630 CHED gives Dan Tencer the boot!

Andrew Grose and Dan Tencer, in better times


Puget Sound Radio received word this afternoon 630 CHED gave Dan Tencer  the ‘Boot’ earlier today from the Edmonton radio station. Tencer once hosted the nightly  sports and talk show on CHED before making the jump to co-host the 630 CHED, 9am to Noon talk  show with Andrew Grose last year. 

No one at the radio station was available for comment.

Ryan Jespersen




Ryan Jespersen moves from City TV into mid-morning talk show, replacing Andrew… coming to 630 CHED on January the 12th...

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  1. What! I cannot believe this, him and Andrew are a great match. I love listening to them argue and agree over many different topics… I hope this does not mean the end, I will miss him!

  2. Anyone who has worked with Dan knows this is a long time coming. Many even warned him but fell on deaf ears. The most shocking part of all this is that a comedian now has the Dave Rutherford time slot. THAT is comedy.

  3. As a casual listen I’m surprised. Their show isn’t exactly hard-hitting but they were pretty good together. But CHED has never been known as a young person’s station, heaven forbid they have anyone younger than 35 on air or develop the next generation of on air talen. This is the station that still runs Bryan Hall and Bob Layton, coming to you live from 1975.

  4. I loved Tencer and Grose! Their show helped me get up every morning and always got my brain going. Going to miss Tencer so much but hope he is back on the radio soon! Too much talent to not get picked up by someone else.

  5. I have been a long time ched listener, and am not at all sorry to hear about Dan Tensor leaving. I agree with a lot of the comments about his know it all attitude, and there have been many days where I couldn’t stand him anymore. I had to turn the dial.

  6. his arrogance and youthful naitivity was balanced by Mr. Gross.
    they really did make a good pair. I for one will sure miss their bantering.

  7. Well, the departure could be for a number of reasons. There could have been an editorial clash , or a sponsor had enough, or management had enough, or the station just might be changing direction. That is the nature of terrestrial radio; it’s an industry that eats it’s young.

    I remember Howard Stern once telling of the advice he got from his dad Ben Stern; have a fallback profession because in radio, the guy who delivered the mail today could have your job tomorrow.

  8. Probably has to do with his recent side job… was hired by the Sask Blades owner’s kid to help scout bantam hockey players. He was trying to do both…while being arrogant about it.

  9. I really enjoyed listening to tencer & grose. They were a great pairing. I had many laughs and chuckles from their comments, conversations and story telling. They were serious when needed but were able to add humour to their show. Am saddened that i will not be able to listen to both again. I am sure Andrew will do just fine on his own but it won’t be the same.

  10. Im really going to miss Dan on the morning show with Andrew..It made my day by listening to them in the morning while driving from Spruce Grove to Emonton..lots of laughter and information from these two! Bring Dan back!

  11. Sorry to hear of Dan being fired. I enjoyed listening to him very much on inside sports and in the morning with Andrew. They definitely were no Dave Rutherford but that ia another issue.

    The one that really needs to go around 630 Ched is Syd Smith. The whole ready station started to go to heck as soon as he was put in charge.

  12. First Primeau and now Tencer. I am losing interest in this station. Of course the listeners never know why but I suppose it is the nature of the beast. Grose cannot do this show on his own.

  13. No Tencer, dumb move. I loved listening to him. VERY disappointed. I will now be listening to 1260 sports show at that time instead! I can’t believe 630 ched can’t see Dan’s value!!

  14. It has nothing to do with him having a job with the Blades. He’s been working for them since his buddy’s Dad boughtbthe team last Sept & took part in their bantam draft last spring.

  15. Saddened to hear about Dan. He was so needed for the team. He had much to offer, and really made listening in the morning (to Dan and Andrew) enjoyable. It had you thinking and pondering what you thought about what they were discussing. Finally some young blood, and now that’s gone. Let’s not leave Andrew there by himself. He’s great to listen to, but needs a sounding board to bounce ideas off of.

  16. I’ll miss the balance of opinions that Dan and Andrew had. Each radio show has it’s downfalls but I found this show compelling, funny, and enjoyed the fact that they were not afraid to ask the tough questions. Hope Andrew can survive on his own, or at least give him a partner that has some grit.
    Good luck in your future endeavors, Dan.

  17. I am so sad to hear that Dan is gone, you have to bring him back. He and Andrew were a good team together. I enjoyed listening to them every morning and those two really made me laugh. Andrew can’t do this show without Dan.

  18. I for one will miss Dan. This young man has matured right in front of our ears, I have listened to him be educated & motivated by Primeau in his earlier yrs, then to go on with Grose which in my opinion was a perfect balance of wit & intellect! Dan is young and did comes across as a little arrogant, but let me assure you, he is very talented and capable. He will be picked up by another or go on to be very successful at what ever direction he chooses. Thank-you for your time and directness.

  19. I might actually listen in the mornings again. After losing Rutherford and Adler, I vowed I would never listen to CHED again but liked Andrew from the afternoons, so gave the mornings a shot for a while. Tencer was just too much for me, so I only listened to them sporadically. I’ve often wondered how a funny and reasonable guy like Andrew kept getting stuck with the cranky know it alls like Primeau and Tencer. I don’t know if he is or not, but Dan sure came off like an arrogant know it all 20 something. All that said, however, surprise firings are brutal for anyone. Hope it wasn’t a complete surprise for him. On the note of CHED pairings, can’t say that I’m all that hyped up about Mark and J’Lyn either. They are fine on their own, but their chemistry seems off to me. Starting to tune into them less and less too.

  20. Very upset that Dan Tencer is gone. Listeners need to be treated with respect. I am sick of CHED letting people go with no explanation to listeners and no chance to say good bye. I will be listening to something else in the mornings!!

  21. I am shocked and disgusted with 630 CHED with their choices of the operations of the station.
    First was Premo and now Tencer. I guess I will switch stations
    1. he did his homework before going on the air
    2. his grammar is fantastic
    3. knowledge in many fields were amazing
    4. If people thought he was arrogant ….. its they did not like how knowledgeable he was and they would get offended if they did not like his opinion

    How naïve or lame is that.

  22. Typical move by Ched radio, they don’t want any radio host with character. the station is sounding more and more like CBC radio! Boring!!
    The afternoon show is a snooze fest.

    Not much reason to listen to this station

  23. In hour 3 of his last show, he said “let’s say that the performance at an aboriginal school versus the performance at a very affluent neighbourhood is going to be different because of socioeconomic conditions ”

    Was that offensive?

  24. It is very inconsiderate to to allow someone to build up a following then dismiss them without explanation to same listeners. Dan appealed to many of us except maybe those that chose to view his intelligence as arrogance. Of course he was opinionated but was that not his job? He did excellent work and will undoubtedly have the last laugh. When a door closes, a better one opens. CHED you blew it on this one and lost another faithful listener.

  25. So many of these comments hit the nail on the head. Dan was very intelligent not arrogant. Well maybe a little but I’ll take that over boring radio like J'”lyn and Mark’s show. I was an avid listener to dans sport show. And then I followed him to the morning show because he’s that good. Sorry Ched but you just let all the talent walk out the door. No more ched for me. Ps. I was one of the few young listeners that listened to the show. It was just the old folks that didn’t like dan.

  26. Not a big fan of Grose but together him and Tencer was the best show CHED had left.

    Most of the kids they have reading news know nothing about world events or grammar so I can’t stomach their news anymore (BTW, Eileen Bell… there is only ONE sky when you’re doing weather), their traffic reporters have no clue about grammar either, Bowie still can’t deliver a joke to save his life and the afternoon show is just boring.

    Bad move on their part getting rid of Tencer. He was the best announcer they had.

    But hey, it’s just another fat corporate entity cutting back to pay for all their other takeovers that they can’t make money with.

    Let’s start putting broadcasting back in the hands of private owners again.

