasting NPR’s Radiolab at noon Saturdays and Sundays starting this weekend.  Radiolab will follow the Ted Radio Hour and be the lead-in to the Sean Leslie Show.  The Roy Green Show will no longer be heard on CKNW, but will continue on the Corus Radio Network.

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  1. Can someone explain what is wrong with the band of fools running ‘NW now?? Roy Green was about the only thing worth listening to on the weekends. This is beyond ridiculous. So sad that what was once a great radio station is now a collection of misfits, infomercials and american programming. So sad.

  2. What’s with the obsession with NPR at NW? It’s non profit radio and NW is anything but that-living quarter to quarter on ratings books.

    I get the feeling the kooks running NW see a bloodletting down the road and are taking a scorched earth strategy keeping Corus happy by keeping within budgets with their inept changes. Within a few ratings books NW will be no profit radio themselves.

  3. Roy Green WAS the only thing worth listening to on weekends. CKNW you are sick … and I regret the loss of a once great radio station, now reduced to junk and commercials.

  4. Roy had tweaked his show lately, cutting back the Beauties & Beast segment to a more tolerable half hour. But guess the writing was on the wall when NW eliminated airing the first hour of his show for the snoozeable TED program.

    Much like the declining Vancouver Sun, the only hope for NW is for well-heeled local mavens (Chip Wilson? Michael Buble?) to arrange buyouts from, resepectively, PostMedia and Corus. Otherwise, the rot will continue to creep into both entities.

  5. CKNW has lost its mind. To echo the other posts the weekend programing was the last of the decent radio coming out of that pathetic station. Jill Bennett must be on the chopping block. She has a decent show . She will need to turn up the backgound music and learn to chat with her production crew. No more guests she will have to just yap with Jessica Garres about how to dress when its dark out.

    If the brass has a plan and it doesnt include being last place in the ratings race they had better dust off their reaumes.

  6. I briefly heard a Radiolab host being interviewed a few days ago and he was asked what they would be talking about on the weekend. His response was he didnt know which segment was being run as there are so many shows available. Ha ha! Means all the stuff being aired are old canned shows that can probably be downloaded as podcasts.

    About a month ago I accidentally tuned into about 20 mins of TED radio and they were talking about the US elections. NW is not only not committed to much local content on the weekend but they have cut down on Canadian content. At least the chemtrail show at night is rarely totally US focused and has Toronto hosts at times.

    Green is still on the Alberta Corus stations so if you have the tunedin app on your smart tv, roku or phone you can tune it in regardless.

  7. I can understand why Roy’s show was cancelled: too much stuff from the East that did not resonate west of the Rockies. He also picked the ‘low-hanging fruit’ for content, which gets tiresome in the extreme. Memo to all hosts: the low-hanging fruit will get you the calls, but it is not quality. Example: ‘what makes you most mad when you’re driving around?’ or ‘do you believe in capital punishment?’ You get my drift. Too many inexperienced hosts in this market go for that because they do not have the depth/intelligence/life experience to carry a show themselves, thus…let’s open the phones. Lots of calls, zero ratings.

  8. As a former weekend show contributor, I’m astonished with the direction CKNW has gone.
    In my instance, “Driving with Zack” aired at 10am on Sunday for 6 years and was a ratings success with a local sponsor that was very happy with their results. I was continually told by the weekend operators that my show garnered the most calls and interaction and the phone board was always filled each week. My email would also fill up each week from people who had questions but didn’t get on the show, it was a great two-way conversation each week. The subject matter of the show should have been vary easy to sell, it’s about cars, something we all use!
    When CKNW utilized their new consultants, everything changed. I was shipped to 5pm on a Saturday afternoon with the notice that “if a paid one-hour show comes forward, I will get bumped” Sure enough, the new time slot did not work for the sponsor and even after many protests to CKNW management, which fell on deaf ears, the sponsor decided to withdraw. Within 24 hours, I was told my new time-slot would be 9pm on Sunday night. Within six months I had a VERY successful show at 10am on Sunday moved to 5pm on Saturday and then was offered 9pm on Sunday. I said no thanks.
    So CKNW blew off a sponsor in favour of syndicated programming from the US. Sad really.

  9. Zack, thanks for a bit of insight into the bizzare programing moves at CKNW. I miss your show and wish you would have taken the Sunday 9pm slot. This is purely selfish as I realize your show is was more than worthy of the Sat am spot. I only wish there was an allternative station to take over the large audience that NW has abandoned.

  10. 13 I have always thought that if a Canadian version of Westwood One started running Canadian syndication it would be a hit with stations across Canada much like Zack’s show. Some programs would probably have interest from US stations as well. Not sure why we haven’t seen it yet especially now that hosts can do their shows from home studios.

  11. Gawd does CKNW suck….Simi Sara show, pluleeze kill it.

    Mikey Eckford, “Let`s have a conversation”..Then he blabs away with himself, and oh my gawd, “family time, odds and ends, The buzz”……Idiots, pluleeze kill all of them, dead air radio….First to go, Simi Sara`s book club segment.

    Not sure what the genesis for not covering any stories in-depth..CAPP advertising, KInder Morgan…Take a stand on issues NW, and stop cowtowing to Governments in power.

    CKNW sucks eggs

  12. I am delighted that Roy Green was cancelled for a reason or two above; he is a right wing dinosaur-no climate change for him; focused on the centre of the universe-Central Canada and its issues, and except for the military issues, rarely reflected any majority opinion in BC.
    I like Mike Eckford’s opinions, but the rest of the programmes, even Simi who is an excellent cross-examiner/interviewer when given the chance, have changed to low level entertainment with common themes running on all shows..pedestrians, driving, celebrities but none that really focus or hammer on the serious issues like the Sun editorial three days before the Vancouver election publishing a known mistatement about Patti Bacchus/Chevron issue with perhaps an effect on the school board election. No Rafe Mairs, Webster news advocates, just entertainment a la reality tv with much the same satisfaction. The Sun is also much the same-too wishy washy to perform its role in a democracy… too friendly to elitism/corporate power. And I am not left wing. The majority of the public are not served any more, just the interest groups-usually corporate. Makes it easier to consider turning off the radio or cancelling the paper.

  13. Oh come on Zach, your pride has been hurt, and I can see deeply.
    You should have swallowed it and said, fine, Sunday night will be great. But no, you looked upon it as a major come down. Fact is pal, not only Sunday nights, but also Saturday nights are where things need a boost. Personally with my schedule, Sunday nights at 9 would have not only been ideal, but a great time for my schedule. Your failure Mr. Spencer is you too, should now have the insight into what radio is now all about. If you want to be part of it, its still possible, but you should gather with the remaining troops and put your best foot forward, in my opinion
    BTW, I really enjoyed and miss your show and hope it can be restored.

