LG104.3 Is On The Air


Vancouver’s re-invented LG launched at 12:01am Friday morning as LG104.3, This after almost 5 years to the day that it launched as Shore 104.
3 owners later Newcap now have the keys and as shown with the launch of Z953 it’s a fan of bringing back heritage brands to the city. Their press release says that the famous “LG” brand will be playing classics like Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, The Beatles, and Madonna.”

Program Director Taylor Jukes said that “Along with the rebrand of Shore 104 to LG 104.3, the radio station call letters have changed from CHHR to CHLG – further connecting the future of Vancouver’s airwaves to the city’s rich radio history. LG 104.3 will play an upbeat, familiar mix spanning music’s biggest decades. It’s the best music ever made.”

There’s still no word on the new line up, The station is said to be going jock less for a while. Graham Hatch is apparently still part of the team. Names also rumoured include Kelly Latremouille, Tara McGuire, Darren “Danger” Grieve & Martin Strong. Shore blasted out most of their lineup this week ahead of last night’s launch. Both Pam Stevens & Ken Allen Joonyer were both let go.



82′ Phil Collins – You Can’t Hurry Love
77′ Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way
87′ Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give you Up
65′ Beatles – Help
83′ Bryan Adams – Straight From The Heart
79′ Sister Sledge – We Are Family
82′ Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf
69′ Blood, Sweat & Tears – You Made Me So Very Happy
82′ Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing
78′ The Bee Gees – Night Fever
80′ Pat Benatar – Hit Me With Your Best Shot
71′ Rod Stewart – Maggie May
78′ Chilliwack – Arms Of Mary
87′ Paul Carrack – Don’t Shed A Tear

David Kaye & Taylor Jukes



Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 12.02.25 AM


  1. OMG.. this is just lame. No original sound of the original LG73 or even LG FM. Sounds like Jack FM but with worse Jingles. Whoever chose those jingles should be fired.

  2. Judgey bunch of whiners aren’t you? It’s the stations first day on air! The playlist will naturally go through tweaks as does any station after launching. The branding is clean & consistent. Once they announce their line up if should sort it self out. Newcap have a clue, and know how to run stations. as for Amy’s comment about “No original sound of the original LG73 or even LG FM” don’t be a moron, as if they own the rights to any of that old stuff! Corus owns it!

  3. Listening to it online now, and so far, so good. I listened to the original LG73 back in the ’80s up until its changeover to NW2 and I’m willing to give this incarnation a shot.

  4. Same music as 963 capital fm and xl 103 calgary and rewind 1039 sudbury but hope for vancouver the station doesnt have rick dees.

  5. Not sure of the production company, but the jingles are the same that were used on Virgin 95-3. The station is a bit too 80’s heavy for my liking, but I guess that’s the target demographic. Plus I’m guessing they’re trying not to overlap with CISL, for now at least.

  6. CISL on fM? Musically, not even close, at this point in time anyway. Doubt the new LG will be spinning any Paul Anka or Anne Murray. For sure not Glen Campbell or Elvis!

  7. Donovan is right. Not even close to CISL, then again people generally make comments on here not knowing what they’re actually talking about. On that, most of you are completely ignoring the fact that radio is a business, and if you’re product is shit you need to change it to get new customers. Radio is no different. Shore104’s ratings were in the toilet from day 1. Always at the bottom, never moving, bar from the odd percentage of a point. This is the best possible scenario for this frequency. A station that could in fact in the long run rival QM for at work listening & advertising revenue. QM is most likely to re-brand as Virgin in the coming months destroying everything that brand has built over the years. The LG move by Newcap is a strategic as you can get, and clever.

  8. Ash is bang on. The initial Shore concept looked great on paper and was a welcome relief for music lovers, but it proved to be way too niche for the Vancouver radio market. I also had the same thought Re: QM while listening to LG this morning. In recent years, Jack has transitioned to more of a contemporary music format. AC as a whole has undergone a transition in recent years, from the likes of Celene Dion and Bryan Adams to Katie Perry and Lady Gaga. It blurs the lines (thank you Robin Thick!) between AC and CHR. The new LG format will cater to some of those listeners who are burnt out on the new incarnation of AC. I predict at least a 4.5 share by the Fall, which is far better than they were before. In the meantime, CISL will still maintain their market niche with the music they play, supplemented by the paid programming of course.

