Global TV Morning show talks with Mike Eckford and Drex


Michael Eckford and Drex appeared on Global’s morning show yesterday with Sophie Lui and Jay Durant to talk about the new changes coming to CKNW


  1. Great piece. Interesting flow. At times it felt as if Eckford was interviewing Drex within the context of the overall interview.

  2. Drex should be ok for the timeslot but should shed the lumberjack look. This isnt the kootenays anymore. As for Eckford not sure how long it will last. His saving grace is the fact that the afternoon is full of commercials so any negative he steers the show towards will probably not be noticed.

  3. “Drex should be ok for the timeslot but should shed the lumberjack look. This isnt the kootenays anymore.”

    Why don’t you allow Mr. Drex to keep his Aussie identity (and bob and doug mackenzie) lumberjack “hoser” look.

    If he becomes a bitter, judgemental Vancouverite, I may not like him as much ?

  4. I’ve battled the ‘change your look’ crap for years. Changing stations or formats does mean you change WHO YOU ARE. You wear what’s comfortable and what’s YOU! Good on ya and kick some ass out there!

  5. It’s radio folks — no one cares what they wear (remember that old saying “….. a face for radio..”)… anyways if that little segment on Global is any indication — both hosts are immature and way out of their league .. but good luck to them.. for however long it lasts..

  6. What IS the big deal about Drex??? Good for him for being young.. but what’s the hype about?? Cause he used not so great language when interviewing Christy Clark — is that what makes him a big deal???
    I am 33, but for the life of me, I do not understand the hype around Drex. oh he’s got an accent? seriously folks.. .someone explain please?? Wasn’t he a DJ somewhere?? Last time I checked, being a DJ and being a talkshow host are 2 different things… or have they just spun into one thing?? I do admit, that I don’t listen to radio all that much since leaving, however, when I do flip through the old dial, I tent to listen to CBC over NW any day…
    As for Eckford — congrats to him for keeping his so called career alive… almost thought that cable show would be where he stayed for the rest of his life.. but wow.. he’s managed to some how carve something out for himself — total shocker… since there are so many actual talents out there, who just can’t get a break like Eckford has…

  7. The “interview” was embarrassing and painful to watch. The interviewers were forced into doing it and it was obvious. The interviewees seemed uncomfortable with the whole thing. This is the result of “vertical integration” where a couple of companies own everything. If NW is trying to reach a younger audience they aren’t going to find them watching the Global “morning show”.
    I agree with the 33 year old about Drex. There’s nothing special about him other than he’s willing to work cheap and kiss IK’s arse. The whole “Drex” thing is a bit of an affectation in my opinion. However my opinion doesn’t mean squat. The ratings are going to determine his future and I think he’s going to bomb along with the rest of the new line-up.


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