  14. Speciality shows are all about sponsors, nobody would sponsor a Sunday night show at 9pm. The sponsor got no traction on Saturday at 5pm. Get real…

  15. Murphy if its so easy to sell timeslots on radio when people aren’t listening get out your briefcase and see how well you do. Hopefully the bootprints on your butt are kept to under ten a day.

  16. CKNW should hire Rhona Raskin and bring back the Sunday Night Sex Show. I understand there is a program with that title on the air, but as far as I can hear, it’s for women over 70. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but let’s face it teenager’s sex lives are more interesting to listen to…in the dark.

  17. Myron, perhaps the undoing of talk radio is hidden in your post. The demographic that the advertisers want 25 -35 (or whatever) probably dont listen to talk radio. They likely listen to music genre stations or some sort of plugged into your brain Iplug device.So if you want to run an all talk news type station and you’re too cheap to hang onto pro sports , you had better appeal to an older dinosaur type of audience.
    NW must be saving huge dollars with their new on-air payroll. Some of the voices I hear during the day sound like muppets from Sesame Street. Not exactly what us dinosaurs want to hear. Frosty, Raif, Berner, Faux, Mcrea, the list of talent that NW has watched leave the building is staggering. Even miss Bill and Phil.

  18. CKNW is failing cause no one wants to hear Conservative tripe in Vancouver anymore. Roy Green is just another climate change denying simpleton and young people in this country have no interest in hearing it.

    Meanwhile their attempts to reach out to young people by bringing on Eckford and Drex is a failure cause it makes insulting assumptions about what young people want to hear. People under 40 who are going to listen to radio want QUALITY not a 15-years-too-late attempt at a shock jock news show.

  19. CKNW has gutted the sports staff and replaced it with a guy who should be sent on a long course on enunciation. I’m tired of hearing him run words into each other and announce such things as ‘ hunerd’ for HUNDRED. Also, why is he matched up with Simi Sara, an excellent broadcaster if given the chance, for a series of inane conversations which have absolutely nothing to do with sports. I guess it does not matter anymore, because I switch to CBC FM after the Jon McCombe show along with anyone else I know.

  20. Regarding the addition of NPR’s radiolab to CKNW, this is a good move for NW, in my view.

    Keep Drex and Eckford, keep doing what you are doing, these shows have great potential !

    It is clear that CKNW wants to take back some of that CBC Radio audience that defected from NW, probably because that audience got pissed off with all the Corus cutbacks and the butchering of long time shows without much forebearance or thought.

    However, please do get some experienced sports people to read the sports, properly. If you are not going to do sports journalism anymore, and have news people cut and paste the sports,.then at least train them to pronounce the players names, properly, explain to them the rules of the sports. etc.

    Maybe NW should offer a training course for news people on how to properly report sports ! LOL

    Also, how to interview athletes and write sports.

    I know this sounds laughable, but I think that NW (and other major market stations) should offer courses to all of their announcers on how to do a talk show, show content and continuity, pronunciation, diction, and other basics.

    Just because you are working in Vancouver, doesn’t mean you are king sh*t ? Some of you are still learning the business apparently !

    All so-called major market announcers should be constantly practicing their game, just like baseball and hockey players do !

    All announcers should also be subject to airchecks, no matter how important you think you are !

    Regarding Zack Spencer, sorry to hear how you and your show were screwed around by management ? Maybe the lesson is to put all the fines details of your show in writing, as part of your contract. Then, if things don’t go as they seem, you can sue them ?

    You may not EVER work the business, again, but at least you can sue ! :P:

  21. Though I really don’t listen to NW on weekends anymore and Green did get under my skin with his topics, point of view at times and too fast paced format, he was and is still a seasoned radio host. For NW to dump him for more US programming and as such stuff one can get through other means is just another nail in it’s coffin.

    The loonies are running CKNW today. It’s a shell of a station that it once was. I no longer feel compelled to turn it on in the day. Stopped tuning much at night when they canned Dan Russell, Sportstalk and even though I will pick up Justin Wilcomes (err, and his silly DREX handle) at times for a spot or two, I only really now may try to catch Jon McComb.

    Simi Sara has become pablum, and Ekford likes to hear his own voice.

    The station has NO EDGE anymore. It’s all corporate, bean counting and rather bland and boring today.


  22. Oh and Zac thanks for your input here. I religiously listened to your Car Show on Sunday mornings. But when it was moved to Saturday late afternoons I no longer was able to listen. Now that it’s completely gone from CKNW, a show that had high ratings and as you said a solid sponsor shows how CKNW management has gone nuts.

    I almost think I hear the fat lady warming up for CKNW.

  23. Even though Zack spelled his own name in his own post, very few people seem to be happy with it and chose their own spelling(s).

  24. What NW is missing is that they are not going to get the young audience. They dont listen to radio let alone AM radio. If they can listen to music or shows on demand why would they listen to a live broadcast. They are gassing their old audience thinking a younger audience will move in but it aint gonna happen.

    As for the sports guy who cant talk straight a few months ago I heard him pronounce Mexicans as Messicans. It was hilarious.

  25. I have read many threads and comments on here over the past couple of years, but finally decided to put in my 2 cents (now I guess 2 nickels) worth. I am middle age, and used to love listening to CKNW. It had so many great personalities, and of course every topic is not going to interest you, but you can always turn it off or switch for awhile. I did listen to Philip Till every morning, followed by Bill Good, for at least an hour, or more depending on the topics. ( I did love when Mike Smyth filled in to really whip up the controversy.) Perhaps they both saw the writing on the wall when their “retirements” were announced within a week or two of each other.

    I was happy that Jon McComb, who I have a lot of respect for, was announced as the new early morning replacement. Of course, this was also during the time that CKNW decided to tinker with the formats, basically eliminating any political discussion, which I would guess at least 75% of NW’s audience were interested in. Now, it is almost like tabloid trash, talking endlessly about Ghomeshi, instead of some real meat and potato issues. I listen less, and less each week. So much of the chit chat goes on with his producer Jessica Garris, almost like a conversation in a coffee shop. One comment from a listener, by email or facebook, a week ago was the fact that he had switched to another station, but happened to change back to NW to see if there was any improvement. He was still as disgruntled with the topics and advised that was the reason he switched, and probably wouldn’t be back. Jon McComb’s smug comment was “if you’re still listening……see ya!”. If enough people change stations, perhaps the inept CKNW management will be saying “see ya” to some of the over confident hosts.

    That listener is only one person who actually said he had changed his listening habit, but by the ratings, I am sure he is one of thousands. As for me, CKNW doesn’t get my ear much these days. And one more thing, they used to get experts on to talk about things, now it is just the sports guy (Sheldon) a producer (Jessica) or whoever is available whether they know much about what they are yapping about.

    Pretty sad. And the young people will not be coming into the NW fold to listen.

