Chris Gailus/Jay Durant Anchor CKNW Morning News



With Philip Till and Bill Good now out the door, Global TV Anchor  Chris Gailus hosted the CKNW Morning News on Monday and Tuesday of this week,  and he sounds good! Would Chris be able to handle both radio and television duties? If you recall, Bill Good was able to handle both duties during his busy schedule, the Bill Good show on NW and co-anchoring CTV News with Pamela Martin.

Jay Durant

Global’s Jay Durant hosted the CKNW Morning News this morning and will return for tomorrow’s show.

Michael Smyth

Michael Smyth announced this morning he will be doing the mid-morning show for the month of August. 


  1. The top dog should have had a comprehensive succession plan in place YEARS ago for both Till and Good. Neither was/is young, they knew the door would hit ass sooner than later, and they should have been able to switch seamlessly when the time came, much like what Global did with Parsons/Gailus. This wheel of tv/print people playing radio is an embarrassment.

  2. Have to agree it does sound hokey. Gailus would never be able to wake up at 4 in the morning and then finish his anchor at Global at 7PM. He would burn out in no time.

    At least they are showing some consistency with Smyth.

  3. Mike Smyth is great in Bill’s spot. Phil’s spot is an important one as you’ve got a captive audience what with getting ready for work and travel time during that spot that they will definitely want to keep! I think that once they have a few candidates of interest, they run a contest and let the listeners decide. We already know the Producer is great but I’ve realized in just 3 days how important the delivery is!!

  4. Meant to add to the previous post, Chris Gailus was great but there is no way he could be expected to carry on both, surprised that he agreed to do even 2 shows. Jay as well. TV over radio I would think for both of them.

  5. NW needs a radio person to take over the morning show. Part of Till’s problem always was he was a news reporter and doing a radio show made him a fish out of water. Especially when he was taking over from Forst who was a wall to wall radio guy.

  6. Just let Gailus report the news. But don’t let him any where near radio hosting. He’ll put their ratings right down the toilet. He hasn’t a clue what being a tough non-biased butt kicking journalist is. He handles scandalous stories and interviews with for example when comes to politicians and their controversies like a pussyy cat. But maybe he’ll learn something about what a real news figure and journalist from the trenches are. Mlike Smythe has brought all of these great qualities to CKNW. God what a breath of fresh air. He’s the real McCoy

  7. Enjoying the morning show this week, good plan for that spot. Is it also possible to have Maureen McGrath on during the week as well as on Sunday and possibly at a later hour (9 or 10) as it’s difficult due to putting kids to bed etc. to catch her show? She is fun and refreshing and brings up topics that are pertinent to many people. Thank you.

  8. Unlike the bitter old men posing above as anonymous, I don’t mind proven tv stars like Chris Gailus and Jay Durant moving to CKNW or even bird-dogging for them. In its golden days, NW always had a good relationship with BCTV and that relationship should continue, through Global.

    As far as Chris Gailus goes, I like Gailus on radio.

    As far as Gailus being painted as a “presenter” or “reader” of news, only, and/or a reporting pansey or not suited for radio, how the hell do you know that ? That is a very unfair stereotype.

    I mean, at this point, the only thing that you can do is throw Gailus into the NW octagon and see whether he sinks or swims, just like the rest of you windbags ?

    Gailus has got a good set of baritone pipes that the ‘NW audience likes, he’s also young and full of piss and vigour, plus, the market knows him very well and the additional exposure on CKNW can’t hurt his tv day job ?

    If Gailus can’t do the AM morning slot, then find him a later shift. Another guy that they should recruit for later in the day is Global’s Squire Barnes.

    I happened to miss Squire’s previous intelligent analysis of sports events on Dan Russell’s former talk show on CKNW.

    Vancouver is much too important as a sports city for Corus to turn its back on sports. If they do, big mistake on their part.

    As far as CKNW not having a plan to replace their aging, dinasaur talk show stars, well, let’s be frank, that there probably isn’t anyone else in the Vancouver radio market who can take over for the dinasaurs.

    Years of hacking away at news departments all over Western Canada by the corps has let to this very sorry, barren state.

    The other dilemma is that Canadian AM radio must transform or reinvent itself, because they damn well know that their typical, old geyser audience will be all dead in 5 to 10 years.

    Therefore, AM radio must change, but into what ? We know that the younger generation doesn’t listen to it at all, So, will the 30 and up crowd listen in?

    Nobody really knows at this point, not even Corus !

    Stealing from CBC Radio is an option, if they can pony up the bucks for quality talent.

    I’d say that ‘NW management needs to hit a few homeruns, like effing now, if they want their credibility back.

    Like stealing Gloria Mackerenko, Ian Hanomansing, or someone very God like ?


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