Jean Kasem tells TMZ ‘Casey’s Kids Wanted His Insurance Money’

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  • June 25, 2014 at 4:38 AM (PT)
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    It didn’t take too long after CASEY KASEM’s passing for the fight between his children and wife JEAN to turn ugly. TMZ is reporting JEAN KASEM is claiming the children, “wanted him to die so they could collect on his sizable life insurance policy.”

    JEAN KASEM told TMZ that, “KERRI KASEM called the funeral home and asked how quickly they could issue a death certificate. JEAN thinks it’s a money grab — ‘Their impatience for CASEY to die was obvious when they killed him and now their impatience to collect on the life insurance is even more telling’,” and commented on the memorial held for CASEY by telling the website, “We have had to once again handle all of their incessant sleaze peddling while preparing the arrangements for a befitting funeral for CASEY.”

    KERRI KASEM responded to the claims by telling TMZ, “It’s pretty clear … JEAN is deflecting a looming criminal investigation for elder abuse.”

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  1. Suuure, Jean, whatever you say. :/

    I’m thinking that perhaps she’s the one who really wants the insurance money and is trying to claim that Casey’s kids want it just to deflect suspicion from herself.


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