  26. Isn’t it amazing that any topic about ‘NW on this board always gets a big response. If the suits there any any brains at all, they would take note of the fact that they have really alienated a LOT of people and a LOT of people have tuned them out. And heck, even listen (or read as the case may be) some of the the comments that come from a board like this. At one time, you could turn “NW on first thing in the morning and leave it on all day and you would always be up to date with happenings in the world and in the local market. It didn’t matter if it was news, sports, talk or yes even music, there was always something for everyone. Sure, and as someone else here has pointed out, you didn’t always agree with the topics, but at least you could be up to date. The way it is now, the “news” department is a joke. A lot of the “news readers” can’t even pronounce names and places properly and forget about in depth news coverage any more, it just doesn’t happen. And the sports department is beyond stupid. Dave Sheldon couldn’t put together a sportscast if his life depended on it. Seems he’s too busy trying to be a talkshow host instead of a sports guy. And I don’t know what’s happened to Simi. Her program used to be worth listening to, but lately, the quality has gone straight downhill. And why would anyone turn on Ekford or Drex?? Both are a way out of their element and so full of themselves, that it’s pathetic. “NW claims they are trying to attract a younger audience. They can’t be serious! I happened to be working an overnight shift on the weekend and one of the infomercial shows for some supplement was specifically targeted to an older crowd who are suffering form memory loss because “that’s what happens as you age”. How does that appeal to a “younger” demographic?? They need to replace their “brand manager” (now there’s a title that is a joke in itself!) and get someone in there that understands the local market and what listeners really want. We can only hope that sooner or later, common sense will return to the “black tower” or it will be a case of “will the last person to leave, please turn out the lights” But with the growing list of incompetent people running the place, it’s doubtful any of them will know where the switch is!!

  27. Whoa is me. Roy Green cancelled!!. and Zack Spencer!! Who or what is next? Campbell’s Money Talks? Who or what am I going to listen to now? Roy Green was all about common sense. Something the lefties cannot fathom or accept. I think his show was cancelled because his common sensical approach to all of the issues, including climate change, did not sit well with the intolerant lefties of this Province or at CKNW. “Driving with Zack” was cancelled because of the FORTWO or FIATSCO 500 crowd. Money Talks will probably be next to be cancelled due to the lefty’s aversion to capitalism. Long live the proletariat! Where’s Bruce Allen when you need him. Reality check please!!! At least there is something I can do: TUNE OUT.

  28. ” Roy Green was all about common sense. Something the lefties cannot fathom or accept”

    I find it hilarious how people who say things like that are usually completely clueless. Common sense? When it comes to complicated scientific research? Uh, sorry it’ll take a little more than common sense to understand and talk about stuff like that and Green isn’t capable of understanding that hence his dismissal of it and the listeners’ dismissal of him.

    And also, just so you know, plenty of “righties” understand climate change is a real thing and a threat. Folks like yourself are in the minority even among conservatives.

  29. Isn’t it amazing that any topic about ‘NW on this board always gets a big response.

    It’s because everyone likes to checkout a train wreck.

  30. In my opinion:
    Ever since CKNW has been controlled by Corus it has flagged badly. Corus is a bean counter and is only interested in cost cutting. If it can fill in a few hours cheaper than it costs now, it will change for the cheaper option, regardless of quality. That is why we have terrible Simi and lame Jon Mcombe. Mike E is better but I bet they got him real cheap or he would be gone . Corus/CKNW appears to charge the OrphansFund for advertising and for air time on Pledge Day . So sad for the deserving kids. It is all about the money folks. So I am very happy the ratings are continually dropping as that affects their advertising rates and income. They do not deserve my time or yours anymore.

  31. Whatever I do agree with you that NW seems to be skinnying down their payroll. Just look at the last changes… essentially just made everyone work an extra hour.

    But when you look at what other Corus stations have done they dont seem as bad as how NW is being torched. Maybe Corus is letting NW do what they want so that when the ratings show a drastic decrease they can fire the lot of them and change the format. Remember that talk radio is a very expensive format to run regardless of how good or bad the product might be.

  32. Wihout a doubt BAD talk radio costs more to run than great talk radio. I would love to see NWs balance sheet from the era of NHL/CFL broadcasts vs todays pathetic schedules. Maybe Im wrong ,perhaps less listeners and less ad revenue equals higher profits.

  33. GHG, Ian is that you??? I guess the first big test for the all new ‘NW will be next week. I believe someone mentioned the PPM’s are out on the 11th? We shall see if the suits turn out to be geniuses or dogs. I’m sure there will be some sweaty palms on the steering wheel as management makes the drive to the Black Tower.

    You never know , all the naysayers may be eating crow about this time next week. Will the new “talk” format of reading Facebook posts be a hit? It should be interesting.

  34. I’ve been listening to NW since late 70’s. This recent change has been most disappointing. JM is still doing well. Simi is losing my interest. Eckford just loves himself so much. His talk pattern is so repetitive and if I hear that word “conversation” one more time I’m going to pull my ears off my head. There is a reason Eckford and Forbes went off the air in tv land and now they have a love fest once a week on the radio. When I listened to Eckford it reminded me of my university days being lectured to. He thinks he knows everything. Too much for me. I actually like Drex. He gives me a laugh on my way home. i actually miss Bill Good and I thought I would never say that.

  35. Been a listener for 20 years….no more.

    Morning show and his constant talk of mental illness….Simi, where her world is just shapes and colours – but she asks everyone who does not have an opinion, their opinion. Mike, stop whining about government not spending money on every issue – there is no money.

  36. Remember the teacher strike was on during the Fall book, this might artificially skew the number a bit higher for information start ions, NW included.

  37. For years I had emailed the station asking them to cover a number of topics as I knew the listening public wants informative content. I can’t handle the dumb downed topics covered daily on the station and stopped listening last year. Every now and then I give them a try when I am in the car but I always seem to catch them at a commercial break so I leave. Thank goodness I discovered Alex Jones Infowars program as I listen to him all the time. At first you may think he is out there but if you actually research what he is talking about it turns out he is spewing the truth. People want the truth and not fluff. I hope one day I wake up and could listen to Alex Jones between 9-12 in the morning……This will never happen as NW has no interest in returning to be #1 in the marketplace.

  38. Scary thing about Alex Jones is that some of the stuff he says turns out to be true (US spying on citizens).

    NW’s new strategy is bland topics so that they don’t insult anyone or make them feel bad. Sort of an extension of schools not having first place or winning teams so as not to hurt anyone’s self esteem. Everyone should feel good win or lose.

    A format doomed for the garbage bin but not until they slash and burn the station’s audience to where the old CFUN audience is the only one left.

    What next resurrecting Dr. Laura, Pia Shandel or Joy Brown.

