Jessica Jackson settles in on mid-days with The Bear

By Marc Jackson
JULY 25, 2014


Donning a headset, former Snow Laker Jessica Jackson settles in behind the soundboard at 100.03 FMThe Bear” – Edmonton’s Best Rock, cuing up the next tune in a three- song set.  Looking and sounding confident and comfortable – as if there’s nothing else in the entire world she’d rather be doing – she converses with people calling into her mid-day show like they are old friends, and with her engaging, easygoing, and humorous on air banter, many feel they are.  She rides the Edmonton airwaves daily from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., but as is the case in many jobs with an audience, it all starts long before that.

She usually arrives at the station – located in West Edmonton – two hours before going on air. Her voice on the radio isn’t the only thing people follow, so she takes time to update her blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account with any of the random, interesting, or entertaining things she finds during frequent prep sessions.  She then delves into the music that she’ll play during her show.  All of it will be pre-loaded for her, but she puts in requests for the lunch hour portion.

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