  9. I have been listening for the past couple of hours and am liking what I am hearing. I have already reset my car radio pre-set #5 to 104.3 and expect to be locked there for the foreseeable future. I am an old guy who is well outside any of the radio station target demographics except for maybe ‘NW which I stopped listening to many years ago now.

    I wish the whole team at LG104.3 the best for a long and successful run! (I am an old LG listener from the ’60’s and still remember those great days of Vancouver Radio).

  10. Ok, I listened for 6 hours so far. I think they lack music played by black people. Virtually no R&B or soul. I’ve heard repeats already and TONS of songs are missing. Some real terrible songs have played, and some massive hits are completely missing. I HOPE they fix this. I agree about the jingles. Don’t like them. They don’t match, they remind me of Virgin radio when it started in Vancouver. I really hope they change those.

  11. Is trotting out this list of over played, beaten to death songs going to prove to be a ratings winner or at the very least an improvement on ratings past? Only time will tell.

    What did FUN FM peak at before they pulled the plug? What’s the real diff between this and what FUN FM tried?

    Maybe just maybe if Rawlco comes up with a winning line-up along with a ton and I mean a ton of promo for their new station there could be hope.

    As it stands right now I would say the average Vancouverite doesn’t even know there is something available on the 104.3 frequency no matter what they are playing.

    Drop a bomb on the market with mega bucks spent on promo and who know’s? What’s the old saying, you gotta spend a buck to make a buck? Throw up a few bus ads and billboards around the city, descend on offices with the same old same old “office muggings” bs etc hopeing they will come and I would say 104.3 won’t budge in the ratings.

    Be creative, come up with interesting stuff, get in everyone’s face and like I said before , who know’s. Playing “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” for the one zillion time ain’t gonna cut the mustard, in my very unprofessional opinion 😉

  12. Terrible jingles,overplayed music.This has been done by the now defunct FUN FM 104.9.So what’s different this time? Of course LG will beat the performance of the old Shore 104,but in all honesty,how is this going to be a ratings winner?New cap has a tremendous opportunity to play on the nostalgia of the former Vancouver powerhouse LG73, and if done right,there will be huge ratings potential. Remember 96.9 when first introduced as Jack became number one in one book? Utilize the old Hot Hits jingles,return the morning zoo to the airwaves,bring back some old jocks…..see what happens! Vancouver needs a station like the old LG73 again.Not just a jukebox with the prefix of LG! I’m in my 30’s and remember how exciting it was to listen to the radio in the days of Hot Hits LG73,and I am certain many people in my age group feel the same way.

  13. My worst fears confirmed. Newcap no more deserves a public license to broadcast this dreck than do the owners of TEAM 1410 to pump out ESPN talk shows. I wish this incarnation an early death… hopefully, no one will be listening.

  14. So tuning in tonight, I hear a spot for Friday night performances at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, sponsored by LG104.3. OK, this makes sense. Clearly the station still has an advertising contract with them. And then what do I hear?? “This is the LG Blues Lounge.” Seriously?!?! C’mon Newcap, is this the best you can do? The music doesn’t even fit the frigging format, for God’s sake!

  15. They should have hired Pat Cardinal to launch this station. Then it would have been a hit! Cardinal did an awesome job when he was at LG73.

  16. Kelly Latremouille again?? Say it isn’t so! Was one of the worst drive guys in the city, terrible announcer, same can be said for Junyer, horrible morning show, glad he’s done….Feel bad for Pam, nicest lady and awesome jock…goes to show you these bean counters know nothing about talent…

  17. I am enjoying this radio station and I thought that would be the end of the blues show in the evening.You have three hours of blues everynight. I will listen to this station but when the blues show comes on I plan to switch to another radio station until it ends at midnight. The blues show should be cancelled immediatly. Mike

  18. I’ve been listening off and on since yesterday. It’s more than I listened to shore since Bill Courage left. Hopefully they do something to distinguish themselves from Jack or QM. LG 73 used to be a lot of fun to listen to years ago and maybe they can re-capture some of that feeling. I agree with the others they have to go all in a morning zoo and everything, otherwise it won’t work. There’s already 2 stations playing all hit radio ad there’s no room in this market for a third . I hope they don’t think that a change in music alone is enough to make people switch. There’s potential here for something exciting and different.

