103.9 Juice FM Comes Under Fire Online


On July 30th someone shared a photo of the Juice FM vehicle parked in a disabled spot outside their Kelowna Studios to a Kelowna facebook page build to shame bad parkers in the city. The photo blew up online within minutes forcing the station to apologizing for it mistake that annoyed a lot of people.  You can see the original post here



  1. The guilty person and the station seemed to handle the gaff well. It’s easy to forget that we are representatives at all time, especially in station gear or vehicles. Gotta watch your step. However everyone makes mistakes.

    If anything, the FB conversation shows what self-righteous jerks some people can be.

  2. I’m getting sick and tired of seeing an abundance of unused handicap spots all over the place.
    It’s the stations parking lot? How many handicapped people are visiting the station? But I’m way out of line. We now all have to cater to minorities and special interest groups.

  3. R u kidding me…is this really news worthy .. I know the young lady who parked the vehicle, she is an outstanding individual. Although what she did was wrong, I can’t believe what an issue has been made out of a single picture posted by an anonymous coward.

  4. Omg … You poor souls who have nothing better to do, maybe if you put the same energy into issues that matter, like homelessness and feeding the poor.

  5. I am not discounting this or other problems at all Jeremy. Just saying …..they took responsibility and apologized. Also “Bad” sign your name. People who make statements like you are obviously from another station or a former employee. I think the Juice is great!!!!

  6. Sure, the Juice is whatever you want it to be, but an employee screwed up, got busted, she apoligised, but at the end of the day it’s still content for a radio website. which this is. I think Jeremy Baker is great!!!!

  7. You always have to wonder who the person is who posts anonymously? By the way whats it like to be perfect like you.???

  8. OKay there are going to be time outs in a minute! Behave!.

    for the “empty spot” comment… do you suppose that maybe she parked there because the other spots were full?

    We all mess up. I’ve parked in h/c spots before… well once.. and only because they hads sanded the parking lot and I couldn’t see the logo under the slush and mud…. but Stuff happens. ” something something first stone….”


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