WLS Radio Aircheck 1 with Fred Winston


Puget Sound Radio thanks Steve Simpson for providing this Fred Winston aircheck from WLS in Chicago, and our friend Mark Summers for putting it all together in this video presentation.

89 WLS Chicago back in 1972
Fred Winston, one of the most famous radio personalities in Chicago history. Winston splits his time between Chicago and his ranch in southern Michigan. Fred Winston, is a Chicago radio legend, who began his career on Chicago radio as an afternoon DJ spinning the hits on WLS back in 1971. After almost six years there, he started his trek all across the Chicago radio dial, with stops at…
His time in radio came to an end after CBS Radio decided to remove the entire staff at Oldies 104.3 to make way for Jack-FM, and sent all of the big name talents to do Oldies radio on the WJMK-HD2 station. A year later, in July of 2006, CBS Radio fired all of the DJs from the HD-2 station. Since then Fred Winston did some freelance work for WGN-AM and filled in at WLS-FM, until getting the call to rejoin the station in the summer of last year.



  1. Thanks for posting this. I remember hearing Fred a number of years ago. Him and Daryl B have a very similar sound. Keep these airchecks coming

  2. I’d like to congratulate Mark Summers for the excellent production he does by adding the photographs from the time of the aircheck in making this presentation come alive. It’s wonderful these great disc jockeys from yesteryear can be presented in this forum. Thanks for sharing PSR. btw, Ditto on the Daryl B. comment

  3. We’re pleased to announce Puget Sound Radio has become heir to the Steve Simpson collection of airchecks. In co-operation with Steve, Mark Summers and PSR, it’s a delight to feature Steve’s vast collection of memories of great radio with great disc jockeys. Thanks Steve, and thank you master producer Mark Summers. We make a great team.


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