Pattison Broadcast Group Goes On A Shopping Spree



The Jim Patison Broadcast Group Announces Acquisition of 7 FM and 2 AM Radio Stations from Rawlco Radio

The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Limited Partnership (Pattison) and Rawlco Radio Ltd. (Rawlco Radio) subject o CRTC approval today jointly announced Pattison’s acquisition of nine radio stations (and related assets) located in Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan. The stations involved in the transaction include:

Edmonton, Alberta

102.3 NOW! RADIO (CKNO-FM) UP! 9.3 (CIUP-FM)

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan


North Battleford, Saskatchewan

Q98 (CJCQ-FM) 93.3 THE ROCK (CJHD-FM)  & 1050 CJNB (CJNB-AM)

Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

102.3 CJNS (CJNS-FM)

The current local management teams will continue to lead the Edmonton, Prince Albert, North Battleford and Meadow Lake stations and all of the existing team members at the nine Rawlco Radio stations will be offered positions and the opportunity to grow with the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group. Rawlco Radio will continue to hold their existing seven radio licences in Saskatoon, Regina and Calgary.

 The sale is subject to approval from the Canadian Radio-Television & Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)


  1. wow! If I was the team at up!&Now, I would feel total abandonment from Rawlco!
    what Rawlco accomplished in Edmonton with Now in particular, was only by lots of dedicated team work, and it worked!

  2. I’ m sure that the late Ed Rawlinson would be extremely proud of son Gordon’s sucess in the Radio business. Might I suggest however that he would be very unhappy with Gordon’s sale of the Heritage Station CKBI. It’s where it all started and it’s unfortunate that the ashes from the first fire are now left behind.

  3. Ash…I agree a flip might be coming, but I’m wondering if a flip to ‘Country’ is possible. Looking at the list of stations Pattison owns, there’s a long list of em’!

  4. Wow! Make no mistake, Mr. Pattison has the resources, people and desire to continue to grow his company in the face of publicly-traded Canadian broadcasting companies. This transaction, between two privately owned entities, was not made for pocket change.

  5. Peak Edmonton is coming and maybe prince Albert if the signal is able to reach Saskatoon. Maybe another station that reaches if prince Albert doesn’t. Make no mistake Jimmy is growing the media empire. Now all we need is the grocery business heading east


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