99.3 The Fox Vancouver Re-Brands back to CFOX


Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 6.35.00 PM


Corus Vancouver today unveiled their new CFOX logo, and their branding away from “99.3 the Fox” The station turns 35 this year and they’ve decided to brand wholly with it’s classic calls. CFOX has been adding classic 80’s & 90’s tracks too.



  1. Sorry, but that logo sucks! I’ve listened to the fax since the 80’s and this identifies with who? Corporate radio is a complete failure.

  2. Oh my god that logo, it’s terrible! Who it running the show at Chorus? They’ve literally chased me away from all their stations. Do they really think classic rock is going to save this station. How about play some B sides for once and mix it up, then maybe we’ll talk.


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