New Sound Coming on NW


This afternoon on CKNW at 12:15, the much pomped announcement which has swirled around social media networking for the last week, had CKNW Program Director Ian Koenigsfest announcing on the Simi Sara show the debut this weekend  of the Ted Radio Hour, which will be heard Saturday and Sunday mornings at 11 o’clock in The Ted Radio Hour which is associated with NPR

It had been reported earlier one of the new sounds involved replacing current voice over/imaging artist Jim Conrad. Not true!, at least not now.


  1. No big surprise, here. Just another lame attempt to keep the Dead Dog alive. You just have to listen to the stumblin’ and bumblin’ that was today’s major news at Noon to realize it won’t be long before it drops into the #4 or #5 position overall.

  2. Yeah I like the symbolism when the guy cranked up the chainsaw right after Koenigsfest said “Ted Radio”. The whole place needs to be leveled if they want to sound “new”.

    You really didn’t need to hear anything more than when Koenigsfest was introduced as the guy making the announcement. If guys like him are still rambling the halls of NW you know the ratings will continue to tank.

    By the way isn’t the TED Radio material available online 24/7? Why would someone go out of their way to tune this stuff in on NW when they can listen at their convenience online or through a podcast on their phone or Ipod.

  3. It was “The Roy Green Show” that had me tuning in to CKNW Saturday and Sunday mornings at 11 o’clock … :-/

  4. 2 hours a week is going to turn this thing around. I want what they are smoking. TED is non profit. I guess they are getting ready for the future

  5. They must be REALLY pumped about it, given they haven’t even updated the on-air schedule page of the website.

    I’m wondering if they’re going to drop Roy Green altogether or just run two hours of his show.

  6. I’ve got a great idea.. on Canada Day we’ll make a big announcement that we’re running a syndicated show from the states.


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