After 30 Years in Washington State Radio, Ichabod Caine Signs Off


As Gord Lansdell points out at his Northwest Broadcasters website, country DJ legend Ichabod Caine hosted his final show Friday afternoon on Everett’s Classic Country KXA 1520, where he has been hosting p.m. drive since last October.  The station’s Facebook page notes he and his wife Scallops are planning to travel and pursue  photography.

Caine is well-known to listeners of Seattle’s KMPS and  KRPM.  He started at KMPS in 1983. 


Thanks to from last fall for more of the Caine story.

Caine is among a handful of Northwest radio icons whose life and storied broadcast career is rooted in Washington State. Raised on the Olympic Peninsula in Forks and Port Townsend, Caine’s radio achievements in Bellingham, Spokane, Tacoma, and Seattle propelled him to earn the title of Billboard Magazine’s “Radio Personality of the Year” three times and serve as host of KING-TV’s (NBC) Evening Magazine. After a four-year hiatus from commercial radio, Ichabod’s back to raise a little…Caine!

“What a treat it has been for legions of fans to hear Icky radio all over again! You’ll never guess what he’ll say next, and he’s always thinking about you…not like a stalker, but like your friend,” says KXA General Manager Andrew Skotdal. “Ichabod is the wacky, funny, family friendly neighbor you want with you in the car or visiting while you’re making dinner.”

“Legendary live, local talent like Ichabod is what separates over-the-air Radio from streams of songs mixed by computers” states Chuck Maylin, executive director of the Seattle Area Radio Association. “I don’t know anyone else who’s been a fixture on local Radio longer than Ichabod.”

“Local Radio’s specialty rests in the host’s ability to connect one-on-one with listeners and for advertisers. You can entertain and bond with your listeners in a meaningful way, and have a great deal of fun while you’re doing it,” states Caine. “I’m excited to highlight everything local in the Northern Puget Sound region.”



  1. I for one, will miss Icky. I had left the Seattle area years ago, so I was not able to listen to him for a number of years, however, I grew up listening to him on KMPS. Now that I could re-connect via computer, I find out he has retired! Nooooooooooo! Oh well, I wish him & his wife the very best in their retirement together and look forward to any sign of his photography & travels! Thanks for all the fun on the waves Icky Man!

  2. This man changed my life. What many people won’t get to know is how much this guy LOVES. I mean he loves everyone he meets, and it is sincere. I knew him well. But he knew me more. When I was naked, he clothed me. When I was hungry, he gave me something to eat. When I was afraid he walked with me. He loved me before I could even love myself. I am 50 years old now. I was a mixed-up 25 year old when he showed me what it was to be a man. My second Father, my Godfather. A wiser, gentler, more humble man you will never know than this man. He instilled his spirit of peace within me over countless hours of mentorship, and did so knowing I would offer nothing in return. My life has been a poor attempt to imitate the man. I’m just a living legacy to “the leader of the band”.

  3. Ichy will be missed I first heard him a long time ago he even inspired me to build christmas bicycles for kids and he was a big draw at the Ride for Kids motorcycle ride one year. If he is in town this year aug 23,2020 would love to see him ride with us.
    Have fun in retirement

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