  19. Loving LG so far and looking forward to hearing a full on air line up. Wonder if they’ve thought about reuniting Graham Hatch with Dean Hill? Don’t understand letting Pam Stevens go? Would love to hear Kelly Latremouille back on air, enjoyed him on Jack and Fun FM. What the heck was with the Blues Lounge?

  20. Tom Lucas’ Retro Rock Request Show is absent from CISL tonight. I guess that would be counter-programming to LG at this time. Hopefully he ends up on 104.3 in the next couple weeks!

  21. The blues programming is a hold over from the original CHHR license commitment to a certain level of Category 3 “Blues” music. Newcap has applied for relief and is waiting for a decision from the CRTC.

  22. CATEGORY 3 , Music-Traditional and Special Interest

    31: Concert Music (classical)

    32: Folk, Authentic traditional folk songs and dances.

    33: Jazz, Authentic jazz

    34: Non-classic Religious

    If I’m reading things correctly, 15% of their music selections every week must come from category 3, hence the evening blues show. I believe the station is also required to play 40% Can Con. The current license expires on August 31 of this year.

  23. Thinking outside the box here…But couldn’t they find any music from 32 or 33 that fits the current format? How about some rare Motown cuts?

  24. Why don’t they play some Canadian Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop? Artists like Candi/Deborah Cox/Maestro/ like the old LG did? I saw the station advertised on facebook so decided to give it a shot. However if you say you are LG, you need to BE LG! otherwise people like me who grew up listening to it in the 70s to 90’s won’t really stick around. How about a retro top 8 at 8?

  25. Somewhere I saw referring to this post as, and now, the Critics!
    Yes, providing it’s all constructive, I have no problem with that.

    I agree with Ash in many regards, such as strategy, but I have to tell you, it’s not like I need pomp and ceremony with a launch, but at least don’t try and pull the wool over my eyes with ‘ready made testimonies’. That almost made me puke! Even a new listener would think the same. Do they really think people are that stupid? Hey, testimonies after a couple of weeks if really needed…
    The Jingles…. in a word ‘FLUFF’
    The Imaging with Mr. Kaye… it’s fine! Wonder what David really thought about the jingle package?
    If someone could please help me, I’m having difficulties trying to identify LG104.3’s targeted audience?
    Someone was trying to tell me this is all being run from Newcaps homeland of Newfoundland… Give me a break. The Players are all in Vancouver. The symbolic gesture of posting Taylor Jukes in the PM’s chair, so far indicates to me she hasn’t a clue what she’s doing. The music so far has either been ones personal choice or a little bit from here, there and maybe add a bit more 80’s… that might hit home gawd knows where?
    I can only hope and pray they try and do something as soon as possible with the station, and in the mean time, leave CISL alone. I’ve been tuning into Tom Lucas’s Retroactive Radio since it’s inception on CISL every Saturday night with live requests and dedications. It was a real Treasure and these dummies canned it Last Night! No explanation, NOTHING! If the new FM has to continue with the blues because of crtc commitments, then the station should have no problem adding Tom Lucas to it’s Saturday night line up. It already sounds great, even better on the internet and to have it on 104.3 should be consider, I say this, because one gets the feeling CISL, as it is, might very well be on the way out. Which would really be a shame.

  26. Listened at work this morning and they played Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics twice in one hour! Several coworkers told me to change the station which tells me this station just might not work.Nothing like LG73 was. Such a shame because this station could really make an impact but unfortunately falls short of expectations.Shore 104 actually was much better than this new format.DREADFUL,to say the least.

  27. Retro Rock may be a thing of the past (or on hiatus), but the Luker is still on Horseshoe Way, and filling in for Stirling Faux on the morning show this week!

  28. I know that this isn’t a discussion about CISL, but here goes anyway. 650 is all I listen to in this town, in my car it’s siriusxm. If the Retro Rock Request show has to fall on its sword to accommodate LG, I’ll be some mad. A real live request show on an am station is priceless.