  27. Sorry to hear about Dan Tencer. Personally , I have been listening less and less to CHED. Its talk radio!… and I want to hear hot button topics and what their guests and callers have to say. Not, Tencer and Gross throwing out softball questions. and then answering the questions for their guests.. ….and is it me?….. or does every second segment of their show seem to be about some charity having a fund raiser. I suppose it’s safe radio, and it does provide a community service, but it makes for boring radio with no callers and listeners changing stations. As a result I rarely listen to CHED radio any more. I cannot handle the afternoon shows. Instead I find myself listening to more and more satellite radio. I wish Tencer good luck, I think he has potential to be a real talk show host, talking about controversial issues in politics, if a radio station will give him the chance.

  28. Dan will not be missed by two listeners for these reasons:
    Arrogance does not bed well with wisdom and knowledge.
    Takes over the dialogue, and knows not when to quit.
    A lot of put downs on air about Andrew, who then had to put up with it.
    Language, one of his last shows we heard the “B” word – no class.
    To share his love life or how shy he really really is, not interested.

  29. We will miss Dan. I thought he and Andrew were really starting to become a good team after year one was under their belt. I don’t know why he left, but hope he will surface on the radio waves somewhere soon.

  30. Good riddance to Dan & his arrogant attitude. Didn’t like him on the nightly sports show & certainly will not miss him now. Enjoy Andrew on the morning show & often wondered how he was able to work with Dan & his attitude.

  31. It was a great show that had great chemistry. CHED is making it quite obvious that they have short leashes on all their hosts. This show, as well as the Rutherford show was all about opinions and dialogue with the listeners which makes for great listening. As soon as anyone expresses any view that doesn’t go along with what the Corus fat cats think, they are swiftly dismissed. I finally had my 21 year old kid listening to talk radio as she was interested in hearing the views and perspectives of a younger host. She switched the dial this morning and I know won’t be back. Keep going with Bryan Hall and Bob Layton. Maybe you can talk Ed Mason into returning! I am a fairly large advertiser on this station and after the Rutherford handling I moved much of my advertising over to Capital. More will be going soon. P.S. They treat their sales people the same way. It’s a revolving door!

  32. Actually really appreciated Dan’s perspective and thought he gave old people like me an insight into how a generation other than Andrew’s thinks. Really appreciated his honesty (as best he could) and it is a shame to see him go. Clearly the corporate, progressive culture does not appreciate free thinking or controversary.

    I must admit I found myself tuning out of Tencer and Grose to Kingkade & Kelly to get current Alberta political news – especially during the 9-10 am hour. Then I would find Tencer and/or Grose would have great comments at 10:20 – like very good comments but a little late and only 5 minutes devoted to hot political issues. Tuned in more and more to Kingkade & Kelly…then Kelly quit! But really enjoying Roger Kingkade’s I nsight, perspective, and dry humour! The addition of Rob Breckinridge is gelling nicely I believe. At least I get Alberta politics – good and gorey – as the focus of the show. The cultural, social issues can be highlighted later in the morning.
    I do agree with others that there is definately something wrong with the afternoon show – not with J’Lyn or Mark personally, but the chemistry is not there. Or maybe they just are not allowed to be personal/honest with their opinions? Every comment seems so vanilla on 630 Ched now…would really appreciate thoughtful discussion that challenged my preconceived perceptions. J’Lyn and Andrew certainly had chemistry if I recall!?

  33. I love Andrew Grose, and I think it was getting more and more challenging for him to work with Dan Tencer, who is an intelligent guy with lots to learn and was promoted much too early. But I agree with many of the other views expressed: please, please, please CHED, do faithful listeners a huge favour and get rid of J’lyn and Mark. I can’t listen to them, there is zero chemistry, zero entertainment, they are excruciatingly boring and obviously don’t even like each other anymore. There is nobody in radio who could pair with either of them and create a show I would listen to. That experiment didn’t work. I look forward to seeing Dan Tencer in a more suitable role elsewhere in radio — he is talented but needs the right fit.

  34. CHED is making the same mistake CNN did. They want to keep balance and move away from being a conservative radio station. CNN’s ratings are dismal, CHED’s will go down as we speak. They let go everybody that actually has a personality … not just at CHED, but Sean Burke from CISN, Mike Maguire, then Dave Rutherford, Adler, Primeau, Dan Tencer. The only one left is Andrew Grose. My attempt to raise my voice to Mr Andrew resulted in me being blocked on his Facebook pages. I still stand by my opinion that if he had some bone in his back, he should have flipped the bird to Chorus … if not for a different reason, than for the simple fact that he is next. He lasted way longer then I anticipated. But mark my words … pretty soon his name will be deleted from CHED files and memory. I used to love this station. It was balanced from early morning to late night. Rutherford ended his career knowing that a change is coming and as he said, he didn’t want to be part of the change. Then instead of letting him go out with bells and whistles, he was abruptly removed from the air. Overnight, from an important personality, he became a nobody. The same happened to Leslie Primeau. Boom, she was taken off. No “goodbye””thank you for your work”. They were too afraid of what they might actually say. And look at the whole thing now. We are supposed to listen to Mr Sholz from 2 to 6. I never in my life heard a more confused, illiterate and unable to formulate a phrase gentleman. Just listen carefully how many times in 5 minutes he is studdering, repeating the same word and unable to finish a simple sentence. Miss Nye is at least intelligent, except that she does believe everything she hears on the radio. I called Sirius today and for $22 I have all the hockey action, talk radio I will ever need. And if someday a new talk radio will emerge, I will gladly listen.

  35. Dan – you’ll be greatly missed as you were up-lifting, entertaining, and witty as I always tuned into your programs. Andrew keep up the great work and hang in there !
    630CHED needs a serious management change with multiple POOR DECISIONS
    That weekly afternoon show from 2:00 to ?…..is really bad !
    Your Sunday 11:00 am show …is really bad !
    Don’t be surprised by lower ratings and reduced advertising revenues.
    – Businessmen listen to radios too –

  36. CHED has become a boring station. I used to have the radio on all day except for sports at noon. Now there is too much sports and banal conversations. You started to lose me as a listener when Rutherford left and then Primeau. Now it is just background noise, no substance. It is a shame that we can’t get decent Alberta political news anymore on Ched. It used to be the go to station for me for all important topics. Sure, Rutherford annoyed people with his views but he got people talking. If you listened regularly you knew the political leanings of both Rutherford and Primeau and both got your attention and engaged their listeners. Sanitized conversations just become boring monologue . CHED may as well start a music format because it is now just another station on the dial.

  37. Sorry to see Dan go. Ched is moving to a sterile format due to last springs controversy . All the people that say they couldn’t stand him I bet still listened. Andrew is really good but now has nobody to question his opinions so , as a listener? it isn’t nearly as good. I. Ched is becoming a very boring station to listen too.

  38. hahaha… Saskatoon Blades recruiter… Cross – Alberta…. Priestner snuggler? Tencey did remind me of a washed up rich kid hockey player when he spoke… And I’ve played with a lot of washed up rich kids… Pretty cool that 630 wants to keep it cool… could see his youth by the way he was tackling conversation with the Beazley woman from Aradia fitness on wednesday in a BIG WAY… she was playing a sultry voice during the whole plug and he fell right into the stripper trap ON THE AIR. making flirty comments about bringing the pole into the studio and asking if she did private parties/shows outside of Aradia… Even going as far as saying he’ll look into contacting her after the show!
    This is talk radio where people real issues are discussed… Leave the activities you enjoy with your washed up rich hockey buddies on the road somewhere…

  39. SHAME ON YOU CHED RADIO. You hear something you don’t like – and BOOM the guy is gone. I’m an older soul and I enjoyed Tensor and Grosse far more than Rutherford. Dave was way too political. I loved when Dan was outspoken – he echoed a lot of both young and old. His comments as to aboriginal, white elite, etc. is also something that I totally agree on. I am not a bigot, have never been, but seeing how some of the races in Alberta are babied does irritate the crap out of me. What ever happened to “pure honesty”. Sorry Ched – I have listened for absolutely years and years but I guess we part company here. To Dan, I am old enough to be your Grandmother but I will tell you, you are going to go far. All the best to you in your future endeavors. To the advertisers of CHED, pull your money out – they are loosing ground quickly. To the listeners, watch and listen for Dan to land somewhere special. I will be tuning in.