  39. Mark:

    “Scary thing about Alex Jones is that some of the stuff he says turns out to be true (US spying on citizens).”

    Actually I would argue the majority of things covered on his show are true:

    9/11, vaccines, Private Central Banks, Gold Manipulation, Banking/Wall Street Criminality, Geoengineering, Militarization of Police, Corporations running Governments, Fema Camps, Soon to be announced Pensions are not safe, etc

    I can’t handle the propaganda on NW about Flu Shots etc and how you should rush out to get one. Here is a fantastic article by Mike Adams on Flu Shots.

    I could go on and on…the point is there are so many topics which are not covered by NW that would really open the eyes to what you really don’t know. At first you are skeptical but then if you take the time to do your homework you will really find out how much we are misled.

    Instead NW continues to offer coverage of the government/corporate media releases as if they are news as well as the latest coverage of a missing dog, etc….and today the weather.

    So sad from the good old days of Rafe Mair.

  40. I am an ex-listener….

    When I hear Jessica Gares’ voice I want to strangle myself. I can’t turn the radio off fast enough. She talks in question mode – like a teenager.

    Mike…I like you because you are nieve and innocent and see the world as such. You are just like my son who is 7 and believes in Santa.

    Simi, you should get more world experience before opening you mouth to prove you don’t.

  41. Its almost imposible to describe the “new” NW. Eckford had a segment where he asked callers to call in and give their opinion of his show. He did so because he is surprised at the negative reaction he gets from his buddies google app that detects anti eckford sentiment.

    As bad as Eckford is (and he is very bad) Jessica Garres is much worse. Her voice is irritating. Her delivery is childish. Her view of the world seems that of a 12 year old. When Bill Good retired Jessica seemed to be a producer without a show. Now she freelances and is a guest star on various NW shows. Its painful to listen to the demise of a radio powerhouse.

    Alex Jones rocks.

  42. Eckford has taken to taunting his listeners. He makes comments about “nw98 the once top dog”. He must feel very comfortable in his position. He claims to want to hear from listeners but then he makes fun of the ones that are critical. If as he claims we all just need to learn to like the “new” format at the “new” NW his critics will need to feast on a robust conversation of crow. On the other hand if his critics are right he might need a robust conversation with an employment councilor.

  43. “A lot of the “news readers” can’t even pronounce names and places properly and forget about in depth news coverage any more, it just doesn’t happen. ”

    I have noticed this alot lately too. It seems like they can’t get through a sentence without making some sort of mistake, fumbling over there words, etc. Last week, the gal couldn’t even pronounce “Broughton” Street correctly when she was going on about the Santa parade. She mispronounced it every time. They sometimes give the wrong time, etc. Who are these people? I have been wondering who is reading the news now and where they get these people from. bad! just bad!

    The station is going downhill very fast….

  44. oops, and I meant “their” not “there” in my post above. Was banging out my message quickly before I headed out the door (and since I am a stickler for detail, wanted to correct my mistake). thanks.

  45. Interesting to watch Ian Koinesfest try to plug a leak in the dyke. Good luck IK . If your name is attached to the demise of NW thats too bad. Perhaps it was Shaw that gutted the budget and your trying to work within new penny pinching perameters. Or maybe the radio talent pool has dried up. Or maybe your a genius and this god awful programing has a huge audience and your making money hand over fist.

  46. I have tried to listen to ‘Drex’ several times, and in each instance, I found him struggling to deal with the talk format and the issue at hand. Unfortunately, I had to strain to listen—his accent is far too thick. He may be a nice person and all that, but when a listener has to work ‘too hard’ to listen, it’s a major turn-off. I will not bother giving it another try.

  47. Well this was the third weekend of NOT listening to radiolab. The first weekend I tuned in roy green online. I would love to know how many listeners are still tuning in am980?

  48. After hardly listening to CKNW for over three weeks, I tuned in just after 8:30 am, to hear Bruce with his daily comment. After that, found that Jessica Garres was hosting with special guest sidekick Squire Barnes. I had it on for about half an hour, and could not stand it any longer. We had a lengthy discussion about Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays (along with another producer who goes by initials), a lengthy discussion of high heels, and then a fellow who was determined to talk to a stranger everyday for a year. One of these subjects might have been fine……but three in a row. What a load of nothing. I would think that by next ratings period NW will be down further.

  49. To allow Garres to host Jon Mcombs show is curious. Its likely a cost savings thing . Whomever decided to allow that programing on air yesterday obviously doesnt give a damn about NWs listeners. It was an embarassment to listen to. It almost feels like the station has contempt for the audience. I usualy just hit the mute button to quiet Jessica but 4 hrs was beyond tolerance. CBC88.1 was a much better listen.

  50. I can’t listen to CKNW anymore too much dribble with very little substance.
    Mike Eckford is so opinionated and full of himself and the fluff conversation that goes on now with Simi and others is nauseating.
    I miss Michael Smith and Roy Green who could actually tackle the complex issues and ask the tough questions.
    I used to enjoy intelligent discussions about important topics with knowledgeable guests but now to listen to CKNW is to lose brain cells minute by minute.
    Changed to CBC & loving it.

  51. I am a long time listener (25 yrs.) I was in sales and lived in my car and listened to NW from am to pm. You had such a great crew. Each host was able to handle a show on their own. They did not need 2 or 3 people “helping” with the broadcast. Sometimes it’s gets so noisy you can’t hear what anyone is saying. Another reason to tune out. The repetitive advertising also gets so over whelming that you just shut it off. The home improvement show that used to be with Shell Busey was interesting and up to date. He could answer any question. The host on the present show likes to hear himself talk and has no experience on the topics. Why doesn’t the “little contractor” run the show on his own. I ‘m done with the “little house down the lane.” Sports is a joke. It used to be an important part of NW. John and Simi are the only 2 shows that I tune in. However please take a firmer stand on topics. Simi you are a good interviewer so use your skills and if they won’t let yo – move on!!

  52. Roy Green’s show was an example of an arrogant conservative style that comes from Toronto. I couldn’t stand the guy. He’s boring, grating, and extremely unfunny not to mention middling in entertainment value. Glad they dumped him. Radio lab at least is interesting in subject matter

  53. Does anyway else find it ironic that the lead-in to news casts says “listening to Vancouver”. If they were truly listening, they would understand that all their previously loyal listeners are telling them that the current program lineup is not working! Of course I guess it’s also possible that they are “listening to Vancouver” because Vancouver is no longer listening to them! Sad, so sad.

  54. Judging by the comments on this web site a couple of things are very clear.
    People that read PSR do not like the direction that CKNW am 980 is going
    Some of the people that read and post on this forum are radio insiders that have a lot of valuable insight. Terry Bell, Zack Spencer and others.
    My only hope is that the demise of NW isnt a planned event. If it is do the kind thing and just pull the plug and let it die. To allow the exckfords and garres crowd to suck the life out of the once mighty 98 is to sad and cruel to listen to.