  29. Newcap trying to compete succesfully in Vancouver is like Rawlco’s failure in Toronto. I realize Rawlco sold for big dollars but on the straight competing end, they failed. Newcap is not a big market player and really best to stay in small to mid size markets.

    It sounds to like they weren’t properly prepared for their launch. Ah , show prep is still king!

  30. What a bunch of negative f***s most of you are. Like someone else said in here, it’s been 4 days since the launch, give them some breathing room. let them figure it out. it’s rare for a station to be the best it can be the day it launches, things get tweaked, imaging gets changed, talent get’s hired, talent get’s fired. It’s all a process. Some of you seem to think you could ace a radio station launch from day 1. I call bullshit to most of you. Just calm your tits and let’s see what happens. if it fails then fine… go your hardest. But until then let’s see what they come up with.

  31. There’s no excuse for how this thing has been rolled out. Poor quality processing that doesn’t accentuate the audio, music scheduling glitches, awkward sonic transitions, I could go on. Even though there would have been months spent on planning and co-ordinating the planned launch of LG104.3, why does it feel like no effort was made on the actual execution? IMO, it’s the lack of experience by various members of the management team who are in a situation beyond their skill set.

  32. Agreed. I’ve heard better launches than this countless times,and in many different markets.If I owned a major market station with millions of dollars on the line,then yes, I would do better than this. Why is it that there are many amateur internet radio stations that sound better than this? This my friends ,is why traditional radio is DEAD. The public has many more choices today than they did previously. It is no longer 1985. Corporate radio has still not figured this out.

  33. I agree with the last commenter about online radio stations sounding better. I’m no radio expert, but I enjoy listening to music and radio stations. I picked up on some techy stuff over the years but in reality I am just a woman in the prime market reach, so here is my opinion, and hopefully someone from LG will listen. First, yes, why do some internet stations run by 1 person in a basement sound better than a professional station? MANY are out there, and this is who I listen to in this age. The sound quality on LG104 is terrible! Sounds mono, and has no punch. Sounds like it’s being run with NO processing. I want that ‘big’ sound of radio and how the hits should sound on FM! The jingles were the absolute wrong choice, they clash with the music so bad everytime you hear them you wonder what the heck they were thinking. They should have been classic jingles of the time this music was new! The playlist needs to be expanded. They are leaving out the more pop songs in order to satisfy the OLDER than me gen. That is WRONG! I want to hear them all! Not all the slow sappy love songs, good heavens it makes the station sound MORE depressing. I want upbeat songs! Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson.. etc. I think they could make this station work if they listen to many of us, and present it the way it should be. As for the name of LG, well, you need to add some elements from that classic station that were staples. Morning Zoo, Top 8, whatever can work. Please replace the jingles with better ones first off. Fix the processing. Really work on the playlist. I’m already tired of hearing Brian Adams every hour. Thanks! Jen.

  34. Is it possible this format is being done so poorly because it is a stunt before the real format change happens? I mean it is quite possible that Newcap did this to get people talking before they flip to the true format that they are looking for. I had heard several times from people at Newcap that they were looking at expanding the Radio brand that they have in Halifax. The plan was to expand that to several stations across Canada and they had been talking about that before the CRTC approved the sale of the 5 stations to Newcap. I wouldn’t be surprised if LG 104.3 is temporary. Either that or they will blow us all away with a crazy on air lineup and turn this into a true LG experience. I don’t expect much to happen before July 2 or even the week after, when either a true format comes or the on air staff launch

  35. Jen,I agree with you. This is why FUN FM died and turned into Sonic. The music is way too repetitive and the jingles are terrible. LG73 was so upbeat and entertaining,LG 104.3,not so much. I will not be a listener as will not most of Vancouver,I think.The ratings will tell I guess. FAIL.

  36. I doubt it’s a stunt.It’s just another example of a media company being out of touch with what People really want to listen to. The CRTC needs to step in and revoke the licences of some of these terrible radio stations,like the former LG73,a pathetic 24 hour traffic station.A waste of Vancouver airwaves.