  40. I have to agree with the comments above regarding the afternoon show. I used to look forward to my long commutes back home when it was Primeau and Grose, however now I only listen to that show if there’s absolutely nothing else to listen to. Nye and Schultz have never had, and probably never will, have the engaging style of didactic banter that previous hosts have had. Grose now is left to fend for himself now that Tencer is gone. 630 CHED has made some very questionable decisions.

  41. Dan was awesome doing sports and awesome doing the morning show as well. Corus is making a bad name for themselves as to how they treat their valued staff. Firing on the stop only pisses off the listeners and will affect their bottom line.

    I will try to continue to listen to Andrew but without Dan, I think it will flop.

    Good luck with whatever you do in the future Dan.

  42. Sorry Corus but I won’t be listening anymore. You keep removing all the people I like to listen to. This removal of Dan Tencer is just another nail in the coffin for your radio station. I think you will find a lot of your listeners will be switching the dial and it won’t be in your favor. To those who have been let go but were great….. You all are greatly missed.

  43. Sorry to see Dan go I like the duo of Andrew and Dan even if I didn’t always agree. I hope you do well wherever you land Dan as you are good at what you do.

  44. He spoke to the a city councillor on Mondays show about strippers that him Gross talked about for 5 minutes prior. When the Councillor who was in no way interested in talking about honeys eventually and reluctantly answered his juvenile question he barely moved on. Trying to replace a legend in Rutherford was big shoes, but when Rutherford’s audience was grannies and conservative types they audience is lost. The younger demographic does not really appreciate his diatribes and righteous attitude. I had no time for him. Its a shame because hes got a gift for gab, and if he grew up he would nave a job. He will find a new gig soon enough. Maybe on Flames radio broadcasts:) From Oilers Fan

  45. First off…parts of this thread truly disgust me. J’Lynn is a wonderful person and a
    fantastic broadcaster. I was lucky enough to work with her for several years! A true professional in every sense of the word!
    As for Dan’s dismissal. Don’t wish what he’s going thru on anyone. That being said, NO ONE gets
    fired for NO REASON. The days of over looking someone’s office behaviour because they’re good on the air are LONG GONE! These days, in most buildings, your office behaviour is equally, if not more important than your on air performance!

  46. My company spends tens of thousands a year with Corus and we plan to cut all advertising with them following this. firing a young talented host who is in his prime is baffling. As far as I have read Dan’s ratings on inside sports and his new show were strong.

    Bob Layton can roll out one of the most tasteless and hateful poll questions
    Ever and not get fired yet Tensor is fired for seemingly no reason?

    CHED is slipping big time. Someone else will scoop him up quickly I’m sure.

  47. 630CHED is dead to me …
    As good as Andrew is and as much as I enjoy listening to him – I won’t be.
    I can tell that Andrew is mourning the loss of his partner and co-hort,,,they were an A-Team.
    I feel sorry for him, Morley, Layton and Stauffer… because they’re in no-mans land with no listeners.

  48. To mr “Anonymus”, a few paragraphs up. Do you think is a big deal to identify yourself?
    Second, I’d like to express my disgust to the fact that Chorus is ignoring the “holy” me, the listener, the customer. If not us, the people who tune in, are the most important, than who?
    The advertisers read these blogs and put money in the business if they can get to me, the “shopper”, the “customer”, the “money spender”. Who the hell cares about his “office” attitude? For us he is a performer. I don’t want to marry my daughter to him. But the radio’s priority should be to keep me glued to the station. And if that means to put up with a difficult personality … do it.
    I am precisely offended that I am ignored. I run a small business and I would never put myself ahead of the customer.

  49. Dan T. actually lacked the experience and education such a ” host” should have. He claimed knowledge of the Food Industry from flipping burgers at DQ. He seemed to claim persona l relationships with guests with a continuous First Name usage. Political experience is not obtained from working behind the “glass” at the station.
    He had a lunch with a Tor. Suit a few weeks ago. Claimed on air, he was so pleased with Management. Great place to work etc! Mgm.found out enough.Low education and arrogance does not cut it. A great move!!!

  50. The advertisers and listeners on this thread should really do a little digging to find out WHY he was fired. It isn’t difficult to find out and you will eat your words. If you do find out the truth, you’d be happy Corus did what they did. It is about time. Dan is definitely talented but there is more to a radio host than what you hear on air. Do you think the Dan Tencer you know would be tweeting about his love for Corus if he was wrongfully let go??? Would the Dan Tencer you hear on air go quietly?

  51. They all go quietly. Even Rutherfor did.
    It is called severance payment. Don’t be naive.
    There are conditions and payment plans involved.

  52. Severance isn’t given when there is cause. Rutherford went quietly??? He wasn’t quiet on the air which is why he was shown the door. I don’t remember Burke and Mcquire foing quietly…. although that would contradict my statement above.

    You have a daughter. You especially should care. Would you want your daughter treated poorly at her job because someone else makes a customer happy?

    As a boss, you should also care how an employee is treating those around them. Doesn’t sound like a great place to work if people can treat others like crap as long as the customer is fine.

  53. Dan T.was lacked education and experience for this job.He claimed to often to be an expert. His almost always first name approach made it appear, he was “connected.” His on air arrogance got a bit sickening. Near the end he went for lunch with a Corus Executive. It appeared according to Dan on air that the Exec.,needed someone to go to lunch with.Dan accommodated and bragged about how wonderful it was to have such a “spontaneous” occasion at Corus.
    Dan’s time as a shill, thankfully ended.

  54. Now that Dan has finally gone,CHED needs replacements for 9- 12 and maybe pm.Dave Hancock,
    Thomas Lukaszuk(a 6:30 regular) and Allison Redford may all be available? Dave would have to do longer than the past BBC Hancock’s Half Hour.It could be called Hancock’s 3 Hours? Build a suitable penthouse and Allison would move. Thomas is a good pm.,person.
    CKNW has had at least 2 former Premiers on talk radio. Corus could do this! Ratings would go through the roof.

  55. Ched has become a joke. The afternoon show went from bad to crap! Mark and J,Lynn are beyond horrible. It all started with the firing of Rutherford and the cancellation of Adler! Rutherford was fired because he criticized corus on the handling of Alberta’s largest natural disaster. Sounds like a great company to work for….. If you kiss ass and follow the company script!!! Dan balanced Grose and was the only thing keeping me listening in the mornings!! Iwas it because Dan called out the PC party for whining to the corus bosses in Toronto about their leadership coverage???? I guess satellite radio is now the only option!!! If ched needs someone to fire this week….. Start with Syd!!!

    Good job TJ. All I can do is stop listening and that means to their tv channels as we’ll and that is what I will do!!!

    Bye ched and corus!!!!

  56. CHED NEWS exists in a total vacuum. Who covers the Court House, City Hall,the Legislature or any other part of Edmonton or immediate area. CHED has an abundance of news READERS who never leave the station to DO a story. Scott Johnson appears to be the only reporter allowed to leave. The one reading has another reader do a report like it came from outside. This is the CORUS way! Just pretend you are really doing the news from the news location and Edmontonians will believe. This area has 1 million people with Mickey Mouse coverage by Corus!

  57. Well I just listened to my last program on CHED…if talk show hosts can’t state an opinion, then why have a talk show. CHED you are beyond stupid, you keep Brian Hall who should have been gone 50 years ago. Tencer and Grose was the only good thing you had going…
    Dan will show up somewhere else and that’s is what I will now listen to or watch…I played CHED all day long..not any more, bye bye…
    You are as stupid as trying to get this response on..it keep saying : error!!….the only error made here is you, you got rid of the only good thing you had…take your heads out of your (wherever they are) give them a shake, admit you were wrong and get him back

  58. I am 31 years old and never listened to CHED. That all changed when I found Tencer & Grose. They were a great team. Both brought their own quality knowledge base and I listened everyday to the varied topics they would present.
    You messed up CHED. Your old timer listeners will soon be gone and who will the new generation seek out. Ed Mason? I want to throw my radio every time I hear his voice!
    GGoodbye CHED. You lost more than just a young, talented voice.

