Trailer Park Boys Actress First Named Ghomeshi Accuser


by Will Campbell / The Canadian Press  October 29, 2014 05:58 PM

Lucy DeCoutere.jpg
Actress Lucy DeCoutere alleges that in 2003 Jian Ghomeshi slapped and choked her without warning after taking her home to his apartment.   Photograph By Via Vancouver Sun

The “Q” radio host has been accused of abusive behaviour by a series of anonymous women over the past few days but DeCoutere is the first to agree to be identified.

The Star reported that eight women from across Canada now accuse Ghomeshi — who parted ways with the CBC on Sunday — of “abusive behaviour ranging from allegations of beating and choking without consent, to workplace sexual harassment.” It said that the allegations range from 2002 to the present.

The Star said Ghomeshi, his lawyers and public relations staff have not responded to allegations in their latest report, which includes accusations from DeCoutere and other accusers who are not named.

A spokeswoman for Ghomeshi did not immediately respond to a request from The Canadian Press for comment.

DeCoutere alleged that in 2003 Ghomeshi “without warning or consent, choked her to the point she could not breathe and then slapped her hard three times on the side of her head,” the Star reported.

“He did not ask if I was into it. It was never a question. It was shocking to me. The men I have spent time with are loving people.”

The CBC announced Sunday that it was parting ways with Ghomeshi because of “information” it had received about him. A short time later, lawyers for Ghomeshi announced plans to sue the public broadcaster. Following that, Ghomeshi issued a long Facebook post in which he alleged that he had been fired from the public broadcaster for his “sexual behaviour.”

He said in the Facebook post that he engaged in adventurous forms of sex that included role-play, dominance and submission, along with “rough sex (forms of BDSM).” The activities were consensual and he and his partner used safe words to signal when to stop the activity, he said.

He is suing the CBC for $55 million for defamation and breach of trust. The corporation has said it will “vigorously” defend itself against Ghomeshi’s lawsuit.



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