  37. Man.. I remember listening to the LG Zoo every morning for so many years before going to school and then work. It was the best morning show on radio. I recall them even wining awards. LG has always had a place in my heart. It’s terrible what has happened to the name and legacy of LG73. It should never have been killed on AM. Of course there is LG73.ca a tribute station that is a total embarrassment to the name as well. When I found THAT station, after listening to it, the owner/operators of that site/station clearly don’t have 1 bit of respect or creativeness to make that into a proper tribute station, even though they use the real former jingles. The on air product is all over the place and it’s sloppy as heck. The people running that station needs to give his head a shake and run it as a tribute station, because they could make it sound like the original if they really wanted to. Then I heard the Evening Zoo. WTF? What a complete joke. Another attempt for me to relive my memories failed. So when LG104 was announced I was as happy as a kid in a candy store. So far I’ve been let down once again. Most of the comments above cover the same things I would say and agree with. I REALLY hope Newcap takes into consideration what we are talking about in this forum and instigate the changes. If they do, I’m betting they will have a winner, and I would also be a loyal listener.

  38. LG 104.3 is Great and I hope you bring Kelly Latremouille over to your station as he was good on FUN FM
    The station is playing great music so far and Kelly would do a great job

  39. Well , honestly I have given it a shot. After day four of the “new” format I for one just can’t stand it anymore and yes I realize they have only been on the air with the “new” format since Friday of last week.

    For me, I really believe it’s because as a former jock I beat these songs to death. This is the “golden list” of songs. The songs that the consultants say are the ones to be played according to their pie charts, listener forums, group consultations and other assorted bs.

    So perhaps the average listener, those not or formerly in the biz, will once again embrace songs like It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones or Earth Wind and Fires’ September. For me it’s back to to the tunein radio app for my music.

    I do wish them luck however, maybe they’ll surprise us all. I’ll check back here to see how they do in the ratings.

  40. I also grew up listening to LG, mostly in the 80’s into the 90’s. This new LG doesn’t sound right, it seems like music for old people, like my parents at the time, yet THEY don’t listen to this music anymore. They have moved on to smooth jazz etc. Relaxing music. So that is the wrong market. It seems like most of the people who know and remember LG73 are my gen. We are still into the 80’s music etc. We can use internet radio and we are hungry for retro. If I could be a radio person, I would make LG104 AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the music in the 80’s & 90’s. I think LG went off air in the late 90’s. The 70’s music on LG104 sounds bad and out of sync with the 80’s stuff. Maybe 78 & 79 are ok. I want to hear the top 40 playlists that I GREW UP WITH! Not this watered down lame old peoples music. Oh I checked out the LG73.ca someone mentioned in a post here, but again, they are clueless. Playing todays top 40 on a station FAMED in Vancouver for pre-2000’s music. Can ANYONE do the LG73 brand an honor and do it right?

  41. Hey Christy,

    Maybe you’re the clueless one? The original LG73, CKLG AM 730 Vancouver was a Top 40 station, not an oldies station. If it was still around today and doing the same format, it would be playing a mix of mostly contemporary and some classic hits, not just oldies or 80s and 90s.

    As for the Zoo Fan, I agree that the “Evening Zoo” we attempted didn’t work so it’s now a thing of the past.

    I did give my head a shake and decided a pure “tribute” station stuck in the 80s and 90s doesn’t interest me at this time. I have moved all the live shows to another station and will re-assess the music mix over time and see where it goes.

    As for LG 104.3, I hope it gets better soon. I too had high hopes it would be like the original LG73.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Owner of LG73.ca Internet Radio

  42. Phil I really do like your station,however the live shows were terrible,with the exception of your solo shows. As a listener of your station over the years,I wish you would maybe have some special theme weekends like Jack FM does,specifically the 80’s. As for the new music you play,I appreciate the mix.Thank you for all your dedication. Your station is way better than LG 104.3! Keep up the great work.