  59. These posts make for fascinating reading. Having worked in the building with Dan from the day he started, many of us were stunned by his rapid rise. He is an intelligent, well spoken young man. However his ego definitely got the best of him. No one enters broadcasting without an ego, it an essential part of the make up of a good on air performer. But there are limits. Being an evening host of a Sports show in Edmonton, which is sports lunacy at its peak, is one thing. Having the strength of Oilers and Eskimos broadcast rights doesn’t hurt either.
    However going to a mid day talk show, in the format of “breaking news and conversation” (by the way, an insipid slogan) is a different matter. Especially when you replace an institution. Regardless of age, gender or political slant, anyone that wasn’t tone deaf would have to admit Dave Rutherford was first and foremost a great broadcaster. To those who cut their teeth on big news stories and shaped political discourse he was among the best Canada has seen. Those are big boots to fill. Couple that with being partnered with someone who two years previous was working full time as a comedian and had ZERO broadcasting experience, aside from the odd on air interview. Not exactly a formula for success.
    Clearly Dan thought they were on the right track, and he didn’t hesitate to let people know. Ever wonder if he could ask a question in less than two minutes? There is no pleasure in seeing someone lose their job. But having been given advice numerous times on how to manage his “position’ and having it fall on deaf ears finally caught up.
    And for those who threaten to leave and never come back, wait until something BIG happens. CHED may not cover things as well as they used to, the industry has changed and talent has diminished. But it is highly likely they will cover it as well as anyone. Heritage tends to do that.

  60. I had enough of you complainers out here. We work our butt off to make for a great radio experience and there will always be a few people who will try to tarnish our image. We know best what works for the listeners. It might seem like we lost touch, but if you look at all the positive feedback, you would do it the same way. We can lose some listeners, no big deal. And the truth is, we will still be here, and you people will tune to us because you will not find anything as good as what we are doing. Ched is doing an almost perfect job. Who cares of Rutherford? His name is almost forgotten. Dan is a guy nobody likes. Doesn’t matter that a few people like him on air, what matters is how he conducts his business all day long. He is replaced and finished. His name will be soon forgotten too. He will not find a job. Anyway, stop whining, and if you don’t like us, we can live without you.

  61. Anonymous @ 4:15. “Wait until something BIG happens” and ched will cover it as well as everyone else .(So you admit that ched is mediocre and sucks now). Something “BIG” did happen and Rutherford was fired for critisizing corus on their coverage of it!!!!! If you don,t recall the “BIG” event it was Alberta’s largest natural disaster !!!!!

    Anonymous 8:50…. You had enough of us complainers???? We are sick of ched!!! They have gone way down hill and we all see it but you continue to support it! They have become just another contributor to lame stream media!!!! Have fun listening buddy!!!!

  62. Wow all this love for Tencer. To be honest he was ok at best on the airwaves.Radio at one time had character,but like everything else it is all about money money money.Radio use to be fun and exciting, and to be honest has become quite boring .Dont get me wrong there are some really good on air people in this city, however they are limited in what they can do.If you want to listen to one the best jocks who at one time worked here listen to Derringer on Q107 Toronto.Radio has always been a revolving door for probably 80% of its jocks.

  63. I’m in my 40’s and have listened to Ched since I was a kiddie, but it’s becoming harder to do so these days.

    I actually enjoyed Tencer when paired w/ Grose. I thought they had great chemistry and played off each other well. I also had enjoyed listening to Dan on the Oil RN. I think Grose is pretty good, but he would be far better off with a spitfire like J’Lyn instead of riding solo. She often has strong chemistry with her colleagues (on-air or on TV) and I find when she’s had to do her show w/o Mark, but with guests instead, she is far more engaging and entertaining. J’Lyn and Mark have zero chemistry as a team; both great talents on their own, but I think their show needs a shakeup. Whomever suggested above that she should pair up with Grose is spot on. They still need to find someone for Mark too. Perhaps it’s time to bring Antle back to Edmonton?

    Good luck to Dan. I’m sure he’ll be snapped up soon if he hasn’t already been at this point.

  64. I thought things went south when CHED got rid of Charles Adler in the afternoons, but losing Dan TENCER is just crazy!
    I listen(ed) to TENCER & Grose every single morning, I mean each and every morning. I thought Dan was incredible at his job and the banter between him and Andrew was awesome.
    If this is truly the case, I won’t be listening anymore. Guess it’s just J’lyn and Mark, until you all mess that up too 🙁
    Bad decision

  65. I am a long time Ched listener. I was disappointed when Leslie was taken off the station with no good bye. I really miss her.

    Rutherford ,I could not stand and refused to listen to him.

    Tencer, I would listen to him on the sports show only to hear Rob Brown show him up as a know it all who always got it wrong

    I never ever listened to his morning show. I turned my radio to CBC.

  66. Ched has lost a lot of ratings because it is no longer ‘edgy’. They use to have a program director who choose topics that were important to the public. They need to focus on some of the issues that are of concern to communities. Too often the topics they cover are ‘milktoast’. Let’s have some shows on how the city is not enforcing development compliance – builders are ignoring their permits and doing what they want to cut costs. Since the city is 8 months behind in enforcing development permits, these builders know they can get away with pouring inferior foundations that have footings half the required depth, etc. Let’s have some shows on issues that are affecting the rural communities, etc.

  67. As far as talk radio goes, nothing beats cbc. All you” CHED” people ought to tune in to real talk radio. Edmonton am in the morning and radioactive on the drive home. Ain’t nothing better. HEY YOUR PAYING FOR IT


  68. Weather you like Dan or not, the big problem is no mention from management regarding his departure. The same thing happened when Lesley was let go. There may be good reasons why both we’re let go and that issue should always remain with management and the employee. The listeners however , and to a lesser extent , the employee need acknowledgement from the manager and not just from an announcer ( ie Andrew ) of a thank-you for their years of service with the company . They can also say , if they do not want to get into details that the person left to pursue other career options. Most companies usually use that line when sending an email to all employees of the company when someone is let go. A radio station also have listeners that need to hear this from management. I have reduced my hours that I listen to Ched , not because I like or dislike either Lesley or Dan , but how management handled the situation .

  69. Just hearing Tenser’s monotonous droll made my brain ache. Never liked Tenser from day 1. His voice made me switch to CBC daily. Being a HUGE fan of talk radio, I never understood how he lasted as long as he did him but I’m so glad he’s gone. You know who you should really get rid of is that utterly incompetent announcer you have on during Coast to Coast Mathew P????

  70. The best thing Ched ever had was Dave Rutherford he was the only one to put the questions to the politcians and guests who came on the show.. The next person at Ched that should go is Syd Smith. Bring Adler and Primeau back in the afternoons. Yes theres times I didn’t agree with Tensor but at least he complemented Grouse for good dialogue. Also I find lately not enough open line for callers to express there opinions. Sorry to say after years of listening I must switch over to the CBC.

  71. So disappointed in the firing of Dan Tencer. Ched let me down when Leslie Primeau was fired. I loved her chemistry with Grose. The afternoon show with Nye and Shultz has never come close to what Primeau and Grose had. Now Tencer got the boot. Tencer and Grose had me interested in a time slot I would not normally listen to. I honestly don’t know how Grose can continue on his own. I know I won’t be listening anymore. Ched got rid of the the 29 year old Tencer who is relevant, while 81 year old Bryan Hall stays while making mistake after mistake….go figure…

  72. “ARROGANCE” as per webster dictionary = 630CHED
    Obvious persons associated with 630CHED posting comments that reak with arrogance.
    ….Boasting claims to OILERS and ESKs broadcats rights.
    …..Dissing disgruntled listeners with “who needs you”.
    Dan was a team player who played a part in achieving those broadcast rights and if you don’t need listeners then I guess I won’t spend my advertising money here.

  73. “ARROGANCE” as per webster dictionary = 630CHED
    Obvious persons associated with 630CHED posting comments that reak with arrogance.
    ….Boasting claims to OILERS and ESKs broadcast rights.
    …..Dissing disgruntled listeners with “who needs you”.
    Dan was a team player who played a part in achieving those broadcast rights and if you don’t need listeners then I guess I won’t spend my advertising money here.

