CKRC Radio Aircheck 3


Mark Summers has come up with one of the funniest live on-air contests. Unfortunately Mark isn’t sure of who the jock is. I said it sounds like an early Daryl B
Enjoy, and please don’t forget to comment


  1. “Smiling Faces” from The Undisputed Truth end this ‘check. Wasn’t Daryl B on CHUM by this point in time? Unless this was a special guest appearance on CKRC.

  2. OMG, how embarrassing. After listening to this aircheck for a while, asking myself who this was, I realized it was me! A young 22 year old going by the name of Garry Roberts. No wonder I fired myself when I became PD.

    Mark, for someone who has no airchecks from those days (all lost from too many moves) – humbly, I say thanks for the memories. Those were very fun and learning days at CKRC. GREAT bunch of talented people there at that time.


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