Mark Forsythe Retiring from CBC Almanac: New Host Gloria Macarenko


(courtesy Broadcast Dialogue Oct. 23rd)


After 30 years with CBC Radio, Mark Forsythe  (pictured above)  is retiring. For the last 18 years, he’s been the host of B.C. Almanac, airing (at noon) from Vancouver. Forsythe’s final show will be Dec. 24.

His successor is Gloria Macarenko (below), who will continue to host Our Vancouver and The Story from Here in addition to B.C. Almanac.


  1. You don’t think they were just going to let Gloria Macarenko sit around reading magazines all day do you? I am sure she will be fine, but it will take a bit of getting used to after all these years of the Fort Langley Flash hosting the mid-day.

  2. Mark Forsythe is so respectful, kind, thoughtful, personable, and amazingly knowledgeable, What an incredible host he has been for us in British Columbia all these years. I am so sorry we are losing him. We will miss him.

  3. I’ve just returned from some time away from BC and was surprised to hear Gloria’s voice on the radio and was more surprised to learn that she is the new host! It seems like a big change for her but I am sure she she will do well. She has big shoes to fill though as Mark was, as already said by Betty, so personable, warm, knowledgable and a joy to listen to.

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