  55. Poor JM, with the replacement “hosts” Gerris, Sheldon (add to his mispronunciations twenny and wanna), the audience must be down to loyal family members. There is a certain irony in Sheldon this morning condemning Limbaugh who, whatever his many failings, speaks English better than Sheldon.

  56. Today Smitty subed for Simi and Sean subed for eckford. If JM had a sub or if he did his show that would have been 12 hrs of NW that wasnt painful to listen to. Hey, youve got to give credit when credit is due. Imagine if it was Simi from 6-10 Mike Smyth from 10 -2 and JM from 2-6.
    Todays misspronunciation was Deana Dina Dinah at Anahim lake.

  57. Brian .. I heard the segment as well (I used to listen to NW a couple of hours a day but now its down to a couple of hours a week) Sheldon (or is it pronounced Shellon) and whoever else was in the studio was aghast that Limbaugh was upset that there might be plans to have a black James Bond in a new Bond movie. The hilarious part was that he opened it up to some callers and they agreed with Limbaugh. What Sheldon didnt get is that Limbaugh wasnt being rascist but just didnt think a black guy fits the role. Much like getting a white or black guy to play Jackie Chan or a white guy play Eddie Murphy’s Axel Foley.

    As for having someone like Garres fill in in the mornings no matter how bad you might think she sounds I really dont blame her. If she was given the opportunity good on her for taking it on, the error in judgment is the management who actually thinks she would sound good. No different than a hockey team running out of goalies due to unforeseen injuries and having someone from the stands who plays in a beer league fill in. Do you blame him? No way.

  58. Mark, do you think NW management is in error thinking that Garres would sound good . It seems that NW management makes so many errors that it cant be due to incompetance. The blunders are so frequent and so blatant that the decisions must be driven by economic limitations. If you havent got a budget that allows you to hire any talent you end up looking at your current staff for a miracle. Garres, Eckford, and the new format are not miracles.

  59. Just listening to the Jon Mcomb show this am. AJ? is hosting a news game. The game is lame, but the prizes sre spectacilar. A box of books (presume they arent used) and a TWO SLICE TOASTER!!!!!!!!!!
    This might lend a bit of creedence to the theory that the bean counters have prevailed over common sense at NW

  60. Oh the trials and tribulations of AM radio. Talk is AM; wether it be bad or good. Don’t like like it; switch frequency and go FM or better still go XM-SIRIUS.. It is still a FREE country and too bad that NW can’t find the GREAT talent that is in this country and has to go (across the 90th parrell) to get some (EXCUSE ME)…YANKEE product. What is next Rush Limbaugh or The Elustrious Jerry Falwell.. Heaven forbid; I’ m Julian from Vancouver.

  61. I’ve been doing my best to give the new format a chance, and let it soak in.
    Damn…..I just can’t do it. I used to love JM, and I still think he’s a great personality, but he’s being under utilized severely with the inane banter he’s forced to endure with Jessica? Who always talks like this? Finishing every sentence like it’s a question?…and it’s really F’n annoying?

    Simi’s show…….Where do you start? She has the odd good topic, but then it’s the Sheldon show. More inane banter about generally lame topics.

    Eckford, I think, sees himself as this progressive guy, but I find his political correctness, and ambition for all to be sensitive to some of his ideals irritating.

    Drex…Actually like the show. Usually not all of it, but I like his edge, and his calling it as he sees it. Aside from Allen, and the time Mike Smyth fills in, that’s non existent now.

    As far as Green being replaced for R.L., I think it was a mistake. Granted he had a Conservative bent on a lot of stuff, but he did have some balance. He went head on into the Veterans affairs issues as of late, and that was admirable, as was his coverage on Government spending, education, etc. He was low key, and Eastern centric for the most part, sure, but most Federal issues are from the East…No?
    I could care less about his personal views on climate change. That’s his deal, and as another poster said, there are plenty of Conservatives who have a belief in Climate change. It’s not always a left/right issue.

  62. I turned on NW at 4am today. An hour of Coast to Coast. One of the best moves nw has ever made. JM back from a 2 or 3 week holiday. Glad to hear his voice. Too bad Garres was omni present. They have taken to playing back ground music during his dialogue. Must be a hip with it thing, I cant stand the distraction, but if the program is weak then distract away. Mike Smyth filled in for Simi. Stayed glued to the radio right till 2 pm. Tried yet again to aquire a taste for Eckfords endless banter with every person that NW can find thats already on the payroll. Couldnt take it , switched to CBC. Some intersting shows about dentistry. Parked the semi at 4 pm and got back in my car with the radio still tuned to 98. Just in time to hear Eckford boasting about how he doesnt prepare for his show he just “wings” it. That made understanding his disjointed blather easier to appreciate. Changed that radio to CBC as well.

    I agree with James , Drex is the only part of the new NW worth listening to. JM is deserving of a far better producer than Jessica Garres. Mike Smyth is a pleasure to listen to. His show moves along without to much music or yapping to the janitor /producer/ etc.

  63. Thanks 13, and yes, I like Drex a lot. The thing that struck me most yesterday regarding Mike Smyth was how much energy he has in his program when he’s subbing. He had Andrew Weaver on yesterday, and he delivered rapid fire questions to him, and every time he tried to dance around or deflect an issue, he called him on it and hammered him hard till he answered sufficiently. When was the last time we have heard that on NW on a regular basis?
    I know to a casual listener, it’s just another station, but for someone who has lived with this station for some 40+ yrs., it’s more than that. It’s been a big part of my information, and entertainment history.
    It is so disappointing to see what has happened to such an institution.
    From my perspective, a lot of the rapid decline occurred shortly after Raif’s firing in regards to his producer Dallas Brodie’s complaints of ill treatment, and sexual harassment.
    It seemed to me that this ushered in the era of the producer on NW, almost on a equal on air footing as the actual on air talent, regardless of how painfully amateurish they sound.

    I don’t know if this was a form of catering to the producer who perhaps feels under appreciated for their contribution to the program…who knows? It’s not unheard of. Other radio shows have included the producer as part of the on air team. Stern of course, Imus….They were the real pioneers of shared air time, and of course many others have followed suit, but the difference here is that they recognized that a person such as Quivers actually ADDS to the program with her persona.

    When Good started doing it years ago, I found it immediately annoying. Most of the producers he’s had have had that idealistic fresh out of BCIT delivery that just didn’t wash on a predominantly serious news station.
    That kind of stuff could wash on CFOX, CFMI……light entertainment, but on serious issues, they just come off sounding juvenile and out of their depth.

