Don Taylor and Rogers Sportsnet Part Ways



  • Don Taylor’s last sports highlights show  will be this Friday, according to reports from Shane Woodford of CKNW and later confirmed by Taylor himself via his Twitter account.  It seems Sportsnet is ceasing operations of its Vancouver-based ‘Connected’ show.

Meantime Team 1040 has announced that Taylor’s increased availability to them will result in the B-Mac & Taylor Show having both hosts on deck for all four hours of  the 2-6 pm show M-F beginning Sept. 8th.



  1. I really enjoy listening to Don and Barry’s afternoon program.

    Now that Don will be on for the entire program will be great.

  2. I agree with Mike that Sports Page should be brought back. Sports Page was appointment television for me as a teenager. If Global had any brains, they would hire Don Taylor to host a new version at 10 or 11.

  3. Don’t worry. I’m sure Woodnymph will live tweet his exit interview. Much like he live tweeted taking part in the Sun Run.

  4. Chris, you really beleive it would be a profitable move to take prime time show off the air for sports page?

    You are also going to move your 11 late night news for a niche show? If it would be profitable it would have been done by now.

  5. Sense, I don’t care when Global would put Sports Page on. If they wanted to air it at 11:30 after the news, I would be watching. The one thing a new version of Sports Page must have is that awesome rock music intro. The show wouldn’t be the same without it.

  6. I don’t know if makes sense anymore for a non sports channel to have an extended sports show. Just doesn’t work anymore in the new normal of the NFL Channel, NHL Channel, NBA Channel, TSN with 2-3 stations, Sportsnet with their regional feeds and the sports PPV.

  7. Sports Page was a hit in the days before 24-hour sports cable. At that time every hour of every local newscast included a sports segment. With the availability of constant information on demand online, and numerous 24/7 sports channels, sports is a less important component of local broadcast newscasts.

    And Sports Page would be a far less successful operation, because in today’s world it would no longer be unique.


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