  74. As a long time listener of CHED I am disappointed that management cant come up with Talent like Rutherford or Adler. Andrew is a great sidekick guy and has made me laugh. Tencer needed some guidance but was on track in my mind. Yes, a little arrogant and flipped his 3 hour work day in the face of the listeners too often but whatever… To the people who still want Primeau around? Are you kidding me? she was as exciting as a library convention.
    CHED management needs to bring in some talent… in the mean time I will be switching to CBC… groan

  75. As a long time listener of CHED I am disappointed that management cant come up with Talent like Rutherford or Adler. Andrew is a great sidekick guy and has made me laugh. Tencer needed some guidance but was on track in my mind. Yes, a little arrogant and flipped his 3 hour work day in the face of the listeners too often but whatever… To the people who still want Primeau around? Are you kidding me? she was as exciting as a library convention.
    CHED management needs to bring in some talent… in the mean time I will be switching to CBC… groan
    As for Bryan Hall. He is at the top of his game… too bad his broadcasting league is in the minors. Get him off the air

  76. What do people not understand that often times arrogant, opinionated and polarizing characters make for the best radio. You didn’t always have to agree with him but at least Dan had well versed arguments and brought up points from which other broadcasters would shy away. I will certainly miss his candid, unobstructed views which I thought was the whole point of talk radio.

    Reformed die hard, young adult Ched listener now listening to CBC about some yo-yo from BC getting his long hair stuck in a pool – snoozeville….

    Seems like there is certainly a market for a new, relevant, Edmonton based talk radio station – hmmmmm interesting, any investors out there??

  77. Too many comments above to read them all but I get the gist. Magic Mike, I’m “old folks” and I loved Dan’s arrogance. Sure, he hated March Madness, and sure, he didn’t like a lot of the things I liked but I still liked him and listened as often as I could. He is the consummate radio host and I believe he should check out TSN or go national on TV or something. He kept my interest even in things I’m not particularly interested in. And yes, I liked Primeau, too.

  78. Glen Sather once said he would rather have an arrogant guy working for him than a wimp. After 12 long years of waking to CHED I’m afraid I have made the switch to CBC. The next PPM’s will be very interesting!

  79. So now we have bland, sterile talk radio in the morning and afternoon. What is the point of listening to that? I like to hear well thought out, intelligent opinions, even if I don’t agree with them. Politically correct, un-opinionated talk is boring. Dan was bright, and had well thought out arguments, I like Andrew, but he cannot make it alone. The pair were great together. I don’t know what I will listen to now.

  80. 6:30 Ched used to be such a great station in the Rutherford, Adler days. Sadly it is now such a boring, boring station. Tensor and Grose were actually improving enough to get me to listen on a regular basis again, but just because I can’t find Dave Rutherford anymore….huge mistake letting go of Rutherford Corus!!!! I’m sure you’re advertising income has showed you that already though!

  81. To the person who said J’lyn is a wonderful person has nothing to do with the person she is BUT whether she has the talent to become a talk show host. Not every broadcaster can engage an audience.

  82. Wow, the people in Edmonton sure care a lot about this story. I congratulate them on not having to listen to that arrogant jerk Dan Tencer. He said a lot of rotten things just to get a reaction out of people in Calgary and Vancouver.

  83. I have listened faithfully since 9/11 but cannot take anymore shuffling!! I thought I was done when Rutherford was gone but gave it one more chance and was pleasantly surprised at Tencer and Grose. But now, I am officially done with CHED’s daytime garbage! Only Oilers play-by-play from now on.

  84. I am sad to hear of the firing of Dan. Too bad we could not support good local talent with an above average communication skill set . It was refreshing to hear someone that could speak on various subject matters based on local roots. So what if he was not as refined and was a little eccentric on some things. They had Gross there to reel him in…and vise versa. Thought that was what made a great radio show,”The odd couple”…. But who am I…. not a corporate sponsor or a politician or owner. Just an Alberta boy who for what ever reason like the show.
    All the best Dan.

  85. I am not sad to see Dan gone. He was an arrogant twenty-something know-it-all. Perhaps his intent was to try to get people to see another point of view on topics, but he came across as an all-knowing expert which was very difficult to listen to. I have been asking for CHED to pair up J’Lyn and Andrew on the afternoon news. Andrew needs a sidekick and I thought when J’Lyn filled in for Primeau that they had great chemistry. Dan, get off your high horse and MAYBE you will have a future in broadcasting, but your arrogance got the best of you! I had tuned out of morning CHED for the past six months , but will listen again now that Tencer is gone.

  86. CHED’s talk shows are just time fillers with no real content that matters. They rarely take calls from listeners, so all you hear are the same old voices rambling on about nothing. I want to hear comments from callers and not just texts! Too much inside conversations that make the audience feel like an outsider listening in. Shouldn’t radio be about what the listener wants to hear? The bottom line is CHED has never had direct competition in the market, so they have been able to get away with an arrogant on air attitude. People who like talk become obligated listeners rather than choice listeners. But that is changing because listeners are now discovering intelligent talk on CBC.

  87. Intelligent talk on CBC – Please. Only if you’re an useful idiot. Everything Harper bad, everything Trudeau good.
    Tensor did his homework and his opinions were informed, and he believed in them. Nothing wrong with that and I respect him for that. I wouldn’t call him arrogant but he was somewhat of a braggart at times. He was well paired with Grose. The main problem with the “talk” show is that it came from those two and the guest(s). To me, in most cases,if you have a guest on in the first half hour, the next half hour should be calls from the listener, even if they’re dolts.
    The afternoon show is a cure for insomnia, and I really don’t care if she’s a good person. Look up boring in the dictionary and I’m sure you’ll find her picture.
    I listened to Whitehead religiously, one of the best morning hosts ever. I almost puked when Bowie was announced to replace him. The man has zero personality. Zero. The man is lazy. All he does is play clips from late night TV shows that I never watch. If I want to hear the clips I’d watch the shows.
    I presume Rutherford and Adler are gone because they are, gasp, right-wing and Corus is part of the main stream media which is socialist.
    Good riddance to Primeau. Period. Another left-wing useful idiot. The Friday afternoon show when she had the liberal and conservative commentators on was a complete joke. Everything the liberal said, according to her non stop laughter, was hilarious, which it wasn’t. No matter what the conservative said, it was arguable. Period. She would ALWAYS gang up with the liberal against him. Not surprisingly as this is what liberals do to convince themselves that they are right, which is rare at best. The best thing when she was teamed up with Grose is that he had no qualms whatsoever about putting her in her place.
    Re: The sports talk show. see above. I’m tired of hearing the same old alleged “experts” from Sportsnet, TSN and CBC spew the same BS about how great the NHL is, which it isn’t. Seems to me that the “new” NHL strongly resembles the “old” NHL. The “experts” sure know the stats but rarely, if ever, come up with something profound. My friends know more than 3/4 of the “insiders” and they don’t get to talk to the coaches and players. Not to mention that they are bland and come from the same cookie cutter. So more calls from the fans please.
    Needless to say, I will only be listening to CHED when the Oilers aren’t on TV.
    As for all you Anonymouslies out there, get some friggin’ balls and put a name or initials to your comments.

  88. Corus, this is the second of your stations that I’ve turned off now. Use to listen to CHQR before you fired Rutherford, his replacements sucked and then I found Andrew and Dan. I have been a faithful listener for the last year. Not no more, I’ll hit the internet now for my talk radio.

  89. Corus, give me me a reason to tune in to your station now? Talk radio is supposed to be provocative for heaven sake. How can it be if the presenters aren’t provocative? Why do we have assh**le characters like Simon Cowell on TV? They are provocative, and they are the main reason why the audience always come back for more! I would think this is media ratings 101..?