    Fast forward to now, the one producer who I’d hoped I’d heard the last of…Jessica, alas is now with McComb, and that same irritation I had with Good, I now feel with McComb’s show, and that pains me to say, because I really like him, but her, with her blathering, and her notoriously cheesy special reports complete with hokey accompanying music loosly chosen for it’s lyrical theme to match the topic……Often laughable. It’s truly horrid.

  64. For those on this post that feel NW should spend time and money training news readers to operate, write and read properly, please know most hires have spent 18 to 24 months at BCIT being trained in just such duties. The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in the education of the troops but in the lack of training of their leaders!

  65. Back in the day (say, mid-late seventies|), the average Columbia School of Broadcasting grad, @ his/her first gig in Peace River sounded as good or better than a lot of current readers at CHED, ‘NW or morning anchors at some TV stations. I’ve said it many times on this board. What goes on-air in this country is embarrassing……….

  66. Hi Terry. Just want to say you are a consummate professional. Always have appreciated your work. I don’t have any problem with the news department at all at NW….that has to be said. I just wish that the actual feature shows had that same level of credibility, as they did before. My complaint is namely this watered down approach, almost going out of the way as to eliminate controversy, or god forbid, offend. I still have NW on at work, but my attention has been held far less frequently. It’s mainly background noise now with the exception of the headlines , weather, and traffic. Not many upcoming topics announced ahead of time, end up as a worth while listen, and that’s what I find most disappointing with this current format. All the best to you Mr. Bell in the New Year, and also to Zack Spencer, I miss your show greatly. Thanks for all the years of informative, concise, and most of all accurate advice and knowledge.

  67. The new name for NW should be Chat-Line Radio as it continues to be a continual gabfest with useless talk. Not sure if anyone has tuned in Michael Savage lately but he has just brought “unprotected talk” into his show which means no call screener with callers going straight on the air.
    It makes for some interesting calls with the only glitch that many callers dont know when they really are on the air since there is not screener to tell them they are on next.

  68. The Jon McComb, show, is for people just waking up, or, in my case, trying to fall asleep, and I find it is quite helpful in that regard, so I have no complaints.

  69. I do have to admire the people on this board who can stand to listen to radio–especially CKNW 25/8! I told ’em Television would never last!

  70. We all miss Terry Bell. He was the best news reader that I have heard in my 50 years of listening to news on the radio. NW is now a joke. I used to have it on from early morning with Till to late at night with Russell. Barely listen anymore with the talent ( I use that term loosely) on the current roster. Jessica Garris is embarrasing and Sheldon is pathetic. Not too worry former listeners the end is near and the old 98 will be reborn

  71. I couldn’t agree with Nanaimosluggo more. Terry was one of the best. A calm, no nonsense approach to reading the news. I sure hope Nanaimo is right when he says the end is near because this current bunch is beyond pathetic. Has anyone else seen their new TV ads? So pathetic and amateur – they look like they were done in somebody’s basement. And they keep on with this “listening to Vancouver” crap. What a joke. I just hope somebody goes in there soon and cleans house. And start with Sheldon who wouldn’t recognize a sportscast if it smacked him across the head. Major news story this morning and they talk about food or some other equally non-relevant thing. Just plain dumb.

  72. Terry Bell: a true professional. Always the voice of calm and reason. I really miss him when I do tune in to CKNW in the evenings.

    I’m beginning to wonder about the new “law” segment on the Jon McComb program. It sure sounds like an infomercial. Is it? Are these guys paying to appear on a talk show, such as it is.


    Go to your audio vault and listen to Mike Smyths show 1/9/15. It was 4 hours of some truly vintage NW programing. The topics were very engaging. Two segments were particularly good. Bateman vs Tielman debate and the reunion of Palmer and Baldrey. Mr Smyth knocked it out of the park.
    Furthermore Eckford replayed the entire hour of debate between Bateman and Tielman. Eckford stated that it was great radio and deserved to be heard again. I find it very curious that Eckford recognizes good radio but is incapable of doing good radio

  74. I have the feeling Smyth’s show is decent because he does the show from Victoria and doesnt have to worry about the riff raff management at the station coming by.

  75. Smitty ( Smyth) makes the rest of the NW hosts sound like amateurs . He gets better all the time. Loved the debate with the listener talking about Trans Link

  76. If Mike Smyth were smart, and he sure sounds like he is, he would maintain his ‘fill-in’ role until the ‘suits’ finally figure out the current lineup (exception McComb) is nothing more then a bunch of amateurs ‘playing in the sandbox.’ Then, when the ‘suits’ realize they need to spend money and bring in some real talk/news talent, he can demand the huge bucks and whatever ‘perks’ that will make a full-time gig impossible to turn down. Corus has the money, and Smyth knows it. How to relieve them of that money is what he must adroitly plan and execute. The only pressure now to make any changes will have to come from the Sales Department. If they can sell the current ratings/lineup, programming will be convinced they’re on the right track and nothing will change. If they cannot sell it, then and only then, is there the possibility of a ‘wake up call’ to bring in some real talent to both the ‘talk side’ and the news dept.

  77. I am glad people have been venting as I have wanted to for quite some time. When Corus stopped the poll last year (I would receive e-mails periodically asking for my feedback) I knew they didn’t want to spend the time and money on any more improvements or at least keeping status quo. Obviously my feedback was not important in the end. The station and Corus are so centred on $$$. And it shows in the broadcasting! It was bad enough when the Canucks hockey broadcasts went among other things and CKNW has never recovered…
    Far too much insipid talk between hosts and whomever is producing or hanging around the studio(s). I do not want their opinions on most issues. They are not the hosts. I do not care about their children or what they and/or their significant others did on their days off, etc. And so many repeat broadcasts of interviews, etc. on each others’ shows! Granted the choices for repeats are generally great choices but I’ve often already heard them and sometimes they are edited losing their original context and “bite.” On a minor note: please tell people (including your sponsors) the word luxury is not pronounced “luggjery.” Mind you, I doubt I’ll have to care much longer on pronunciation gaffes with Simi’s show, as one example, being so soft these days (most likely not her fault) and Eckford is the smarmy person he always was (on air…I am not judging him personally) when he was co-host at a cable television show. Never cared for him. He takes few calls. Often he says they are opening the lines for we the callers then he reintroduces topic themes at length and frequently repeats his feelings on the given issues. It is if we, the listeners, all just came aboard! We’re lucky if we hear one call before another advertising break.
    We know we’re listening to Corus! Do hosts and break announcements have to tell us so often the network that brings us the programming? Advertisers air the same ads all day and night. I find some are aired more than 3 times per hour.
    Now, language… I heard Sheldon say “sh-t disturber” on the air one day (a few weeks ago) while subbing or guesting on another show. Others have been freer. Drex laughed once when subbing for someone after his producer had, as Drex said, a “potty mouth.” Few hosts comment on the adult language of callers now. They don’t warn them very often to be careful. Pretty unclassy. But then I find the content very repetitive, sometimes boring and lacking professionalism; good English (pronunciation being the key as I am not referring to the blue content here) is also lacking.
    I am 54 and have been a loyal listener since before I was 30. I listen at NPR when I want NPR. I detest your acquiring of “canned” shows though the Ted Radio Hour can be great. But it is not your product, not your brand (an often overused term these days) and Ted and Radiolab are far too American in content. It’s obvious you don’t want me, my demographic, to continue listening – I am down to less than 2 hours on average per day and I was often more than 6 – but wouldn’t I and my ilk, my demographic, supposedly be more interested in buying the high end vehicles which are offered by some of your sponsors than the radio audience you seem to be targeting?

