KJR Radio Jingles 1


So, I asked Mark Summers if he had, or could come up with any PAMS Jingles for a radio station I grew up with living in Victoria, KJR Channel 95 from Seattle, Washington…. Pat O’Day, Larry Lujack, Lee Perkins, Lan Roberts and so many others… ¬†This is from PAMS Series 29 “A Go Go” from 1965



  1. I sent Pat O’Day a message earlier, confirming if KJR used PAMS over Pepper Tanner…

    Response from Pat…
    True Michael. From early 1962 I developed a close relationship with Bill Meeks and all at Pams. Even helped write some of their packages. What a wonderful group of musicians and Engineers Pams provided. Good vibes, good jingles, great history!

  2. You should also include the best radio theme music of all time – THE SOUND CITIZEN with the electronic-sounding voice. It used to play on KJR station in the 1960’s sometimes on the hour breaks between radio host changes, or whatever–but it is the best ever! It’s my cell phone ring tone, and not only was the music ahead of its time, it still is cool today! You can’t find it on You Tube, but I found it on a Radio West site. It references PAMS. Loud hydros and KJR in the 1960’s…it doesn’t get any better! -RS


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