    Another thing mentioned above; Does the presenter have to be a former politician in order to make statements about politics? Come on. The only way you can get through their BS retorics is to provoke them in an inteligent way. I personally believe Dan Tencer was on track to be the next Rutherford…like him or not…

    Watch road accidents increase now when provocative talk radio is replaced by snooze radio…

  90. When Tencer and Grose first started, I had to turn the channel, but because nothing else was on, had to listen to them(drive for a living). I did get to where I didn’t mind him although still felt many of his comments were grossly arrogant. I don’t think Andrew carries the show on his own and definitely can’t listen to “Winger”. Really miss the intelligent, passionate and deep conversations Adler and Rutherford engaged in so listen to 97.3 fm and wait until Dave Ramsey is on at 1pm. I was a long time ched listener.

  91. I am so disappointed in the dismissal of Dan Tencer. I so enjoyed the Tencer and Gross combination. I was constantly laughing at those two. I even got my husband to switch from CBC to listen in the mornings. Now I am so so disappointed. First Primo, then Rutherford and now Tencer without a single word as to why or what happened. I guess CHED doesn’t really want listeners. I know I will be changing stations. My husband already has.

  92. Well, it’s been a couple of weeks of Grose without Tencer and what a disappointment. Andrew is only good with a partner otherwise he just seems sarcastic NOT funny! Too bad, I gave it a chance but I’m done. 99.3 I’m coming back!!

  93. Wow. I’ve read ALL the comments. I was cut off the 630 Ched Facebook page (can’t comment any longer – silenced). Why? For pleading on their Facebook page for Brian Hall to retire. That’s it. Syd was the one that removed my voice (freedom of speech) I’m guessing. I loved Rutherford and Adler. Loved Leslie and Andrew! Took a long time to get used to Dan with Andrew, but grew to love them both as well. I’ve experienced a lot of loss listening to 630 Ched. My one love is CBC radio 1 , but I also made time for 630 Ched. But reading all the above comments about all these good people (Primo/Rutherford/Tencer) getting fired (and hearing how brutal it is in radio for announcers), I’m actually pretty disgusted with radio (and bad management/Syd) right now. Poor Andrew! I’m sorry for your loss. Andrew you are awesome! You so graciously embraced whomever you were partnered with. You are such a wonderful man. Sorry you have to watch this terrible employment practice (in radio). My advice to you Andrew: watch your back.

  94. As a driver on Alberta’s roads 7 hours a day ,Tencer & Grose were a big part of my day and my enjoyment. I found the two of them informative , entertaining and very funny. They made every guest and topic important; regardless of political stripe or opinion ,all guests were treated with courtesy and fairness while the hosts expected honest answers for CHED listeners.
    The dismissal of Dan Tencer was a big mistake by CHED management in my opinion and it seems to be just one more misstep after getting rid of Dave Rutherford and Leslie Primeau. Question CHED …are you trying to get rid of you audience ? You’re certainly headed in the right direction because after reading the other comments on this page, most of us are switching stations. Good Luck.

  95. I can’t believe that all the good talk show hosts have gone. Dan was the last of the good ones so I will now have to find another radio station to listen to. CHED has gone from great to incredibly bad in such a short time. SO SAD!

  96. Another great radio personality thrown under the bus. He may have been arrogant he may have been offensive but he was never quiet. He called it like it is not like how everyone likes to pretend it is. All that Chad has now is hosts throwing softball questions at whatever “interesting” topic they have on the go. I don’t want a Chihuahua on the radio I want a Pitbull. If I wanted to be fed whatever claptrap their so-called presenter is giving me I would just pick up whatever propaganda they publish. Dan was probably the last great radio host CHED had. Goodbye CHED you had the potential to be great again, but you decided to go for mediocrity.

  97. I was puzzled about Tencer’s termination as well. Especially since it didn’t seem to be ratings related. So I checked a few sources and this is what I found out.
    July 30, 2014: First hour of the show Tencer and Grose have Calgary pastor Artur Pawlowski as a guest. He had endorsed Ric McIver for PC leader but was found to have very controversial views and McIver distanced himself from the pastor. If you listen to the podcast from that day Mr. Pawlowski makes some very defamatory remarks about Thomas Lukasuk (calls him a liar). He also makes uses biblical references suggesting that homosexuals are sinners and names Jaime Watt, a top campaign adviser for Jim Prentice, as basically anti-Christian. Similar to comments he also made to the Calgary Herald and other news outlets. Tencer and Grose are polite to the guest but both make it very clear that his views are clearly unacceptable and that they both strongly disagree with what he preaches. Apparently that isn’t good enough for Jim Prentice’s top campaign handlers (Bill Anderson and Jaime Watt). Bill Anderson is Mr. Prentice’s Press Secretary and Jaime Watt is Executive Director of Navigator Ltd, a Communications firm out of Toronto that has worked on Provincial and Federal PC leadership campaigns. Mr. Watt is openly gay and it is understandable that he would be offended by the guest’s comments. What he’s probably never listened to though is Tencer and Grose’s stand on anti-gay remarks and especially Tencer’s clear zero tolerance to any discrimination based on sexual orientation and homophobic slurs. But Mr. Prentice’s closest advisers from Toronto Bay Street also have many other friends in Toronto including very highly placed executives with Corus Entertainment, the owner of 630 Ched. Apparently a call was made and the Prentice campaign wanted Tencer and Grose gone. Not sure it they were reprimanded or not but at that point the writing appeared to be on the wall.
    September 5, 2014. Tencer makes comments in the last hour wrapping up his opinions on the PC leadership election that is to take place that weekend. He gives his opinion of all the PC Leadership campaigns including mentioning the Prentice campaign’s sensitivity to the media and Mr. Prentice’s unavailability to come on the show and speak to Edmonton voters. He also says he found the Prentice campaign rolled out very little in the way of a specific platform of ideas. All of these could be construed as completely reasonable commentary. But they were the last straw. Jim Prentice was elected as PC leader that weekend. The next week Jim Prentice was sworn in as the Premier of Alberta claiming it was time to return to fairness and decency in treating Albertans and ironically Dan Tencer was terminated.
    Obviously this looks bad for Jim Prentice; even if his team from downtown Toronto only initiated the process and then let Corus roll with it. On an opinion talk show, if you don’t like the opinion of the host then make yourself available to discuss the issues instead of phoning up your friends in Toronto to get somebody fired.
    But this looks much worse on Corus. They bowed to the pressure of political friends and have shown total disregard once again for their listeners. Perhaps with the backlash they are feeling they could have some backbone and bring Tencer back reinstate the show. But it is painfully obvious that Edmonton listeners are treated as an outpost by Toronto and they seem to have no interest in developing good local programming. And with all respect to Mr. Grose, the show is not likely to survive with just him at the helm. Certainly wish him a lot of luck but one would suspect he may not be long for that show either.

  98. First off CHED ,as you know, people can tune in or tune out. As a business you have desicions to make, popular or not. Companies deal with the main stream realities of the industry and the human resources component that carry out the mission. The results will be mixed. My history with the your station and talk radio is one of enjoyment, intrigue, and laziness. My default,de facto,” I hate that song/announcer” station. Having said that Primeau had to go. Listening to her was like staring at an accident on the side of the road. How bad is it going to be! Tencer was becoming the same way in the morning show. I have no I’ll will towards Dan but the individuals who think intelligence and common sense are synonymous may have a disconnect. OK, I’m “older” but I respect opinions of all people. Dan said things or no things which an Edmontonian or Albertan should have known. I kinda cringed! Hence, bring on Andrew. Going back to his original foray to CHED I think he has been a good soldier. To this I mean he worked and supported his co-workers. I think he can lead just fine. Being a good team player is just an attribute in life. I hope he succeeds and I’m sure 630 CHED will be around a lot longer than me…but I’m not dying soon!

  99. People radio has always had a revolving door.You would be suprised what goes on behind closed doors at a radio station.With Tencer and Grose the show was average at best. Grose would be better in the afternoons.Being a PD or what they call a brand director is tough as a lot of decisions come from some suit down east.Face the facts radio has become very generic.The legends are far and few between.

  100. Tencer and Grose was probably some of the better programming at CHED, implying that the rest is subpar. It took FOREVER to unload Primeau; best decision ever. Good Luck Andrew!