  78. Yesterday NW news reported that all 3 terrorists were shot in a grocery store. Not so, only one in a grocery store but what the hell its just news. Also yesterday Jessica giggled and tee hee heed on the Mcomb show. Simi spends 1/3 of her show reading the listeners her emails and tweets. The ultimate cost saving technique. Perhaps in an effort to make eckford show look good JM and Simi have been ordered to dumb it down. Mike Smyth , please come home.

  79. It comes with a major disappointment that you have cancelled Roy Green and replaced him with more fluff – RadioLab. It was bad enough you cut his show by an hour to give us more TED talks. Really, CKNW, if I wanted to listen TED I would tune into Youtube

    I have seen a steady deterioration of your programing. I really loved Philip Till. Whether he wanted to retire or was at the end of his contract, I do not know, but he was intelligent and spoke well.

    Together with the cancellation of Roy Green, another poor decision of yours was to hire Mike Eckford. He is totally annoying. He talks too much, constantly repeats himself or a reporter, likes the sound of his name too much, does not know his subject matter, sounds childish when his voice starts changing octaves, which in itself makes him lack credibilty, has quite a vocabulary of isms such as muslumism, nationalism, patriotism etc ., is not funny, does not have good working relationships with some staff (who obviously do not respect him), does not know how to say ISIS and is boring with Chris Gailus. Mike is better suited to reading the news, interviewing celebrities or infomercials.
    You have some great personnel there, but you do not use them offten enough or in the prime timeslots. Jill Bennett, Sean Leslie or Micheal Smith would be perfect replacements for Mike or Simmi.

    I know I am not the first one to mention this, nor am I the first to turn off my radio at about 2:30. Please note, I have been listening to your station for 20 years but am finding myself alternatives lately.

  80. @Sandy. Thankyou for being very articulate in your critique of Eckford. Every day I try to aquire a taste for eck. I should give up because Ive gone from not liking his program to loathing his program.

    The more I listen to the new NW format the clearer the departure of Till and Good becomes. I cant imagine Phil Till making goo goo gab with Jessica Garres. I can imagine him showing her the exit door and slamming it shut behind her.

    I still listen to NW for many hours each day . It almost seems that they read these posts and then go to work with a stronger than ever will to cram this new style down our throats.
    Stop the inane banter. Stop the reading of peoples emails ,twitters, facebook. Stop screwing up each and every newscast.

  81. I guess were all wrong. Im not sure, but on Friday I think I heard Micheal Eckford congradulating himself as hosting the number one daytime radio program. I still am not sure if I heard hin correctly or if he was serious.
    Mike is it true? Are you really as good as that?

  82. As much traction as this thread has gotten, I am surprised there has been no mention that Jessica G. will be leaving CKNW for some communications job as of the end of January.
    Doesn’t solve the current NW issues, but it did have me questioning weather or not she chose to leave of her own accord, or if she was kindly shown the way outside the Black Tower. She has not seen a lot of love of the message boards.

  83. James I hope your right and we can wish her well in her future endevours. I have noticed a couple of things though. Jessica is refered to as a “senior” producer. Also at the end of JMs show he thanks his production and the tech crew. He missed Jessica a couple of times.

    So if you turn your sights to “AJ”. She at least sounds like someone that isnt a tween. Her job is to force laughter on cue every am at 5:40. Go ahead tune in . JM has a formula where he tells us what national day of recognition it is. “Today is think about your cat day”. At this point AJ laughs. They will then discuss JMs cat destroying his couch. AJ laughs. They then discuss the content of the up coming show. AJ laughs. They poke fun at the tech producers life style. AJ Laughs. Thankfuly this ends and they move on, but it sounds so forced, so contrived it is painful. It makes me think that NW never has a managment type who listens to the show and offers any critique at all.

  84. 13….Yeah, I’ve noticed it. I do find AJ to be a little more embraceable. As you said, she doesn’t come off like a tween? With all her sentences? sounding like a question? and the word “like”, interjected multiple times between all those other pesky words.
    The shows really do come off as canned now though…Very by the book….whatever that book may be.
    I do find it interesting however that it almost appears as if JM is also tiring of the neutralized format.
    For instance, much of the discussions through the day revolve around absolutely inane drivel.
    Case in point the woman who freaked out at the ferry terminal.
    JM basically broke off the conversation by saying what I’m sure he felt a lot of his other listeners felt: (from what I can remember…) “WHO CARES! Why is this news? Should I really sit here and create a discussion about something that probably happens to everyone at one time or another in life, yet because someone captured it on a cellphone, this is somehow newsworthy?” I was cheering him on!
    JM….If you read this board….THANK YOU!!!

    I’m sure there are times when any seasoned news man (or woman) feels that there can be to much heavy news, and some levity can be a bit of a relief, but it has generally swung so far from the old format, it’s unrecogniseable , except when Smitty or Sean are on.)
    I like Drex, as I’ve said before…His edge is good, and frankly, I hope after the next rating and review assessment is in, they choose to do the right thing, and essentially go back to the old format, but just tweak what they need to.
    It’s what they should have done in the first place.

    No one called for a total rework. They just wanted some teeth again.
    Instead, we now have beef consume. No teeth needed for that!

  85. 7pm tonight on NW another infomercial the energy hour? premiers. Alongside mountain law and time share enders and the siera sills and gyms and personal trainers and dentists and financial planners.
    NW brass could you quote me the cost of my own hour of infomercial. Ill call it 13s guide to better radio.

  86. So this am JM and AJ had a very awkward discussion regarding acceptable news sources. AJ explained that your only as independant as the corporation that owns your outlet allows. JM asked her what she meant by that and she danced around and JM pressed her for an explanation. He ended the encounter by telling AJ “we have to have a chat”. AJ made it pretty clear that todays news rooms have virtualy no budget. That if offered a free news story or lead they would be hard pressed not to run with it. All in all a bit of a telling piece that highlites the new cost concious reality of news radio.