  43. I’ll drop my 2 cents worth. I found this post while searching Google. I used to enjoy LG73 as an Am station in the 70’s 80’s, but what I hear on 104.3 is nothing like that. When I heard LG was coming back I thought finally! However the playlist is terrible. In fact, when Jack FM launched in Vancouver, their playlist was nearly perfect and suited an LG73 style station. Their ratings were great until they started making changes and the ratings sunk. Maybe 104.3 should look at those Jack playlists. As for LG73.ca, I’ve also checked them out, but was not impressed with the amount of unprofessionalism and unrelated material. They were playing a folk music show for god sakes! I tried checking them out a few more times but it just didn’t deliver what the name should. I remember visiting their chat room and making suggestions but the owner just blasted me and kicked me out. So that was it. I never listened again. If you run a business, your customers are what make you or break you! Most businesses can’t get that through their thick greedy skulls. I’m willing to give any of these LG’s a second or even third chance if they are willing to do the station and name justice to what it used to be. Hell, I don’t even mind the odd newer song thrown in if it fits the sound.

  44. Reading all the negative posts here regarding LG 104.3 one would think that these posters are financially invested in this station.

    I’ve never seen this kind of reaction for a start up radio station since I began perusing the PSR forum several years ago.

  45. I love the new LG 104.3 and the oldies. The only thing is there are to many repeats in the day and the Folk Music we can do without as that is at 9 pm every day. I rather have the 70s and 80s playing instead of Folk Music. I hope Kelly Latremouille will be the morning host as he did a great job at FUN FM and Jack FM. More oldies of LG would be great like CCR/Bob Seger/Cat Stevens/The radio Jinles can change a bit as they are lame if you ask me. But the station will get better if you give it a chance. And tell the station what kind of music you would like in the 70s or 80s as that will help them in picking out the music just like I did and I hope they will read this

  46. “Reading all the negative posts here regarding LG 104.3 one would think that these posters are financially invested in this station.

    I’ve never seen this kind of reaction for a start up radio station since I began perusing the PSR forum several years ago.” <— If you grew up in Vancouver and understood what the LG brand meant for many…

    Newcap…LG73 was never a classic rock station. What the hell are you guys doing?
    Yeah, 99.3 LG-FM was a rock station, but they switched over to CFOX in January of 1979. Hardly a legacy there…

  47. There are thousands of internet radio stations available,satellite radio,download option as,etc.That being said,radio needs to start paying attention. People don’t care about radio like they used to,and the product that is being presented on AM/FM today is less than entertaining.LG104.3? Why listen to this mediocre product when I can listen to commercial free alternatives easily.The big media companies need to wake up or continue to see audience erosion.Mediocre product doesn’t cut it in 2014

  48. I listen to radio for 1 reason, “Live DJ’s that entertain” I CAN’T get that on my various media players from my music collection. I have ALL the music I need and all of the music you hear on radio so there is no reason to listen for music, especially poor playlists that are limited and them commercials. I will always listen to MY music until I feel board, and I want to listen to someone LIVE talking, entertaining, making me laugh, doing silly things on the air while being interactive with listeners, because that makes me feel part of the community of listeners that I have something in common with. Big radio fails to see this, and that’s why they suck, and that’s why they will fail unless they turn it around. Period.

  49. Wow, they played MJ’s Black Or White today and the rap part was edited out. That just irked me. Now I see what they are doing here.. they want another 97 KissFM. Absolutely pathetic. Don’t steal a legacy name/title unless you at least attempt to do it right! oh, and get jingles that sound like 80’s jingles, not Virgin Radio jingles. Who’s the fool that that made that decision. That right there says they don’t give a damn about LG.

  50. Ok, I’ve been listening to Jack FM’s 80’s weekend and THIS, THIS is how LG104.3 should sound! Right now on Jack, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince! Parents Just Don’t Understand. I think I should re-record it as LG104 Just Don’t Understand. I’m just slapping my head on the wall at this stupidity! Oh well, I’ll be locked to Jack FM all weekend cuz they do it right!

  51. Andrew nailed it. You can get music anywhere. Entertaining talent, not so much. Even a music intensive station usually spends serious money on a morning show.

  52. Hear Hear… give me talent and I won’t care if you play Rock Me Amadeus 3 times a day!…. okay I might… but still!

  53. Love the new LG 104.3 and the oldies hope you guys bring over Kelly Latremouille as he did a great job on FUN FM. Fred & Cathy would also be good for a morning show again as they still have lots to offer to Vancouver listeners. If Kelly is in the morning you will make my day that much better. When he left FUN FM I started listening to AM 650.


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