  101. Hoping TENCER gets back into radio somewhere because I’d listen to his program anyday /anywhere. I also had hoped that RUTHERFORD would have gotten back into radio somewhere because I’d listen to him anyday / anywhere.
    These guys were great at their job – they knew what they were doing!
    GROOSE is very good but will never last at the rate he’s been going with such “safe topics”. PRIMEAU’s dimissal was an easy decision – good ridence !
    Daily AFTERNOON show features useless information and talent – yike, its badd and sadd !
    CONSERVATIVE government leader responsible for Dan’s dismissal …..really ? not likely…

  102. Groose needs help he does not know how to run a show by himself.
    If all it takes to be in Radio is to be a Comic and NO training at NAIT then we all should be in the business.
    But the little a Radio station pays their on air radio hosts or news personal is a joke.

  103. well!.. based on the number of comments here about Tencer….they may come to realize it was a mistake..he had alot of potential to become a long standing.. irritating, arrogant, intelligent, call generating, and overall entertaining host………”hallsy” ring a bell anyone ..it’ll not do anything help their ratings thats for sure…..

  104. Back when both Tencer and Grose were on, I used to listen to the show quite religiously. Now, I can barely bring myself to listen to even a few minutes of it as it has become extremely boring compared to what it used to be. Nothing against Grose, but he needs a co-host, and Tencer fit that bill perfectly.

  105. I have listened to CHED for years. I enjoyed Tencer and Grose very much. Very sad that Dan is not on the air anymore. He did his homework , made sure he was informed before he had guests on. Not really finding the morning show as appealing anymore. Enjoyed the banter between the 2 of them. Also enjoy J’Lyn and Mark. Please don’t ruin that. I think Mark is only gone for a short while. Hopefully.

  106. CHED has gone down hill. I had not listened to CHED for over three months, but last week I had to drive all over Northern Alberta, so I listened to the station on occasion. On average I Iasted for 10 minutes before I changed the station. Gross is terrible! Eventually all subjects revolve around Gross, his family, or his comedy show? (Gross is a comedian?) What about the content? What about current events? (ICIS, Prentices new announcements, elections in provincial ridings, the economy etc?) What about callers opinions?……and no preparation. Thank god for Satellite Radio, that’s what I ended up listening to most of the time.The afternoon is worse….It needs work!
    As for Mark Shultz??? is probably the reason I quit listening to CHED. He may know his music…but he certainly does not understand economics and has no interest in politics/current events. I did not think they could dumb down the CHED afternoon show any further, but the programmers did it.
    But I do not want to just bitch…. I also want to suggest a solution. In business school we learned about “case studies”. CHED should examine their sister station CHQR. The morning has improved with the addition of Brenkenridge, and Dave Taylor does a fantastic job in the afternoon. Great content, great questions, even some interesting callers…. It makes you think. Well done! I can’t say that for CHED.

  107. i agree with Bronc, as much as i respect grose, he is just boring and safe. there are no hard hitting topics, no topics that require an opinion. thank got for podcasts because i can tune into the interviews i want to hear, but even then its a softball interview. ched has taken a major step back and i dont see them recovering anytime soon

  108. So sorry to here that Tencer is no longer on the show. I love the balance of someone young and fresh along with the wisdom of Grose. I love listening to ched as i sit at my desk working. Talk show is so much easier to listen to then blaring music. First you got rid of Dave Rutherford, then Adler on line and now this. You guys need to get rid of some of the dinasaurs in upper managment.

  109. Far from perfect, but Dan was sharp, well-spoken and a great radio host, both on the sports and the talk side of 630 CHED.
    Will miss his personality on air and maybe Team1260 will pick him up!
    Will no longer listen to CHED except for Oilers games.
    You have lost another person listening under 40 years of age CHED! Keep the dinos like Brian Hall I guess…ugh

  110. I often wonder why people post opinions anonymously. When items are posted Anonymous, how much can you trust their validity and/or accuracy? Of course my using first name and last initial isn’t much better and neither is just first name so what the hell do I know?
    I was disappointed when CHED let Primeau go, mostly because I rarely agreed with her and she was one of the radio personalities I loved to hate. But she made me listen. Isn’t that her job? I thought so. So I complained to CHED in social media and made several comments on their Facebook etc and sent numerous text messages and finally it was Andrew that responded to me and basically said hey Dan……do they come out where you work and tell you why so and so was let go or the reason for this change or that change? Primeau is no longer at CHED. End of story. I thought it was an acceptable response and so I let it go.
    I was away when Tencer was let go and just finally got around to trying to find out why I haven’t heard him since I got back to town.
    A check of the website shows the morning show just as Andrew Grose. It needs a better name than just that! But it doesn’t need Dan Tencer who I liked ok enough…..but he was big for his britches. I have been pleasantly surprised on Andrew’s growth as a radio personality since his appearance on the afternoon show with Primeau. I’m not sure he’s got the experience but I think he’s got the talent to go it alone. If not, Mark’s absence until March dictates that J’Lyn is not likely going to be a fit as a morning partner. I don’t think she’d be a fit anyhow. I’d like to see Andrew just go it alone and change the name.
    Good luck wherever you have wound up Dan.

  111. Like Dan C I just got back and wondered where Tencer was, thought another vacation until I heard “the Andrew Grosse show”. Ugh. Loved listening to Tencer both on the sports show and the morning show. I must admit that I don’t get what Ched is doing. Firstly they get rid of Primeau, bad mistake, Rutherford, another bad mistake, Adler, mistake but keep the worst person on radio….. Brian Hall. I now have to turn the station when he comes on because he’s so bad. Andrew is good with a partner, like Primeau and Tencer but not on his own. Basically Ched should dump Mark and put Andrew on the afternoon with J’Lyn. Then find another morning person who has strong opinions like Tencer and Rutherford. Otherwise I think Ched is heading for a slow painful death.

  112. Bring Dan back! His arrogance to most listeners was wisdom to me. He knew his topics and was prepared for his show. He and Andrew were a breath of fresh air in the morning. Much, much better than the boring J’Lyn & Mark show. Kick them of and bring Andrew and Dan back.

  113. Read somewhere someone saying “don’t turn your back to Andrew Gross as he has a sharp knife ready”…. First Primeau and now Tencer; could this be a pattern? I enjoyed both shows. The tension between Dan and Andrew made for great radio. While Dan is clearly an a$$hole, he ALWAYS backed up his opinion with fact and while I might not agree, his views were always thought provoking. I’m sure Andrew will manage alone, but the show will not be the same as Andrew just throws softball questions at the guests. As for 630 CHED. They have successfully changed the station from your “news and information station” to your “excretainment station”. Seriously, J’lyn Nye and Mark Scholz for four hours in the afternoon! Now there is some scintillating radio (not). Hey Syd, DUMD PEOPLE DON’T LISTEN TO TALK RADIO!

  114. CHED continues to be bought and sold by the Oilers. By the time the Oilers make the playoffs, CHED may become a real station. Radio without new’s research– just reading the news– .
    Apparently CHED, run by Corusent in Toronto, thinks low standards are satisfactory. They should pay the newspapers for the groundwork?

    Private Radio News is an oxymoron. CHED proves this! Hockey and the Oilers also make Oxymorin Status. Congratulations to both groups!

  115. Very disappointed with this decision. Andrew and Dan were great together! I thought they balanced each other out very well. I also thought they did a great job of combining heavy material and lighter material. Andrew needs someone to play off of.

  116. So, I’ve been wondering where Dan was, ever since I got back from holidays in late September. Just kept forgetting to Google it. Only an occasional listener, but I thought the chemistry between Dan and Andrew was fantastic, and usually quite entertaining.
    Thanks to those of you who gave choices of where else to go on the dial for quality talk radio. Sorry, Andrew is just lacking something on his own.
    My Chorus stock….time to sell.