  87. I see there is another thread that talks about more layoffs from other Corus stations and that it has to do with “profitability”. Gee, I wonder why these stations, including ‘NW are loosing money?? Could it be that it has to do with the type of programming? If no one wants to listen, then obviously advertisers will spend their advertising dollars somewhere else. Just maybe if people were listening to the stations, advertisers would be more inclined to spend money advertising on those stations. Hmm, seems pretty simple to me and is just basic business. Maybe what Corus and ‘NW need is some basic business heads that understand this. Lousy programming equals fewer listeners equals fewer advertisers and at the end of the day means lower income/profits. JM seems to be the only one that is challenging the current lineup and what is happening. Probably only a matter of time before he is fed up and leaves. Sad, so very sad that this is happening.

  88. Bob R., you are bang on. You know, I was just thinking over the past couple of days I’ve had the station on in the background, that I’ve noticed a significant drop in the number of actual ads there are compared to the in house produced ads like Simi’s book Club, show promos, and a lot of other out of local market Corus related promos.
    They must seriously be dropping local advertisers like flies now. That’s got to scare them a little.
    At least it should, but I’m starting to think this may be part of an intentional scuttle on their part which would prove a sad end to a legendary station.

  89. I’m hoping the true key issues at NW are in fact local, and if they are, I have the feeling Ian may be pounding on doors for a new job around mid year……Corus is in the business of making money regardless of the market, so thoughts of scuttling a sinking ship, though financially prudent, I still think NW’s legacy has some merit.

  90. James, I hope you are right about it being a local issue, but I’m afraid that it might go higher up. Today Corus announces they fired a couple of traffic people and now their work will be done by people in Calgary! How does someone in Calgary know what is going on out here and what the public is saying? Until someone, somewhere makes use of whatever brain they may have and understands what they have (or had) in ‘NW, I doubt anything will change. It’s so very sad. They just don’t seem to get it. I was hoping that when they made Terry Schintz (sp?) the assistant “brand manager” that maybe he would steer them in the direction that the listeners in this area want, but nothing has changed. I have taken the time to write to their programming “department” and got a polite “thanks for your imput” but no real comment or questions back to me. Maybe we need a whole bunch of people to write to them. Or maybe the loss of advertising will speak louder!!

  91. Today was historical. Ive been driving truck since 1973 and if I am in Vancouver I listen to NW 980. Period. One of my trucks (1988 IHC ) didnt have a dial or face plate on the radio.For the 10 years I owned that truck I never turned the tuner or for that matter never turned the radio off. Back to history. 1/29/15 I changed the station fron NW to CBC 88.1 fm.
    Rick Cluff and many other names that I will learn as the days pass by. The kind of radio that NW USED to be capable of. The shows sounded proffesional. The topics were wide ranging and interesting. I might slide back and listen to JM on occasion but thats it . No more Simi and NO MORE ECKFORD!!!!

  92. I accidentally tuned into NW yesterday afternoon while scrolling up the dial and heard Eckford talking about nose picking. Talk about hitting a new low.

  93. By the way . NWs reception in many areas of Vancouver is pathetic. It comes in as clear as mud. Almost better to listen to KIRO or a Belligham station. CBC88.1 clear as a bell.

  94. Mark….I agree, but at least you were spared the horror of a couple months back when I tuned in to Blechhhford’s show when the topic was the scientific explanation of a left wing think tanks findings, as to why we prefer the smell of our own farts, but rail against the rectal expulsions of others. And of course, as each point was raised, Mike would interject his own iteration, essentially reiterating what was just said by the “scientific analyst”. (maybe analist? Hmmmm…)
    Award winning journalism. Ahem…….yeah. Just ground breaking radio to be sure.

  95. 13…You’re right. I get that Eck has an interest in the “surveillance state”, and there’s a lot I do not agree with…Granted, but the way he goes on about it, I wonder if he also wears a tinfoil hat under his headset during his broadcasts.
    He really comes off as a paranoid fool sometimes.
    Again….I’m all about privacy, but it really is his main talking point, and it’s frankly tiresome.

    That and Simi’s “How does THAT happen??” tagline of late!
    I still like Drex. Honestly, aside from when Smyth subs, he’s all I actually listen to now with any interest because he seems the least interested in sugar coating topics.

    McComb sounds bored……Not really into the format anymore. I’ve listened several times over the past while, and what strikes me, is he seems to be questioning on air mind you, why they are covering certain topics when there are other far more important issues in the world.
    Hate to say it, but I think we will be seeing him leave the station in relatively short order as well. That would be a shame. I hope they do some tweaks, and get back to what people actually want. Hard hitting, engaging news.
    When Good, and to a lesser extent Till, who in all honestly was an underutilized genuine professional, left, I think people thought that there would be some new blood to simply fill the void, and get some unbiased teeth back in the big chair.
    Instead, we got a very watered down, safe for all ages, back and forth dialog between producers, (or whoever the hell else is in the vicinity at the time) based drivel that does not make for good listening. I just find it drawn out and fatiguing.
    Drex is the wild card here though. I like his delivery, and fearlessness to call it as he sees it.
    He’s proven himself, and I hope he goes far with or without NW.

  96. I’ve been listening to talk radio for years and agree it seems to be dying, along with “real news.”
    CKNW is a perfect example. The whole station is sinking, but Simi Sara and Dave Sheldon are really pathetic. How many times can two people say, “You know what?” Just childish chatter. Today, Simi, no doubt in a bid to appear “young,” told us she loves Guns ‘n Roses and buys the group’s t-shirts whenever she sees them. This kind of stuff is trash, not something we need or want to know, and lowers the level of public discourse in general.
    And what’s with many of the woman announcers sounding like teenage girls? Jessica G is a prime example, as pointed out by others. Women have fought long and hard to be heard, now this crop of childish radio personalities is undermining all that has been accomplished.

  97. Well…..until we get the official thread, CKNW’so beloved Ian delivers yet another bag of nails for the coffin by bringing us another hour of fine public radio, The Moth. Ummmmm….yeah. You know, people telling open mic stories. This now takin up an hour of Sean Leslie’s show from 1.00pm on Saturday, and Sunday.
    So it’s apparent this will continue till eventually they won’t have to pay a dime for Weekend on air talent!
    What in the hell is this fool doing? What’s next? Killing Jill’s show?
    I won’t jump to any conclusions being the trusting soul I am, but let’s give it a couple more months to see how many more hours of actual quality newsworthy talk they shave off of Sean’s show before we worry about Jill.
    I’m officially concerned now. Facebook comments thus far have been 99% negative with this announcement.
    Ian is either a complete corporate stooge, or utterly incompetent from what I have seen and heard.
    Another reporter I know called him Teflon Man.
    It fits.

  98. Stumbled across NW after about 2 years on not listening to radio. Hard core, left wing propaganda and crony capitalism, what trash. Suits Vancouver though, it’ll l never plague my radio again.


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