  117. Used to listen to Rutherford- gone, used to listen to Primeau-gone, used to listen to Tencer-gone
    Now I listen to CBC , CAN,T BELIEVE I AM BUT THERE IS NO HARD HITTING TALK RADIO ANYMORE – JUST easy converstion on CHED – am now waiting for a station to fill the vacuum
    Until then CBC will do

  118. No Rutherford! No Adler!…..I quit listening to CHED radio. Gross in the morning, Nye, Shultz, in the afternoon,…they are not talk show hosts. I believe that CHED has put all of their financial resources towards the Oiler broadcasts. This will be a mistake. Thank God…..for the internet and satellite radio.

  119. It would be nice to bring back some styles that have previously worked in radio (remember, what may be old, will, or could become new again, with the younger generation never experiencing some of the past styles, the history cycle always seems to repeat at some point, and does work in a today’s ever changing world, but for a short time!) I feel you have to have the balance of older, and the younger personality together in todays talk radio, to make it work. That said, this world changes so quick, and everything seems to be based on profit, ratings, and sometime, overly critical judgement of on air personal. This is a very tough business to be in, and changes sometime happen ruthlessly.

    OK, let’s have fun and reminisce the past with a small number of names from talk, and music radio DJ’s The Bill and Bill show, (one of my favorite, talk shows from the past) Ron Collister (Talk), Bob McCord, Wes Mongomery, Jungle Jay Hamilton, Rob Christie (think he’s still on air at another station)….many, many more.!!!

    Going to the USA now, one of my favorite 80’s video radio air check music DJ, was Jack Armstrong at KKHR Los Angeles, (he does the gorilla voiceover) he was dead on , what a talent he was. You tube: Jack Armstrong at KKHR in 1985

  120. Its good hes gone and should have taken that hack Gross grose with him. Both were half baked phonies and rounders who faked opinions to make out they were polemic and thought provoking.I come from Edmonton and listen to Calgary station 660 better hosts and no change in time zone so it all works out. Merry Christmas and a phoney boring New Year

  121. Can’t see Gross lasting very long. No fault of his but he just isn’t very knowledgeable. His gig is comedy. Tencer on the other hand was the second coming of Hall, arrogant and you either loved or hated him but always listened. For his age he was very smart. Thought he would be here forever. Kind of sad but it is what it is. 1260 has Ched beat very easily anyway.

  122. Tencer gone? I hadn’t noticed. I remember early on in Tencer’s career with CHED he was making it sound like he knew more about hockey than Bob Stauffer. It was laughable.

    I stopped listening to CHED years ago and now listen to TEAM 1260 where the on air personalities are fun, controversial and informative. It is a fun listen except when they take their over night feed from the US. The local content is great! Not gonna miss Tencer.

  123. Andrew Grose continues along without much knowledge or research on Edmonton, Alberta or Canada. CHED should rehire with someone who treats the “JOB” as full-time. The time has come to cease the extended training program for Andrew. It seems most days for Andrew are DISCOVERY DAYS. Corus Radio has decided to keep him on? Grose should move on to his other part-time job off the air.

  124. Today CHED “moved” Andrew to the afternoons. Apparently, Mark Shultz “decided” not to return after maturity leave. Good to see the morning show change. Will the new person Ryan in the Morning actually work at the job?
    This morning change took too long.

  125. For the record…… I have not listened to any CHED weekday shows in six months. I concluded that Ched had lost touch with their listeners. But, I enjoy Micheal Campbell’s show on Saturdays and I don’t mind Roy Green on the weekends.
    I am not surprised Mark Shultz is gone. He had no interest in current events, politics, economics, etc. I don’t know who Ryan Jesperson is… I hope he is not the annoying dude at the Oilers game. I hope the afternoon show reinvents itself….but I will not hold my breath. I expect more fluff (and self promotion) with Grose as a host. As long as CHED radio commits most of its’ resources to the Oilers, CHED will continue to slide down the ratings.
    Question: Is hockey broadcasts on the radio still relevant in the 21 century?

  126. 630CHED who do you think we are !
    YOU continue the down-hill slide with Jespperson now hosting the morning show.
    He was the main reason I never tuned into A-channel / CITY TV or whatver they are !
    Combine this with WINGER co-hosting and its purely prime time garbage radio.
    I’d prefer a senior experienced host with talent for world news but that would cost more… good grief Charlie Brown

  127. The current afternoon show with Mark and J’Lynn was brutal. I was a long time listener of CHED but it was too painful to listen to. Their banter was so flat it made me wonder how they ever got anywhere in broadcasting. I’m hoping Mark’s departure and the return on Andrew Grose will change all that. The afternoon should be a lighter show and this is a much better fit for the always amusing Grose.

  128. The problem with 630 Ched, and broadcasting in general, is this idea of people putting in their time and moving up the latter, regardless of their level of talent, like it’s the government or some shit. You either have it or you don’t, and Ched, like so many other Edmonton radio stations, boast too many people who just aren’t interesting or opinionated. Look at all the greats from Rutherford to Stern. Do you think they trained to become who they are? No. They just are that way. They’ve done shit. They have something to say and it’s based on real life experience. But all these kinds are getting booted off the radio in favour of boring, vain, hacks, without a thought worth listening to.

  129. Well…….I gave the “new” CHED morning and afternoon shows a listen. Boring radio! I listened to Jespersen a couple of times, and Grose once. Sorry,I am not impressed with Jespersen. How can someone do all that talking…and not say anything? Where are the relevant questions? Where are the phone callers? Are any of those texts real?
    Andrew Grose hasn’t changed a bit. Unprepared, not funny, and talks about nothing! He is not fooling anyone. Tencer had potential, can’t say that for these two I will continue to listen to CHQR.
    As a CJR:B shareholder, I have to ask this question: How do these radio hosts add any value to the company? CHED needs to re-evaluate itself! No wonder Corus’s sales revenue from radio continues to decrease. .

  130. CHED does not want any controversial issues, because a few left wing pinheads ( who never buy anything, anyway) harass and threaten advertiser buy urging consumers not to buy their products.
    It’s a shame when CHED gives them legitamcy. I now listen to talk radio over the Internet.

  131. I was listening to Danny Riando on tonight’s program saying we won’t have to worry about terrorism in |Canada . WHAT ??? . He poopoo’s Harper for overreacting . Please tell Danny to do some research on the history of Islam, Muhammud and the Caliphat . Why does he think thousands upon thousands of people in the middle east and Africa are running for their lives . Not to mention all the men and boys being slaughtered and the girls and women being raped , sold as sex slaves and forced to marry Muslim men of ISIS . Please take this issue more seriously . We the public are not ignorant and your talk show hosts should not be also.

  132. It’s corus, right wing ding radio. Not allowed to think for your self, or express or invite opposing ideas. Tencer belonged in sports and all that is relative to that genre. Primeau never kow towed to anybody, and Andrew Gross belongs on a stage where he can be heckled until he cries himself a river to float away in. Whoever is running CHED has the mental runs. And Notley won the election, you ASSHOLES.

  133. The afternoon with Andrew & JLyn pretending to have knowledge, experience and insight is not radio. It sounds like two broadcasters with little to offer. At least they try to PAT each other on the back.

  134. Dan Tencer is somewhat knowledgeable,but should stick to what he is best @ SPORTS. I will admit he does come off as a bit arrogant! Bryan Hall’s time has passed! Bob Layton should also consider retirement! Although Rutherford posed inquisitive questions, I didn’t like listening to him.Time to adjust to the current demographics!

  135. CHED needs to rid themselves of Lying Jokesperson, the lefty moron with the lamest show on the airwaves.
    This pathetic wannabe radio host thinks he’s special and somehow needed.
    He’s a liberal Justine Trudy lover, and is a willing advocate for the destruction of Canada
    with his pathetic babble.
    Go away Crying’ Jerksperson you bloated narcissist.
    You should be shining shoes or cleaning up animal fecal matter in Edmonton.

  136. Jethro Jesperson the Radio Clown now resides at CHED.
    Condescending to the listening audience calling them names.
    No wonder CHED marketing is always looking for a new sales manager or associate
    Pretends to be intelligent by telling the public My Daddy is a Doctor. That is very nice Jethro, what else can you do?
    If you live in Edmonton and are insulted by a “low information” talk show host, Go to QR77 in Calgary.


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